2019: Obasanjo drums support for S’ East, Ogun West

Ogun born elder statesman and former President Olusegun Obasanjo yesterday threw his weight behind the Southeast region to produce the next president of the country.

Obasanjo stated that the problem of justice, relegation has been a main source of conflicts between ethnic and regional divisions in the country.

While speaking in Abeokuta, Ogun State when the leadership of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Ogun State visited him, Obasanjo said it was part of what he resolved to do as just and fair country that made him to work for the emergence of a South-south president in 2009.

He said: “But irrespective of the thinking of the people ahead of 2019, I personally think that South-east should have a go at the presidency too.”

He therefore, said in the interest of justice and fairness, Ogun west senatorial district in Ogun state should be given the slot to produce the next governor of the state.

According to him, the same is happening here. If Ijebu and Egba have produced the governor, it is only fair and just to allow the Yewa or Ogun West to also produce governor. Or else, one day, they will also stand up and take up arms against this injustice against them. That is my personally position on this.

Speaking on Southern Kaduna crisis, Obasanjo said Nigerians should not comment on what they do not really have detail reports of, saying “as this is largely responsible for the escalation of the situation.

He said: “My findings so far show that everyone is talking from the position of strength. People are not talking from knowledge of what they know and this is not helping. We must be able to dump all our sentiments to overcome the challenges.

“Just like other cases of injustice around us, we need peace; it is only peace with justice that can solve all these crises. Genuine peace is what everyone is craving for and this can only come when there is justice,” Obasanjo said.

However, the state Chairman of CAN, Bishop Tunde Akinsanya, described Obasanjo as a special gift to Nigeria and the entire world, considering his exploits and fatherly role so far.

While commending Obasanjo for facilitating the building of Ecumenical Centre in Abuja, he disclosed that his administration was also working on a similar project in the state.

He, however, appealed for the support of Obasanjo in actualising the project in the state, and congratulated him on his forthcoming 80th birthday celebration.



American martyr activist: Martin Luther King Jr, in his words “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matters”.

Some months ago, I was in a public transport heading to one of the biggest and popular metropolis in Ogun West Senatorial district; Ilaro.  I was dejected and vexed about the conversation of the commuters on the transit. Let me cursorily share some of their tete-a-tete with you; their natter is basically on how Ogun West Senatorial district have been relegated and deserted by the current Ogun State Governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun.

Without any bias, Ogun West is one of the largest senatorial district with a mass of 6,297.64km per square, representing 37 percent of the largest expanse of land in Ogun State. It has five Local Government; Ado-Odo/Ota, Imeko-Afon, Ipokia, Yewa South and Yewa North, with estimated population of 1,109,884 people, which represents 31 percent of the state population ratio with the other two senatorial district of Ogun central and Ogun East with 33 and 36 percent ratios respectively.

Aside from being one of the largest constituency, it is the industrial hub of Ogun State with robust Internally Generated Revenue; IGR, unwavering economic system and assets composition.

Thus, Ogun West have been completely sidelined from dividends of democracy in terms of appointments, infrastructural development and human development since the reign of Egba born office-bearer and compare to what has been done by his predecessors.

Permit me to dole out some of what I eavesdropped from the confab of the standee on the transit; Bayo said: “ one of the greatest mistakes by APC and Ogun State people is by given Sen. Ibikunle Amosun their mandate in gubernatorial election. Amosun, who is an offshoot of PDP and radical in his thought and reasoning, is bound to be doomed soon.

I’ve been noticing him right from the time he had been romancing Obasanjo, the core Egba man with Egba syndrome of marginalization of other tribe in the state, and who is devoted to development of Egba than Ogun state”.

“it’s not only in Ogun East that you haven’t seen any sign of government, but AMOSUN’S OGUN WEST IS WORSE. What has he done other than his homestead’s road that is being dualised at a ridiculous amount and time? Ogun is in a ‘war’ situation and we should treat it as such. It is worse than Boko Haram. Boko Haram only kills today, Amosun is killing both today and future”. Wale said.

Before advancing, I inquire any of Amosun’s staunches to elucidate some of the weighty issues being raised by the concern citizens,“ radical in his thought and reasoning”, “the core Egba man, with Egba syndrome of marginalization of other tribe in the state, and who is devoted to development of Egba than Ogun state”. While I patently await responses.

Thus, I am not versus or naysay to any of the infrastructural development and other projects being executed by the governor. But, or though I’m out rightly frown against the injustice and inequity being done to the great people of Ogun West. Since what is good for the goose, should be equally good for the gander, or are they not part of the acclaimed mission to rebuild Ogun State?

