(Episode 3) Chronicle of a Royal Prince and the Devil Incarnate

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Nora: “You should have stayed in your room as your father said. Always listen to your elders” she said her eyes on father, who was scowling at me. He was obviously blaming me for disobeying him, but wasn’t he the one who told the police two different tales? Adults are always blaming kids for things that they did.

Police: “I consider this an obstruction of justice. We will hear from the boy if he knows anything about it” the taller police man said as he came closer and squatted to my level.

Policeman: “Your nanny Mary is in the hospital, she was attacked last night in this house, her two legs are broken, she may never walk again, if you know anything that will help us catch the culprit, your nanny will love that.” I was already weeping at this point, Mary’s legs were broken and she would never walk again, who would take care of me now, I had lost my mother, now I was going to lose my nanny?

Leke: “The last time I saw her, she tucked me in for the night, and she stayed with me till I slept. I woke up to a scream, a woman’s scream. I was too scared to come out, I thought my father was dead too”

Policeman: “Why would you think that?” I looked at father, he had a pained look on his face, and Nora on the other hand was looking intently at me, hanging on my every word.

Leke: “The last time I heard a scream, my mother died” I said through choked sobs, just the mention of my mother brought sadness and tears. The policemen looked thoughtful, and began to scribble in their writing pads.

Policeman: “So you did not see anything that night, except hear a scream?”


Leke: “I saw feet, they stopped at my door, I was so scared”

Policeman: “What did you do, did you go out?”

Leke: “I cannot remember, I woke up in my bed, my father was with me”

Bamidele: “We found him passed out by the door, which is the reason we tried keeping him away from you. He just lost his mom, he is traumatized” father added. The policemen kept scribbling in their pads.

Policeman: “What killed your wife?” At that father stood up angrily from the couch and walked over to the policeman who had asked the question.

Bamidele: “I won’t allow you disrespect me in my own house, and in front of my kid. If you have no more questions, you best leave”

Policeman: “Being a brute won’t get you anywhere, because we realized that you as the head of the family did not call the police, you covertly took her to the hospital. The public only know your wife died, but no one knows how she died, her burial, there was no lying in state. Then days later, your nanny is attacked in this house, you refused to call the police”

Bamidele: ‘If I did not call the police, then how are you here?”

Policeman: “One of your nieghbours called. Mister man, you will follow us to the station to give your statement”

Bamidele: “I am going nowhere with you, look here, do you know who I am, do you think you can just come here and say rubbish. If you are not arresting me, I advise you go do your home work” father replied.

Policeman: “This is not the end, we will be back” he said and they left the house.

Nora: “It is all your son’s fault, he is so unruly” she said angrily. Father looked at me in a way he had never looked at me before, like I was a nuisance to him. He walked to me in quick strides and grabbed me by the arm.

Bamidele: “You will do as I say” he said and pulled me up the stairs

Leke: “Father, father, you are hurting me” I cried as he dragged me up the stairs. When he got to my room, he opened the door and pushed me in, this time he locked the door on the other side. I banged the door, but no one heard me, or if they did, they were forbidden to answer me. I cried my eyes out, till I fell asleep. In my dream, I saw mother, she had her throat slashed, blood was gushing out from the slit, and her fingers were all covered in blood. I screamed till I woke up, I was still screaming. I heard the door rattle, it opened and one of the female house servants came in. We called her IyaBiliki, I rarely saw her because, she was always in the kitchen.

IyaBiliki: “Leke bobo, why you dey shout like say you see ghost, abi you see your mama?” she asked. I nodded my head slowly, I was disturbed by what I saw of my mother and I began to wonder if that was how she died.

Leke: “How did my mother die?”

IyaBiliki: “Omo mi, this question you dey ask me, ei big pass me oh. Na only your papa go fit answer you” she said in a sober voice, then she held me to her bosom and began to rock me.

IyaBiliki: “Ha death, death is not fair” she said aloud. The smell of soot and cooking was beginning to choke me from her clothes, so I pulled away softly. I didn’t realize I had been crying, IyaBiliki seeing that I was crying, made to pull me again into her bosom, but I shifted away fast, I couldn’t bear the smell that emanated from her one more time. I looked behind her and saw that she brought a tray.

IyaBiliki: “Ha no mind me oh, I bin dey bring food for you, when I hear you dey shout. I prepare omiobe with correct brokoto” I smiled; this was one of the joys of having Yoruba parents… lots of meat and big ones too. I sat at my reading table;IyaBiliki cleared my books to one side and dished my food. As I was eating, it struck me, that this was the first meal that I was eating in my room, and all by myself. When mother was alive, she made sure that she was home for my meal times, even if she rushed out afterwards, but she must be there to eat with me. I missed my mother all the more.

Two days after that incident, I have been restricted to my room, I was not allowed out. So I began to read all the books I had read before, just to fill the void I felt. I could not wait for school to resume, so I could escape my reality and mix up with other kids my age. The police came to our house with an arrest warrant for father; somehow they had concluded that father was responsible for the attack on Mary. When father was arrested, Nora became scarce in the house; I was released from the house arrest I had been subjected to, by father. I took this time to see Mary in the hospital, iyaBiliki who was now in charge of taking care of me, took me to see her. Her state was grotesque, her legs have been mangled. I wondered who could have done such horrible thing to a simple woman such as Mary.

Leke: “There really is no God, if there is, why do good people suffer so” I began to sob, so great was my pain. It was obvious from where I was standing, that Mary may never walk again, if she could not walk, then she could not stay in our house. It seemed to me, there was a force trying desperately to make me all alone. I was scared of that line of thought because, it would mean, my father was next. I went close, and held Mary’s hand, while I stared at her intently, like I was willing her to open her eyes. And she did…

Mary’s eyes opened and held me strongly like she was glaring at me, she held my hand tightly and I got scared, I almost whimpered when she spoke in a soft tone that belied her looks.

Mary: “Leke, you are not safe in that house. Something is out to get your family, they killed your mother. You have to leave that house” she said

Leke: “But Aunt Mary, where would I go? I am only six!” I exclaimed.

Mary: “But you are stronger than you think, are you not Leke bobo?” she said, I smiled in spite of the confusion I felt.

Leke: “Aunt Mary, I am scared. I saw the feet outside my door, I was scared, I am still scared”

Mary: “I see the books you read, you are stronger than you know, call your maternal grandfather to come get you” I nodded my head even when I knew there was no way I could access grandpa’s number.

Leke: “My father was arrested” I said simply, at a loss of whatelse to say.

Mary wanted to speak but stopped, she was looking at someplace behind me. I turned and saw Nora standing there.

Nora: “Adeleke, your father needs you at the police station. Mary, I am deeply sorry about your condition, hope you get well” she said.

Mary: “Leke, don’t go” she said even as it seemed like she was slipping back into unconsciousness.

Leke: “But my father needs me” Mary shook her head slowly, and then her eyes closed. I looked at Nora, who stared back with a passive face that divulged nothing of her intentions.

Leke: “Let’s go” I said and walked ahead of her, out of the room where Mary was kept.

Question: Is Leke safe going with Nora? Who attacked Mary?

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(Episode 1) Chronicle of a Royal Prince and the Devil Incarnate

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I was born with a silver spoon; my parents were the crème de la crème of society being that, my mother was the only daughter of the Oba of Lagos, and my father, the chairman of Balon Oil group. Suffice it to say, I was destined for a good life… or not.

I was six years old when mother died. That day was the worst day of my life, it was the day that the stars aligned for evil, and the Universe changed my lot. The day before mother died, she had taken me, her beloved son on a shopping spree because Christmas was in two days. She had been so busy with her fashion house, that I had thought that this year’s Christmas would be my day of mockery as I would not be wearing any new clothes. We shopped the length and breadth of Balogun market, entering only the exclusive stores with their expensive, state-of-the-art interior décor. In this kind of stores, you must be alighting from a 2016 model of car, and be dressed in new season clothes, for any of the salesperson to attend you. After shopping, the six years old me needed a break; mother took me to a fast food restaurant, where I had lots of ice cream and pop tarts to satisfy my little heart. How would I have known that this would be my last time with mother? It was like the biblical last supper.