It is more palpable, that the present administration of Ogun State is more committed to the development of Egba than any other senatorial district in Ogun State especially Ogun West. Although, the acclaimed forty projects which were inaugurated during the state forty anniversary; and none of this project was being inaugurated in Ogun West.  If anyone is peeved with this assertion, go tour the three geo political zones in the state; Ogun East, Ogun West and Ogun Central.

At this juncture, consent me to share the words of Femi Ogbonnikan he wrote in his exposé “Ogun West as a child of necessity” retrieved via THISDAY newspaper dated 20th September 2016; “ OGUN WEST AS A CHILD OF NECESSITY IS THE GOOSE THAT LAYS THE GOLDEN EGG, ACCOUNTING FOR WELL OVER 70 PERCENT OF THE INTERNALLY GENERATED REVENUE (IGR), YET IT IS STILL BEING FED WITH CRUMBS, while the two other Senatorial (Ogun Central and Ogun East) districts take the largest portions, when it comes to benefiting from the dividends of democracy like project limitations and execution as well as political appointments among other things”.

Ogbonnikan furthers in another annotation “Ogun 2019: in search of a Yewa/Awori candidate” available on 20th July 2016, “historically, Ogun West; made up of Yewa/Awori people, with a mass of 6,297.64km per square, representing 37 percent of the largest expanse of land in the State. It has five Local Government (Ado-Odo/Ota, Imeko-Afon, Ipokia, Yewa South and Yewa North), with estimated population of 1,109,884 people, which represents 31 percent of the state population ratio with the other two senatorial district of Ogun Central and Ogun East with 33 and 36 percent ratios respectively. Despite these insignificant differences in the population statistics of the state, OGUN WEST IS BEING ERRONEOUSLY REGARDED AS A MINORITY IN THE STATE BY THOSE WHO USE SUCH MISCHIEF FOR THEIR PERSONAL POLITICAL BENEFITS TO DENY THE PEOPLE OF OGUN WEST THEIR RIGHT PLACEMENT IN THE POLITICAL STRUCTURE OF THE STATE”.

Can any mortal dispute the sapience, sagacity and precision of these chilling and awful vocals of Femi Ogbonnikan? This is a pictorial and descriptive recount by Mr. Ogbonnikan about the abysmal and vile events that fast up folding in Ogun state.

Alas, I think Egba born man is on the revenge mission only because majority people of Yewa/Awori did not support his governorship bid. Meanwhile, it only a bastard Yewa/Awori brood will abandon their own denizen and support an alien. Whereas, former president, Olusegun Obasanjo fought for the emergence of Yewa/Awori candidate in 2011 to emerge as the flag bearer of his defunct PDP; Idowu Olurin, but Obasanjo still succor governor Amosun. This clearly indicates how core Egbas stood by Amosun.

As a result, Amosun should not oppress nor tyrannize Yewa/Awori people for supporting their true son. In contrary, the governor cannot repudiate the rare backings of his stalwarts in Ogun West; Sen. Iyabo Anisulowo, Com. Rotimi Rahmon (Arugbo) and dear departed Alh. Rokeeb Adeniji (Baba Computer) to mention but few.

Dub it whatever, I call it injustice of the highest order. The Egba fella is suffering from the mentality: ‘it is our time syndrome’, and malevolent ‘unforgiving spirit’ inherited from the so call Egba ancestors. Don’t be daze, that’s the attitude of any core Egba lineage. Check the history to confirm.

Just in case you don’t know, the Egba man has been working assiduously to sabotage the efforts of the people of Ogun West to become the governor of the state in 2019, all in the name of greediness and egocentric attitude of his forefathers. Should we say the Egbas are curse to the people of Ogun West?

On a final note, African-American human right activist; Malcom X in his libretto, “Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality, justice and anything. If you are a man, you take it”.

To all Yewa/Awori Amosun’s allies, if you can’t stir up opinion in the interest of your populace, then who will?. In case you don’t know, posterity will not exonerate you if you fail to salvage your people from this modern slavery.

“The time is always right to do what is right” said Martin Luther King Jr.

If the elders are ill-considered, in that case, where are the youths? Or are they on exile?

I therefore implore all progressive minded and conscientious youths to hold fort the mantle of leadership from the so call Ogun West gluttonous, venal and greedy warlord parading themselves as their envoy.

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