I slept like a prince, counting the days to Christmas, when I could show off my new expensive attire to the other rich kids in the estate. I always wore the best even when the other kids had richer parents because, when money meets a fashionista, a novel idea is birthed. Mother was fashion oriented so she had an eye for design and fabric, with this precision; she picked my clothes at the store. I was in lala land when I heard a piercing scream; it was unmistakably my mother’s. I Jumped out of bed and hurried down the lit hallway, down to my parents’ wing. Before I could turn the door knob, a hand gripped me and scooped me off my feet.

Me: “Leave me alone, I want to save my mother” I cried because, so close to my parents’ room, I could hear mother’s groans, amidst other voices. I turned and saw Mary, my favorite nanny. Her eyes were red rimmed like she had been crying.

Mary: “Leke bobo, your mother will be fine, your dad will take care of her” she whispered and stroked my head as she usually did on those nights that mother was out late and I was unable to sleep. She took me back to my bedroom, and pressed down a door knob by the bedlamp, which brought a maid to the room.

Mary: “Bring Leke, his favorite hot chocolate” she instructed.

Leke: “I don’t want chocolate, I want my mummy” I wailed. We all heard footsteps coming down the hall to my bedroom, the door opened and there was a young lady glaring at us. She was lithesome, with very fair skin, and deep dark eyes. She had long black wavy hair, and she looked like the people my science teacher called “half caste” when she was teaching us the races of the world. She would have been beautiful, but the aura and the permanent scowl on her face, made it hard for me to associate beauty with her. My nanny Mary was beautiful, even though she didn’t have the body that this woman had, even though she did plain sade braids, even though her hands were callused from all the hard work she had done in her life. But she, not this woman was beautiful, because where this woman inspired fear, Mary inspired love and security. So, I saw her as ugly and in one of my moods in the future, I would call her that, to her face.

Woman: “You will have chocolate and keep your mouth shut”

Leke: “Who are you to tell me how to act in my father’s house, go away, I want my mummy” I retorted, fat tears streaming down my eyes. That was my first encounter with the woman who would turn out to be my tormentor. She did not reply me, but the look she gave me, caused fear in my little heart. I hid my face in Mary’s arms and bawled my eyes out. I knew in my heart that something was very wrong with my mother, if not, who was this woman? And why was she ordering me around in my house.

When I woke up, the room was empty; Mary was nowhere to be found, she had pulled the curtains to give the room a cool ambience, but my dreams had been filled with scary scenarios that involved my mother. I remembered I had heard my mother scream last night, so I jumped out of bed, in my Tom and Jerry pajamas, and rushed to my parents’ room. My parents’ room was also empty, so I rushed downstairs to the living room, and saw that my mother’s family had arrived, father, Bamidele, was sitting alone on a couch, and his face was sober, his sister Aunt Jumoke was sobbing and retying her wrapper a thousand and one times. Something had gone wrong while I was asleep.

Leke: “Father?” I called softly, but my voice carried and everyone turned to look at me as I stood on the last stair, afraid to move forward into the room. My father stretched out his arms and I ran, all the way into his arms. He began to weep, holding me tightly like I was his lifeline. Mother’s dad, my maternal grandfateher, the Oba was sitting with his wives; he looked at me and sighed, a long and sad sigh.

Oba: “Ha death, why are you so wicked, could you not have spared her for the sake of this little boy?” he lamented. I turned to my father and asked for my mother. At this question, the women present, began to sob and sing a sorrowful song in Yoruba, iya ni wura.

Leke: “Where is my mother?” I asked again, crying. I was having a bad feeling, and I knew at that moment that something had happened to my mother.

Bamidele: “Your mother has gone to meet the Lord” my father replied me.

Leke: “My mother is dead?” I burst into fresh wailing. I was just six years old, but I was wise beyond my age. My parents were business people, so I was left to myself most of the time, fending for myself meant, what I read was not censored, so I read anything I laid my hands on. I had begun to read books about Metaphysics, and I was also beginning to question the existence of God. So I knew people died and we would never see them again, I also knew people died not because they wanted to. Also, having heard my mother’s screams, I knew she had died a painful death. Telling me “she had gone to meet the lord” was not going to obscure things for me.

Leke: “What killed her?” I asked between bursts of sobs. The room fell quiet at my question; it was a big question coming from a child such as I was.

Oba: “Somebody should take this child away from here” my maternal grandfather said in a strong voice. Mary took me from my father’s arms and up to my bedroom.

On the day that my mother would be buried, I saw that same woman who had shunned me the day my mother died; she was hovering around my father. I was walking beside Mary, so I asked her.

Leke: “Who is that woman?”

Mary: “That’s your father’s personal assistant”

Leke: “What is she doing here though” I murmured under my breath.

Mary: “Don’t be silly, she and other staff are here to condole with your dad”

Leke: “And was she also condoling with dad on the night mother was screaming?” I asked. Mary looked at me and shook her head pitifully. While I was conversing with Mary, the object of my discourse walked up to me and took my hand. On her face was plastered a forced smile.

Woman: “Adeleke, I am Nora, you will be seeing me a lot in your house, I have to help your dad cope with the loss. I suggest we get to know ourselves” her red painted fingernails dug into my supple flesh.

Leke: “Everyone calls me Leke, and please you are hurting my hand” I mouthed off.

Nora: “Aren’t we a tad ill mannered, which will change in time” she replied, letting go of my hand.

Mary: “Stop taunting the child’ she said simply, pushing me behind her. Nora turned to stare at her and my champion, Mary stared her down. But Mary would not be there to save me from subsequent attacks. Mary would be evicted from the house in a fashion almost like my mother’s.

Question: What do you notice about this first Episode? 

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(Final Episode 23) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

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Bridget sat with her hands tied to the back- she was in pain, with a bleeding mouth she cried,

Bridget: “I want my lawyer! I want my lawyer!”

Dele signaled the female detector as she resumed her duty. Punching, slapping and whipping Bridget,

“Please! Please!!!”

Dele gave her a sign to stop,

Dele: “Are you ready to talk?”

Panting and crying, she nodded,

Bridget: “water! Please, water!” Dele ordered for her to be given water; after taking the water she felt relieved and alive again but the pains were ever present, “Thank you! Thank you!! Yes I’ll talk!”

Dele drew a chair and sat,

Dele: “I am listening!”

Bridget: “John and I were lovers before his death.”

Dele heaved,

Dele: “Really? And you and his wife are best of friends?” Bridget nodded, “So, why did you kill him?”

She kept quiet all of a sudden. Dele’s attempt to make her talk proved abortive,

“I see! You don’t wanna talk right?”he nodded beckoned on the female detector to resume her duty.

She brought out a plier and held one of Bridget’s finger with it. Bridget was screaming and yelling as the pains ran through her veins,

Bridget:  “I’ll talk! I will ooo!”

Dele told her  to stop, he resumed his sitting position and asked Bridget to speak up,

“Yes, I killed John. But it was an act of jealousy. I didn’t want to share him with anyone not even his wife. I have been trying to get pregnant for him but it didn’t seem like I was going to get pregnant.  I was two days away from my period and I want him to spend the night with me. That was my window period. The period I would easily take in but he insisted on going home that night. So I manipulated my friend thinking if she picks up a fight with him he’d come over to my place only for him to go over his young girlfriend’s place. I followed him there and watched every of his mood closely,” she paused.

Dele: “I see, so how did you kill him?”

She stared sobbing,

Bridget: “I don’t know what came over me!” she continued crying, “I am sorry! I am sorry!”

Dele allowed her to finish crying and asked again,

Dele: “how did you kill him?”

Bridget: “Like I said I watched them closely and noticed that they had gone in and the door was opened so I sneaked in. waiting for the right moment immediately the girl went to the bathroom and John was about dozing off. I used the handkerchief I had smeared chemical on to murder him,”she broke into tears again, “I’m sorry!”

Dele nodded and asked Bridget to be taken to her cell; he smiled and lit his cigarette- he smoked as he walked away.


Henry had tried calling Rooney, the Whiteman, but network seemed to be disrupting the call.  He tried the number again,

Henry: “hello,”he said as he picked,

Rooney: “Who is this?” but this voice sounded distant,

Henry: “This is Henry the cab guy whom you forgot your luggage in his bag,”he said but it seemed Rooney didn’t hear him and the call ended. He sent a text but it didn’t deliver.  He sat on the boot of his car thinking after pacing around like a mad man- who was confused on what to use the money for. Now that he had decided to return the money network was messing up. He jumped down again and went for a pee. Since he saw the cash that had become his routine, go for a pee, walk around, and talk to himself. He tried the number and it wasn’t reachable. He was becoming frustrated.

Was that a sign that he should run away with the money? He thought. A part of him wanted him to keep the money the other wanted him to return it. He entered the car and opened the suite case and quickly closed it,

Henry: “Jesus!” he was breathing hard.

Sweat ran down the whole of his body. What should he do? He asked.

“Maybe I should just keep this money to myself and spend it. I don’t know how much it is exactly but it is a whole lot of money. I should keep it! I should!” he whispered to himself. He laid back on the chair in frustration. It was getting to one in the afternoon and he hadn’t started the day’s job. He was hungry but food was the least of his problem.

“What should I do na?”

He had a strong conviction that he should take the money,

“Who knows I might take it and become a hero but if I keep it I might be caught and I’ll go to jail. I’ll be a villain!” he shook his head, “I am going with the cash!”

He tried Rooney’s number again and it went through. When he told Rooney that he was with his stash of cash. Rooney was all excited,

Rooney: “I promise to reward you handsomely, my friend!”

They agreed to meet at Sheraton. Quickly he started the engine and was on his way. They kept communicating as he was on his way. He drove very fast he was tired of having the cash with him. He wasn’t ready for blood pressure for that was what the sight if the cash was doing to him.

Henry: “Oh,my God!!!” Henry hit his steering as he meet a very long hold up. It was a Police check point.

Rooney was getting tensed. As he kept calling Henry. The holdup took close to an hour,

The police with a gun yelled at Henry and ordered him to pack. Henry got carried away talking to Rooney on the phone,

Policeman: “Heys,Park here!”

Two police officers surrounded the car, one by the driver’s side and the other by the passenger’s side. It added minutes to the hold up.

Henry knowing his offence dropped the call and apologized. They shook their heads,

Policeman: “You’re following us to the station!”

Henry: “ah, Offciers abeg. I’m supposed drop a  parcel for my oga.  I am late ooo,please! Abeg! Maik I just find something for una na?” as he was about to hand two hundred naira note to the one by his side, the one opposite him spotted the suite case and a note was showing. Henry didn’t lock the suite case properly because he was rushing. He whispered to his colleague,

Policeman 2: “O boy,show, show, show! Dis man na criminal oo!” the first Policeman ran over to his colleagues’,

Policeman: “Wetin?” he pointed at the suite case Henry’s eye went there.

Henry: “oh my God. Why was I this careless?”he whispered.

They chorused, “What’s in this case?”

Henry: “Money. Foreign currency but it’s for Whiteman I carried. I am taking it to him!”

Policeman2: “I see. For a whiteman you killed right?”

Henry’s face flushed with fear,

Henry: “Officer noo! I didn’t oo. See I am going to give him the money. See his number you can talk to him!”

One of them jumped into the car,

Policeman: “Carry em go station! Criminal!”

Henry tried explaining to them but they refused to listen to him

Henry: “ officer call em abi maik I dail the number talk to em!”

Policeman 2: “Maik we dey gooooo! Station hear we come,”he had a stench of alcohol, a hot drink to be precise,

Henry was angry but he had to obey. As he drove them to the station, the Police officer was whistling Fela’s song. Rooney kept calling when he eventually picked he was about explaining the situation to him when the officer pointed the gun at him and ordered him to drop the call. Henry didn’t have a choice. He was sure Rooney would be summoning fire and brimstone thinking he had being duped or robbed.


At the station Henry was meant to sit behind the counter as they asked him to wait for the DPO that his issue was a serious one- a very big crime as they said. Minutes later, he saw some men being dragged in. he knew them. It was Swagger and some boys. They had being caught for robbery and Prof was the man behind it.  He arranged the guns and the deals for them. He had a Police friend who supplied them with guns. Most of the robbery in town they were responsible for it.  Swagger and his men were badly beaten.

One of the Policemen said, “So na di idiots bi dis?”

About seven Police officers had attacked them and caught them although not all. Some ran away. A dead body was dragged.

The officer that dragged the body in said, “Na dia godfather bi dis. Chairman for park!”

“Dat Oyibo master?” one asked.

He nodded, Henry stood from the bench he was on and peeped. It was Prof with his glasses. He had a broken arm and leg.  Henry’s heart increased- he felt tension but he didn’t know why. Did he feel sorry for prof?

The Officer in charge ordered Prof’s body to be taken away and the boys taken inot guard room. It was said that after discovering that Prof was the brain behind the gang, they raided his office and he tried to escape and in the process of running he was shot at twice, on the leg and arm.

Henry: “I can’t imagine the grammar he must have been spewing out before dying,”he thought and smiled.

Henry’s case was reported to the DPO upon arrival and Rooney was called and he provided evidence that the cash was his and Henry wasn’t a thief but a good smaritan.

DPO: “You know young man. I am so proud of you. I wish most Nigerians were like you!” he shook Henry’s hand, “sorry for victimizing you in the first place. You know the high rate of criminals these days it’s just difficult to trust anyone.”

Henry: “No offence at all sir. You are doing your duty. I am just glad I have been vindicated!”

They shook hands again,

DPO: “You remind me of an American movie I watched it’s a story about a hero. And he was referred to as Captain America. Permit me to call you, Captain Nigeria!”

Everyone cheered him and all the officer present saluted him. He was given excorts as he went to give Rooney his money. It became a national story. Major dailies had the story although the first to break the news was his favourite blog ADELOVE.COM.


Bola dressed in a beautiful red gown with a touch of blue and blue high heels marched into Dele’s office. Dele was dazed; he was surprised to have her visit,

Dele: “What a surprise?” she smiled as she stood before him. He was carried away and just staring at her. Indeed she looked beautiful.

Bola: “lemme help myself. Since this uniformed men has lost his gentility,” she sat down  and Dele broke into a very loud laughter,

Dele: “forgive my manners.You’re welcomed!”

Bola: “You know the first time we met. I was your victim. You were my torturer,”he laughed.

They got talking as Dele got her laughing all trhough.


First Lady had looked for Henry and apologized to her. Life had become miserable for her, her husband’s assets. And she had nothing again. Herself and the kids lived from hand to mouth. Henry forgave her.

Rooney employed Henry into the telecommunication he had set up and made arrangements for him to go abroad for further studies in telecommunications. Rooney had plans of making him the country’s manager.


Henry’s marriage was a very big one. Dignitaries attended, the good deed still spoke for him. It was on the news too;


The venue of the wedding wasn’t a church but a garden. The setting was beautiful.

Pastor: “You can now kiss the bride!”

Henry smiled,bent his head unveil her and kissed her and whispered to her ears,


Henry: “I love you,Shola!”

Shola was looking very beautiful. Bola, who was her chief’s bride maid teased her,

Bola: “You’re the most beautiful bride on earth!”

Henry and Shola went for their honeymoon in a small European country. Everything was sponsored by his boss, Rooney.


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(Episode 22) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

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Bola who had being indoors since after her release decided to check on her friend,Shola. Shola has being supportive despite her emotional trauma. She had always checked on her friend. Bola couldn’t be more grateful. They had become more siblings and not just friends.

Bola picked up her phone,

Bola: “Ore mi, You dey house?”she asked Shola,

Shola who was in tears answered,

Shola: “Yes!” tried hiding the tears.

Bola was worried,

Bola: “why are you crying?”

Shola: ‘nothing!”she sobbed.

Bola: “I’m coming right away!”

Bola dropped the call and quickly left the house and in no time she was at her friend’s place. She entered the house and saw Shola all curled up in bed,

Bola: “hah. Why are you ill?”she placed her hand on her friend’s cheek. She wasn’t really running temperature.

Shola started crying,

Shola: “ It’s Henry oo! It’s Henry!”Bola hugged her,

Bola: “is he acting up?”

Shola nodded,

Shola: “Yes! Yes! Yesterday I went to plead with him but he told me off and said he has moved on and he is seeing someone else!”

Bola: “Sorry, my dear!”she hugged closely.


Shola: “I want to die! I want to die!”

Bola: “Ah ah! Quit talking like this! Let God’s will be done! Just stop crying please!”

She wiped her tears,

Shola: “But I want him back. I know I messed up. I’m sorry!”

Bola: “Don’t worry. I’ll talk to him,”she calmed her down.


Henry was at the park when he received a call from his neighbor. After being defrauded of his money and phone. Tope had given him a Nokia torch light phone that had rubber bands all around it. It looked like an object for the museum-old and dejected. He had to put it on the speaker before he could hear the person on the other end,.

Neighbor: “where are you?” the neighbor sounded agitated,

Henry: “I dey work!”

Neighbour: “Ah, there is fire on the mountain ooo!”

Henry was startled,

Henry: “what’s wrong?”

Neighbour: “ Some boys came to the house and raided your things! Thugs! Led by an old man with glasses! They swept your house! Everything!”

Henry knew that that was Prof,

Henry: “Oh my God! I am dead!”

The neighbor continued,

Nieghbour: “The man said you were lucky not to be home that we would have been mourning you by now. What did you do,eh? What have you gotten yourself into? He said he was on the lookout for you!”

Henry couldn’t take the news anymore he ended the call. What was he to do? He was confused. How would he hand over the car to Prof and not get killed? Was he to involve the police? He shook his head, someone like Prof would have his way somehow. Still in the middle of the confusion, he jumped into his car and drove,

Henry: “It’s better I go on with work. I might be lucky to make some money and maybe that would pacify Prof,”he said as he drove off, “ but why would Prof raid my house! For what na?”He hissed.

He worked for hours but he couldn’t even make up to a thousand naira. Business was generally slow that day,

Henry: “lemme go to the airport. Sometimes one or two shuttle pays very well!”

He had been there on many occasions but most times  the road tax people made life unbearable for drivers especially those that do airport shuttle. On his way, a taxi flagged him down. He pounced on his breaks,

Driver: Öh, boy,owfa?”

Henry: “Fine oo! Wetin dey?”

Driver: “na my car just break down and I carry wan oyibo wey dey go Sheraton. E tok say e don  dey late for e meeting.”

Henry agreed to help out and the White man, who later, identified himself as  Rooney Walters, jumped into his car,

Rooney: “Please, I’d need you to drives as fast as you can! I’m late for a meeting! I’ll pay any amount”he said in his Brits accent.

Henry smiled it seemed God was finally smiling at him.

Henry pounced on the accelerator. They met traffic at Area One junction,

Rooney: “Shit! Is there any other route?”

Henry: “this is the major route,sir!”

Rooney: “Oh, Africa. What a hell of a country!”

Henry ignore his rant and quickly remembered that there’s a short cut; he maneuvered his way out of the traffic and they used the Area Ten and Eleven axis and less than thirty minutes they had gotten to their destination. The white man jumped out of the car thanking Henry and handed him five thousand naira,

“This is my card and Nigeria number. Call me. I love how you drive!”

He ran into the hotel. Henry was excited five thousand for just a drive. That was pretty unbelievable. Butterflies flew in his stomach. There was sure light at the end of the tunnel. As he drove off, he kept looking at the card and smiling. But five thousand wasn’t enough to get Prof off his back. He needed forty five thousand naira more.  After working for the day. He was able to make six thousand naira. He decided to retire for the day but he couldn’t go home. The only option he had was to sleep in the car so he decided to park the car close to a filling station and sleep there. He had become a refugee. Throughout the night, he couldn’t sleep comfortably, he was busy wrestling with mosquitoes who either came for his knees or cheek. They annoyed him but there’s nothing he could do.

As early as five in the morning. He woke up and decided to clean his car so he would start work for the day. As he pulled the rug of the back seat, he found a suite case. It was black and looked expensive. It was locked,

Henry with it on his legs asked himself,

Henry: “where did this come from?” he was confused.

He tried opening it but it was locked with codes. Quickly he remembered his secondary school tricks of breaking padlocks and other form of security locks. He took two wires and pricked the side of the box with it his heart flew when it made a tweaking noise. It opened suddenly Henry was sweating. He couldn’t believe his eyes. In an abrupt manner, he closed the suite case. It was Rooney’s. It was stashed with foreign money. It was British Pound Sterling where £1  is equal to N595 today,

“See pounds oo!”Henry yelled!

He flung it in the car and walked round the car in confusion talking to himself.

Dele and his men hand cuffed Bridget. As she tried to run from the house. She was forced into the rickety Police van. She kept screaming and yelling,

Bridget: “You can’t do this to me! I want to speak to my lawyer! This is unjust!”

They drove away.

Questions: Should Henry return the cash in the suite case or run away with it to settle Prof and restructure his Life? – be sincere! Do you think Bridget is the murderer or she is just a victim like Bola? What should Shola do? Should she forget about Henry?

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(Episode 21) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

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Bridget sat waiting for First Lady. She had come to visit her in jail. She wasn’t allowed in as visitor but trust Bridget she knew how to pull strings- the right ones.

Bridget wore a sullen face as First Lady appeared,

Bridget: “Oh,Oh! See what they have done to your face,” First Lady was sobbing as they hugged,

First Lady: “This people are demons. I see. This place is hell on earth,”she said as she sat.

Bridget: “Why would they do this to you,eh? This is unacceptable!” they held hands and placed it on the table,

First Lady heaved,

First Lady: “How are you?”

Bridget: Ï have being restless cos of you!” they looked at each other, she touched First Lady’s cheeks, “I know you aren’t happy here.”

First Lady: “I can possibly be!”

Bridget: “Have you contacted the lawyers.”

First Lady: “They are working tirelessly to see that I am out of here. That bitch implicated me.”

Bridget: “So they let her go?”

She nodded angrily,

First Lady: “Yes!”

Bridget: ”There’s no justice in this country!”

First Lady shrugged, “I can’t believe a murderer would be roaming freely on the streets. And here I am!”

Bridget: “This is pathetic! What evidence are they using against you?”

First Lady: “That I drove after him that night!”

Bridget: “You did?”

First Lady gaped at her,

First Lady: “You don’t think I killed him. Do you?”

Bridget: “No, not at all. I’m just wondering, you know you never mentioned it.”

First Lady heaved,

First Lady: “I didn’t kill John. Couldn’t have. I followed him that night yes but just to know the girl he was saying. To confirm your suspicion!”

Bridget nodded,

Bridget: “I remember that I insinuated that he might be cheating on you.”

First Lady: “He was and she had to kill him. My plan was to go the next day and beat the hell out of him not knowing she had more evil plans.”

An officer came and alerted them that their time was up,

Bridget: “I’ll come to see you, my friend! You’ll be free soon.”

First Lady nodded as they bade fare well to each other.

Henry woke up with a very nagging headache. He was woken by a bad dream. In the dream Prof appeared to him in a black hood and pulled a trigger on him,

Prof: “This is for messing with me!”

He spat on the body and left.

Henry was sweating and still recovering from the shock when he heard a knock on his door. He jerked up,

Henry: “Could that be prof?”he thought.

He became restless. Out of the blue, his stomach started rumbling. Was it due to the fear or he had sudden fallen ill? Nauseous feeling grasped him and at the same time cold rocked his body. The knock blared again.

Henry: “Help me, O’God!” he did the sign of the cross as he went to the door.

As he opened it, it was Shola. She was about leaving after knocking with no response,

Shola had a sullen face,

Shola: “Good morning dear!”

Henry nodded,

Henry: “good morning!”

Shola: “Can I at least come in?” she stared at him. After some minutes of silence, he flung the door open as she entered. He stood looking at her as she looked at him to,

“Are you still mad at me?”

Henry looked away as she knelt down, he moved away.

“Baby I’m sorry. Mike is his name but we had never seen before. I don’t wanna make any excuses for my misbehavior. But I never had intentions of seeing him,”

He smirked at her,


Henry: “And now she comes with a lie. Shola I don’t want you to mix things up. I have moved on. I’m not interested please. I can’t trust you again!”

Shola: “Please, Hen….”

Henry didn’t allow her finish,

Henry: “Just leave please!”

Shola: “So you aren’t going to hear me out?”

Henry: “what’s the new thing you want to tell me,eh? Just leave!”

She heaved, cleaned her knees and left with tears in her eyes,

“I am seeing someone else,”he said to her as she stepped outside.

She almost missed her steps. It was hard to believe that Henry had started seeing someone just some weeks later.

Dele said to the female detective,

Dele: “There’s one more arrest we need to finally close this murder case!”

Female Detective: “I thought the suspect is in our net already?”

Dele he nodded,

Dele: “She couldn’t have done it alone! Let’s not waste time. Get some men let’s go a-fishing!”

He carried his pistol and hung it on his waist as they left.


She dashed into her room, “I am not spending a minute into this house. Why would that useless detective not allow this case die. That place was an eyesore. I can’t imagine myself staying in that dirty place. I thought, they had caught the murderer already!”

She packed her raiment’s in a bag. She flung her bag opened and brought out the UK visa. She was leaving for the airport,

“UK here I come!” she smiled and ran out.

Was Henry right in treating Shola that way? Do you think First Lady had a helping hand in murdering Chairman? Who was  the suspect trying to flee the country?

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(Episode 20) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

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Shola: I miss you Henry. Please pick my call. It’s been past 2 weeks now, I’ve not had sex. I’ve not been laid. I have not felt like a real woman. It’s been a long time since we’ve made love, and I kind of miss it. Please Henry, i love you. Pick my call. Shola flung her phone beside the bed, she couldn’t sleep as planned. Tears trickled down her cheeks. She really missed Henry’s touch and she could imagine it. She prayed for Henry return, as soonest like yesterday



The tallest replied and smiling,

“That’s good. All you need do is bring fifteen thousand naira for fifty thousand and if you want two hundred thousand you bring forty thousand.”

The shortest added,

“DDD is a life turn-around. The bigger the money the bigger reward.”

Henry saw that as an opportunity to pay Prof’s money back. But he just had ten thousand naira on him. Where was he going to get the remaining cash? The thought of Shola popped up and she’d have been the best person to help out.

The tallest asked,

“And if you do this right now you could even get bonus. I’d suggest you bring forty thousand and get your two hundred thousand. Instead of gunning for the smallest, go for the biggest.”

They tried convincing him. Henry was sweating forty thousand was not easy to come by. After much thinking, he asked,

Henry: “If someone doesn’t have the cash can he give something valuable that is equivalent to the money.”

They turned to each other and the shortest asked,

“What would that be?”

Henry shook his head thinking. He looked at his phone. It was worth twenty five thousand naira. Shola had bought it for me. And it was still brand new.

Henry: “ My phone it is worth twenty five thousand naira and I haven’t used it more than a month. I can use it,” they collected the phone and nodded their heads,

“Okay. Cool!”

Where was he to get five thousand? He then thought he could tell them to use the money they’d pay him with. He wanted to but it didn’t seem like a good idea. He remembered his friend Tope. He quickly used his phone to send Tope a text:

Bros,owfa, I need like five thousand naira. Something urgent came up.

Immediately the message delivered. And in time he got a five thousand naira bank alert from his friend.

He handed them the cash ten thousand naira as they kept hurrying him up. And he transferred five thousand naira to their account. And he handed them the phone. After driving them to different places. They handed him some notes of dollars that was supposed to be equivalent to twenty thousand. Henry drove away a happy man. Things were falling into places.


Dele folded sleeves, stood before First Lady who was seated on a chair with blistered lips. She was being tortured. Dele wasn’t the one beating her- a female detective did the torture while Dele questioned her. She was crying and yelling,

First Lady: “ I’ll make sure you pay for this! I want to talk to my lawyers! I’ll make every one of you pay!” the female detective slapped her and her mouth twitched to a corner. She was in tears.

Dele: “Threatening help us wouldn’t get you out here. This is a federal government case. Your husband was a top politicians.  So talk!”

First Lady:  “I want to talk to my lawyers right now!”

Dele: “Corporate madam!”

She yelled,

Frist Lady: “Nooo! Let me out of here!”she spat on Dele, who smiled and stepped away giving the lady the go ahead to torture First Lady. From outside where he lit his cigarette he could hear her crying and calling names. He smiled and whispered,

Dele: “The rich also cry!”he continued smoking.

Having finished the stick he was smoking, he entered and First Lady looked calmer. The lady had really beaten her. She looked battered,

Dele: “Are you ready to talk?” she nodded, “okay why did you kill your husband?

She nodded her head as blood trickled down her broken lips,

First Lady: “I swear I didn’t kill my husband. Why would I do that? Make myself a widow and my daughters fatherless!”

Dele: “Jealous! Jealous turns human to beast.”

She shook her head with tears,

First Lady: “I didn’t do it!” she said crying.

Dele: “You are not ready to tell the truth?”

First Lady: “I swear that is the truth.”

Dele: “What were you doing following your husband that night? Or did you  not follow him?”

First lady nodded,

First Lady: “True, I followed him but my intention was to know the house of the girl he was cheating on me with then go the next day to either threaten or harass her bu..”

Dele: “But you ended killing him when she was in the bathroom so she would be seen as the culprit right?”he clapped, “Bravo,Mrs Felicia I must confess you are a master strategist,”

She dropped her head down crying,

First Lady: “I just spotted the house and went back home!”

Dele: “but I discovered that you got home 12: 30 ten minutes after his death. And from the house of his girl friend to your house is just ten minutes drive!”

She couldn’t mutter a word, she stared into the ceiling sighing.


Henry called Prof and assure him that he was going to bring his money on a Friday. A day before the expiry date. Prof received the news with excitement. His plan was to go Wuse market or Wuse 2 besides Glo Office and changed the dollars into naira notes by the Hausa men known as Aboki.  On his way he said,

Henry: “Once I get the cash changed and I could add it to the business I get a higher reward,“ he gave out a  loud laughter, “Man Henry, you are balling man! At least I could use the case to start up small business!” he laughed again, “Let me call Ibori and his friend to find out whatsup with the cash!”

He dialed their number and at one dial it went through and they picked the call. They told him to expect alert in the evening. He was excited as he drove the car with finesse blaring ears with good music. He whistled along the songs played.

The Abokis having collected the dollar, scrutinized it and handed it to one another and the last man shook his head. The first Aboki he handed the dollar too spoke Hausa to his friends and frowned and the one who could mutter some words in English even though it was in broken form said,

“Zee dollar is pake, wallahi!”

Henry: “Huh? What? This is from DDD professionals. They are worldly known and famous” the word sounded like fake to him but he didn’t want to believe it.

The man repeated,

“Zee dollar is pake!”

Henry quickly dialed the number of Ibori but it was switched off. He drove off hissing and cursing.

His mind went back to the threat of Prof after the assurance call that the money was going to be ready by the next day.

Questions: What should Henry do? Would Prof send the boys after him? Do you think First Lady was hard-hearted or saying the truth?

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(Episode 19) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

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For days Shola hadn’t been able to eat- She was always crying. If not for Blessing assisting her business, it would have been in serious dark waters.

Blessing: “Aunty if it’s possible I’d advise you employ another person to help out until you have fully recovered!”

Shola nodded,

Shola: “Do you know anyone that’s good?”

Blessing nodded,

Blessing: “Yes I have a friend who is better than I am!”

Shola smiled at her,

Shola: “Really? Okay since you have recommended her. Let her start tomorrow!”

Shola had pretended to be sick but Blessing got to find out that things weren’t going well for the love birds and that was the reason for Shola’s so called illness.

Shola couldn’t hold on to a particular reason for cheating on Henry. It was just a highly imaginative mind, that part of her unconscious mind that wanted to explore. That part that fueled her insatiable taste for sex,

Shola: “You’re stupid! Why would you cheat on a good man? Now you’ve ruined a very good thing in your life. You’re just unbelievable!” she said to herself.

Days after the breakup she deleted Xtranger from her contacts and blocked him,

“To hell with you,” she cried.

She had tried contacting Henry through calls and text messages but he wasn’t responding. He didn’t return her calls neither did he respond to her. It was killing her,

Shola: “I’m sorry baby!”she would say most times she tried her number.

She was becoming a shadow of herself. There was no one to share her pains with. Bola, her best friend was in custody for the death of her lover,

“Bola, I miss you!” Shola cried.

She didn’t know where exactly her friend was, all attempts to find out was abortive and she couldn’t meet First Lady who saw her as an enemy. Shola saw her in that light too. She had victimized the two people who Shola loved.


Dele sat in the small room looking well shaved and wearing a nice black shades- that made him appear like one of the tops stars in an American movie. He was waiting for them to bring Bola. After a few minutes of waiting, Bola was dragged in,

Dele: “Let her be,” he stands to meet her, “have your seat.” She had a black eye. She had suffered enough already.

Bola sat on the chair as he ordered for the cuffs to be taken out her hands,

Bola nodded,

Bola: “Thank you,” she managed to say.

She rubbed her wrist, it hurt her.

Dele: “I am Dele, the new officer in charge of your case! So I want you to be open to me and don’t lie to me,” she nodded, “I am here to help you!”

She nodded again, “You promise to tell me the truth and nothing but the truth.”

Bola: “Yes!”

Dele nodded as he brought out a paper and pen,

Dele: “so tell me what your relationship is with the dead Chairman.”

Bola: “We were lovers. We have been dating for more than a year!””

Dele: “ Did anyone know about your affair?”

Bola shook her head,

Bola: “No one knew. He wanted me to marry me but I was yet to make up my mind so I pleaded with him for the relationship to be secret.”

Dele: “That means his wife didn’t know of it.”

Bola: “I’d love to believe that.”

Dele: “Before his death, the two of you weren’t meeting like you usually do. Did you have any quarrel whatsoever?”

Tears gathered in her eyes,
Bola: “We didn’t. We didn’t see because he wasn’t in town.”

Dele: “How did you know he wasn’t in town?”

Bola was getting a little irritated by the questions,

Bola: “he traveled. He told me he traveled.”

Dele: “so tell me what exactly happened on the day he died.”

Bola went on to give her narration and she was in tears. She told him everything even down to details of the conversation they had,

“Did you shut the door before leaving for the room?”

Tears trickled down her cheeks she could remember now she didn’t lock the door.

Bola: “No, I didn’t!”

Dele: “Was it deliberate or you forgot?”

She sat down with steaming tears burn her cheeks. She was angry at herself, Chairman, Dele and everyone. Her anger had everyone and everything as victims.

“I need you to answer me if you really want to prove your innocence. Aren’t you tired of being here?”

Bola: “It wasn’t deliberate,” she said sulking.

He sat absented as his mind evaluated the situation, abruptly he jumped up. The sudden jump frightened Bola,

Dele: “I’ll see you around soon!”

Dele went ahead with serious investigation- he had so many people questioned and even ordered for the arrest of the late Chairman’s aides and drivers. In between his investigation he always visited Bola and he discovered that she was just a victim of the situation she was totally innocent. He prevented them from torturing her. They became quite close. And he was working on her release but he needed to catch the culprit before releasing her. And finally he made First Lady come for questioning. When she came at first she was cold towards and after some moments of persuasion he started unfolding the truth. And he kept on nodding his head as he questioned her. He had gotten the murderer,

Dele: “Thank you, ma. Thanks for your co-operation.” She smiled at him,

First Lady: ”what about taking you out for lunch?” she offered with a smile.

Dele: “Some other time, ma’am!” he rejected politely

The First Lady imagined how sweet Dele could perform in bed. She fell in love with him at first sight. She felt like dragging him closer with his tie, kissing him right there at the moment

Henry sat down in the car as he loaded passengers. His mind dashed to Shola. He missed her badly. He fought the temptation of calling her,

Henry: “I can’t call her!”

His phone rang when he checked it was Shola, he hissed and placed it on silence. The Prof situation was the major issue that was bugging him. He had fixed the bumper of the car but was yet to come up with the fifty thousand naira.  He had only ten thousand naira. What was he going to do? he thought.

Two well-dressed men approached him. They spoke impeccable English. They were dressed in suits, blue and black. They approached him,

The tall one said, “We are looking for someone to drive us around. Someone who knows the town very well. We would pay you twenty thousand from now, “he checked his watch it was 10 in the morning, “from now till 7 pm!”

What an offer? Henry thought. Henry got in the car and started driving them around. And in the car they started discussing of a business where one would invest fifteen thousand naira and get a hundred thousand in less than a week, they call the business name DDD (Drop a Dough get Dice)

The other guy said, “men, I just want to thank you for introducing me to DDD. Now I am in money.”

The tall guy laughed,

“What are friends for?”

And they went ahead to say that the cash was the reward was to come in dollars. Henry was happy that day had being a day God had prepared to bless him. Having listened to them keenly, he turned and said,

Henry: “I am interested! How do we get started?”

They nodded and smiled at him.


Dele led some men to First Lady’s shop,

Dele: “You’re under arrest for the murder of Chief John Yohanna! Anything you do or say would be used against you in the court of law!”

Dele nodded and she was handcuffed and wheeled away.

Questions: Would First Lady use her influence to free herself? Has Baba God finally picked Henry’s call, his breakthrough? Or would Henry be a victim of fraud to DDD?

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(Episode 18) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

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Bridget was in First Lady’s room,

First Lady: “Thank you for accepting to stay here with me,” it was late most of the people that came for condolence visit had departed.

Bridget wearing a sullen face,

Bridget: “You know you can always count on me.”

They remained quiet.  First Lady got off the bed and brought a very big bottle of whiskey and dropped it on by the bedside and poured into two glass cups and handed one to Bridget, who gulped hers one time.

She wore a frown as the hot drink went down her system- it brunt away some pains.

“I can’t believe Chairman is dead,” tears trickled down her left eyes.

First Lady gulped hers too as her eyes turned red,

First Lady: “It’s like a dream! I can’t believe I am a widow. Do you think I am capable of murdering my own husband?”

Bridget shook her head,

Bridget: “I don’t  think you’re capable of such!”

She poured the whiskey into their glasses and they gulped at the same time,

First Lady: “ I am going to make sure that girl rots in jail, I swear. I am going to make life miserable for her.”

Bridget’s heart beat increased. She was wondering what her friend’s reaction would be if she discovered that she was also sleeping with Chairman.

Bridget heaved,

First Lady: “I heard she mentioned my name while she was being tortured.”

Bridget: “what? Is she out of her mind? What did the DSS say!”

First Lady: “I told them to make her feel the pains I am feeling right now!” she held her cup fiercely. And in her mind she said, “John, I told you not to play games with me but you wouldn’t listen to me.

Bridget: “That girl is a hardened criminal. So she is still denying?”

First Lady nodded,

First Lady: “but I’ll use my connection to crush her!” she ground her teeth as she spoke.


A young man, Dele, was his name. One of the youngest detective in the country. He had just returned from a course in Israel- a federal government sponsored course. And the director of DSS wanted someone more intelligent to handle the case. He was twenty seven but with the wisdom of an older person.

Dele saluted when he entered the director’s office,

Dele: “Morn’ sah!”

Director: “Easy,”Dele dropped his hands as director showed him a seat, “You’re welcome detective Dele!”

Dele:  “Thank you sir!”

Director: “Welcome back to Nigeria and congratulations for doing us proud!” he stretched his hand and Dele stood bowed and shook him.

Dele smiled,

Dele: “Thank you sir!”

Director: “There’s a case that has been quite tough and I am not satisfied of how it has being handled by your colleagues. And I want you to take over!”

Dele listened with keen interest,

Dele: “Okay, sir! What case is that sir?”

Director had a bite of the bitter Kola in his hands and rubbed his pot bell,

Director: “It’s a murder case of a local government chairman. The suspect has been in our custody.”

Dele: “His wife?”

Director opened a drawer and brought files and dropped them in front of Dele, who stared at them,

Director: “Noo, his girlfriend. He died in her apartment!” Dele nodded, “and she has been in our custody. She has been through different kind of torture- defacing situation. I personally made sure she went through pains but she still claims to be innocent. And this is the story. He visited that night and after a hot round of sex , she goes into the bathroom only to come out and find out that he was dead.”

Dele sighed,

“Now the easy suspect in this case is the girl but something doesn’t just feel right. I don’t know and that was I want you to handle this case.”

Dele nodded,

Dele: “I’ll do my best,sir!”

Director: “Please do and anything you want just let me know!”

Dele nodded,

Dele: “I’ll need little time to study what I have here,” he took the files, “Permission to fall out sir!”

Director nodded and he stepped out.

Henry came home exhausted, recalled what happened earlier in the cab before reaching home. It was a CRUCIAL FIGHT and the story went like this:

“A man in a taxi wanted to see the reaction of others, took out his phone, dialed a number, placed the phone to his ear, and said in a low tone:

Man: “Baby, I can’t come to you today because am in the same taxi with your husband. Today’s match won’t come on ok? I love you!” He ended the call

All the men in the taxi including Henry demanded: “Excuse me mister man, I want to see the number you just called? I mean right now! Show us the number right now OR….

Henry thought it was Xtranger that has been exchanging sextings with his beloved girlfriend. It wasn’t funny at all, it was hot and heated, even the driver wanted to know the number by hook or crook. Meanwhile, the man was just playing pranks with the passengers including Henry”

Henry reaching home, still wasn’t acting freely with Shola. He was still mad at her. She could feel that something was wrong but didn’t know what exactly it was. That evening she had tried bringing up a conversation,

Shola: “Baby, how about the under-wears (Panties) you promised changing for me

Henry: I will get it this weekends. He managed to say

Shola: Please do not buy all 8 pieces same colour just like you did last time

Henry: Why? Any issue if you are using same pink colour all through? I thought pink is your favourite colour? He pushed to know

Shola: Do you want people to think I don’t change pants? She tried to cheer him up cracking some jokes but Henry didn’t take it lightly

Henry: Which people? Henry was boiling inside while he gave her a perplexed look

Shola: Jealous lover, won’t I play with you again? She laughed while a little smile transformed henry’s stern face. Yet, he’s still not happy with Shola having read her sext-chats with Xtranger.

Shola: “But Baby on a more serious note…” she sat on the hand of the cushion he was on, “I’m really worried about Bola and the connection to Chairman’s death. I never could imagine she slept with him,”

Henry sighed and shrugged,

“I know she might be naughty but she isn’t a murderer,” he heaved again, “and she never told me anything. Why would she sleep with someone else in the first place! Cheating on her boyfriend. That isn’t fair now!” he gaped at her immediately she said that.

Henry stood up and left for the room.

And the next he just couldn’t pretend anymore- he had to confront her he was dying in silence.

Henry: “who is Xtranger?”

Shola knew she had being discovered and immediately she knelt down and started pleading. There was no need denying. But he had made up his mind to break up. He couldn’t love someone who has been feeding him with lies.

As he carried his bag to leave, on her knees she clung to his trouser crying,

Shola: “Baby I’m sorry. I don’t have any excuse. I am sorry for cheating on you but nothing happened between us. I had just met him once. Baby I am so sorry”

Tears stood in his eyes as she pleaded,

Henry: “I have made up my mind. I have to go!”

He left as she fell on the ground crying.

Would the coming of Dele help solve Chairman’s murder puzzle? Was Henry right to break ties with Shola? Should he have the change of mind?”

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(Episode 17) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

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Shola: “Would you eat egg and noodles!” he nodded she kissed him and  rose from the bed to go and make breakfast.

Henry jokingly,

Henry: “Ï have told you that early in the morning kiss without brushing can cause cancer,” she giggled.

Shola: “Really?” she dived on him and tried to kiss him but he buried his in a  pillow and she tickled him, he laughed out loud and turned her over and tickle her too,

“Sorry….so…wie,So!” she kicked and fought but he kept on doing until she was exhausted. She kept on saying, “I’ll bite you! I’ll bite you!!”

He laid back on the bed gasping for breath. Should he tell her about Prof and the threat? He thoughts but shrugged the idea away. He didn’t want to get her worried.

Henry: “Would you go to the shop today?”

She nodded,

Shola: “ I thought of staying back at home to get over yesterday’s event but I’ll just go!”

He raised his head and peered into her eyes,

Henry: “ Are you sure,babes?”

She nodded, jumped up,

Shola: “Lemme go and get food ready!”

Henry sat up on the bed dragging himself out of the bed was a problem and he needed to go and take his bath. As he garner strength to go and get set for the day’s hustle. A Whatsap message dropped on Shola’s phone. He hardly preyed into her phone but he decided to and when he slide open. It was a message from the name XTRANGER ,

“Morning babe”the message read.

His heart missed a beat

He scrolled up as more messages dropped  and he started reading;

Xtranger: “Heyie Chocolatey!”

Shola: “Heylo, handsome. Welcome! How long are you gonna be off shores?”

Xtranger: “Three weeks!”

Shola: “Ah, I better enjoy the moment while you’re here oo!”

Xtranger: “Lol. So was I missed?”

Shola: “ Umh, what do you think?” she sent a wink emoji,

Xtranger: “ I dunno. You tell me!”

Shola: “You were missed a lottle,”she sent a tongue-out emoji.

Xtranger: “A lottle?”

Shola: “Yes,baby!”


Henry felt his finger go numb. Was he imagining things or that was actually true? He heaved and went on,

Xtranger: “You and your choice of words eh? Lol.”

Shola: “Lol!”

Xtranger: “Come to Port Harcourt let’s see now. I really wanna see your face. Come and enjoy the big cassava!”

Shola sent a face covering emoji,

Shola: “Please, you know am I a good girl right?”

Xtranger: “we are saying the same thing! Lol”

Shola: “How big?”

Xtranger: “too make you moan with glee!”

Shola: “Now you want to make me so wet!”

Henry swiped his hands over the phone to close it. He had read too much. His heart was beating fast.  Shola entered holding a tray with breakfast on it. He swallowed spit countless times. He was trying to swallow his anger, obviously- it was choking him.

Should he confront her or let it slide? He thought. He acted very cold towards,

Shola: “Baby, what’s wrong?”

Henry swallowed his spit as he swallowed the food in his mouth,

Henry: “Ehm, what?” he had lost appetite, totally.

He feigned a phone call and lied that Prof wanted to see him but the truth was that he wanted to leave her presence before he choked life out of her- her sighed was perturbing. He couldn’t believe Shola would ever do that to him. Which was he to handle, the threat or a cheating girlfriend?

He took the car keys and left- her avoided her pecking him. He couldn’t pretend- he was mad at her.


It was confirmed that Chairman was dead and Bola was taken as the prime suspect. She was in the custody of DSS as she was questioned,

Bola: “sir, I don’t know anything about Chief John’s death. I’m innocent!”

Officer: “But he was discovered dead in your apartment.”

Her lips were quivering as tears trickled down the swollen face. She had been beaten. It was just the pains of the beating that had grasped her but the Chairman’s death.

“Now the question is why did you kill him?” he stood over her resting his hand on the small table in between them.

Bola: “Officer, I swear. I know nothing about his death. Why would I kill him?Chairman was a good man. Why would I kill a man who has being good to me?”

Officer: “why won’t you kill him? When you argued with him that he wasn’t giving you attention as he was supposed to?” she shook her head, “Did you have that argument on the night he died?”

Bola was crying,

Bola: “I didn’t kill him, I swear! We had just had sex after then,”she sobbed, “I…i… went into the bathroom and when I came back . I met him died on the bed. Someone had come in to kill him. I don’t know who but it isn’t me.”

Officer: “His wife said you killed him!” Bola couldn’t say a word she was in tears the officer walked around the small room, “was it true that you had demanded for a certain amount of money and he refused to give you?” he walked behind her. She didn’t say anything she was crying and he held her by the hair and pulled her- she screamed, “answer me when I ask you a question! Do you think I am here to joke!” the fury officer looked into her eyes.

They were both sweating. Bola shook her head.

He screamed a name: “Danjuma! Come and take her away!”Bola was crying as the junior officer came and took into a guard room.

Since she was brought into custody that was the routine- she would be brought out for questioning after being beaten. And always asked the same questions. Although the night Chairman died they had forgotten to bolt the door when they entered. The crazy sex took their attentions away. She was sure that it was chairman’s wife that killed her husband. Who else would have that intention?


Henry had an awful day. Everything annoyed him for that day. He was going to end the relationship, he nodded. Why would she cheat on him? That was the lingering question on his mind.

Should Henry confront Shola or he should break up with her? Would Chairman’s wife be discovered as the killer?”

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(Episode 16) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

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Swaggar said in his harsh voice,

Swagger: “Baba Prof give us the approval make we give am sense na!” Henry quickly shut the door behind him so Shola doesn’t get to know about the situation.

Henry: “Please, Prof. I was going to come to explain things to you!”

Prof: “So after feigning gentility walking upright like one who has just be ordained with priesthood you show your true colour of being a rogue! Nonentity! Scallywag! Doofus and a mooncalf! You have disappointed your generation. Can I have my machine and liquid cash?”

Henry stuttered. Henry went ahead to narrate his ordeal to Prof and how the car’s bumper had been damaged and how he had lost the day’s earning. Anger covered the faces of his boys but Prof didn’t allow them touch Henry,

Henry: “Just give me days,sir! I’ll pay back everything!”

Prof demanded that Henry show him the car; they all went there and he showed them the damaged bumper,

Prof smirked,

Prof: “So it’s my machine that has been degenerated into a hutch?” he shook his head and re-arranged his glasses and cross belt.  He grunted, “I think you should see us off!”

Henry suspected seeing them off. Was it safe going out of the compound with them? But he didn’t want to let Shola be aware of the situation and he followed them. Prof had his arms around him and chatted with him until they got to a dark corner and Prof ordered the boys to pounce on him. Swagger started the attack they punched him as two held his hands. After a few punches,

Prof: “That’s satisfactory boys! I give you just few days to get my car in order and I am collecting fifty thousand from you as compensation! Au revoir, Let’s go boys!”

Henry tried to put himself together as he headed home; the whole of his body ached and his lips was a little bit swollen. As he entered, he noticed Shola had dozed off with the remote in her hands. Quickly, he went to shower and change into something else. She jerked up having heard noises of showers,

Shola: “Is he back?”she yawned and called out, “Baby!”

Henry answered as water entered his mouth,

Henry:  “I came in and saw you snoring on the couch!”she opened the door of the bathroom, he opened one of the eyes as soap covered his face, “Leave here!”he splashed a little water towards her but she gave way as the water splash in dots on the ground. She  came back to the door,

Shola: “What are you hiding? What’s there that I haven’t seen eh?”

They both giggled,

Henry: “Gerrrare hie,mehn!”

She smiled,

Shola: Ï’m going please don’t come begging!”she shut the door.

In less than five minutes he was done by the time he got into the room,. Shola stood before him au naturel- he found her more attractive. she stood facing the mirror with her back from where he was entering. It was deliberate, the smile she gave took her away. She could see him walking towards her through the mirror. He grasped her from the back, and she turned with her breast rubbing against his bare chest. Suddenly the towel he had on suddenly looked as if there an undergrowth-  he was quite aroused. As they wrestled to the bed with the towel giving way. He kissed her as she tilt her head to the back, the physique of her body became more highlighted. She moaned softly as he kissed her earlobes and moving down to her neck- he moaned as she had him in her hands.

They were both sweating.  The days stress was giving way.  He had forgotten the pains he felt.

Shola: “Have me, please! “she whispered into his ears and kissed it.

He could feel the contours of her body as he caressed her every part. It was sensational, how he felt.

Henry: “I love you, baby!”

She sprawled her legs and he positioned his buttocks then slide into her. She moaned with every thrusting.  She dictated the pace-at some point it was a light race and other times it was a full blown marathon. Her moaning increased as she got her peak, she kept muttering his sweetness to him- he couldn’t hold it any longer, he let it out with a yell. And they fell apart- exhausted. It had being a famished road.

They were panting, as he felt pains on his thighs and she folded her hands in between her legs and in no time they dozed off.


Chairman flung himself on the couch, Bola standing aghast asked,

Bola: “what happened?”

Chairman gaped at her,

Chairman: “where?”

Bola: “You coming to my place this night!” she said,

Chairman sat up,

Chairman: “ Do I need to draw up a time table for seeing you?”

Bola sat on the hand of the couch,

Bola: “You know that isn’t what I mean!”

Chairman who was getting worked up asked,

Chairman: “then what do you mean? Can’t I come to see my girlfriend whenever I feel like!”

Bola:”I thought you are always careful so that wifey wouldn’t find us out. Wouldn’t this make her suspicious?” she asked.

He rubbed the back of his neck,

Chairman: “Can we forget about all these, please. I came here to have a peace of mind. I shouldn’t be facing what I ran away from right?”

She heaved,

Bola: “Alright. It’s just that I thought you were avoiding me so I’m surprised to see you!” he looked at her and smiled,

Chairman: “I can’t avoid a princess like you. Not now, not ever!” he stood and threw her arms around her waist.

Chairman: I thought I wouldn’t find light here. That’s my fear coming to your place. And the sound of that Generator alone creates lot of heats in me.

Bola: Why would you be afraid? When this is not Nigerian Embassy in Yankee

Chairman: How do you mean?

Bola: Didn’t you hear about the humour? That President Buhari was earlier today at Washington DC for Trump’s inauguration. As he was being driven to his hotel later in the day, they passed through a building with no lighting and in total darkness. He then told the driver;

President Buhari: “The Americans always talk about the electricity problem in my country, but look that building, that’s total darkness”.. The driver politely replied,

Driver: “That’s the Nigerian Embassy Sir.. they are owing Electricity bill for over few months now”. They both giggled in silly manner. Infact, Chairman couldn’t hold his own laughter. One thing he loves staying with Bola. He missed her company a lot. Bola cut in his thought..

Bola: But Chairman, don’t you think it’s risky driving late at such night?

Chairman: Angel Gabriel and Angel Michael are always with me wherever I go like MTN

Bola: Haaa.. that’s overload ooo..

Chairman: How? He was expecting another joke from Bola again

Bola: Well, there’s another this humor of Nigerian Police… “A man driving around 1:00am alone in his car, he got to a check point. The Policeman stopped him and asked for everything which he gave out. The Police had nothing to ask again, in order to charge him, guess what the police man said?”

Chairman: What? Chief was anxious to hear her next

Bola: The Policeman said “I charge you for driving alone at this time of the day, if you come get accident who’ll go tell your people”?  The man replied, “I’m not alone, Jesus Christ is with me here, couple with Angel Gabriel, Angel Raphael, Angel Michael and Five Angels are with me here Sir” The man replied.  The Policeman said: “All these people inside this your small car? I charge you for overloading”

Chairman and Bola couldn’t control their laughter. Chairman fell on Bola’s chest, she looked into his eyes and he into hers. This caused a sexual arousal in Bola, She was in the mood, and they kissed, headed for the room, peeling off their clothes all over the place. And in no time they were at it.

They had forgotten to lock the main door of the house.

After some minutes, they were lying with their backs on the bed staring at the ceiling, giggling and paniting,


Bola: “Baby you are getting stronger everyday. At your age you can go this long. Mehn, it’s crazy! Do I suspect you use Viagra?”

Chairman: “No, I am too old school for such. I told you I grew up in the village and we use tom take a lot of herbs for a healthy body and all. So that has kept me all these years.” They laughed.

She stood up to go and shower but he held her back and kissed her,

Bola: “Baby, I need to go shower please!” he laughed and let her go as she walked to the bathroom, he yelled,

Chairman: “That isn’t the end of the match ooo. I’’ve still got more action in me, baby!”

She giggled and said, “Please , don’t kill me for my mother oo!”

They both laughed.

Chairman laid with his eyes mildly shut as a figure walked over him and covered his nose and eyes with handkerchief. He tried kicking and fighting but he was knocked off.  Bola didn’t hear any noise as she sang and splashed water in the bathroom.

As she got out of the bathroom, she walked up to him,

Bola: “Baby, what is this now?” she laughed for the pillow was on his face, “It seems you’re in for some play this night, “when she took the pillow off she started screaming as Chairman’s tongue was all out and his eyes looking bulgy.


First Lady drove into the compound and ran straight into her room and washed her hands and quickly changed into her nightie. Feeling better, she smiled,

First Lady: “John, you’d pay for making me unhappy!”

She drew out a bottle of whiskey and drank.

Questions: Was Chairman dead? Who killed him? Where would Henry get that amount to pay off the debt?

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