Bovi declares himself Online President of Nigeria

Popular Nigerian comedian, Bovi has declared himself the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (online)


The comedian shared this photo of himelf rocking agbada and wrote;

“I hereby declare myself the president of the federal republic of Nigeria (online) . There are two Nigerias: one in reality, the other in virtual reality. (Social media) i will be running a unitary system of government but at the same time allow for a confederal state.

This means you are welcome to declare yourself governor of your state or minister of any ministry you are passionate about. But I remain the only president until I declare elections online very soon. This is a government of the people so feel free to let us know ur problems (online) and we will solve them online. In this govt, tribe, religion, region or creed doesn’t count. As long as you’re Nigerian, u are qualified. Worship your god as u like but don’t use it to disturb another. We run a simple life here in Nigeria (online). If ur street is untarred for example, report ur local govt chairman or commissioner for works or Gov or minister to me. This is a govt of accountability. Long live the federal republic of Nigeria (online)”


Imo Air: Imo State Partners With Dana Air To Fly Nigeria’s First State Owned Airline

Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo state has taken delivery of the first aircraft to kick start Nigeria’s first state-owned commercial airline named Imo Air.

The Sam Mbakwe International Cargo Airport came alive as top Imo state government functionaries as well as Imo indigenes gathered to witness the arrival and official launch of the first aircraft in the fleet of the new state government flight operator Imo Air.

At about 11:45AM the aircraft landed from Lagos as people waited anxiously at the tarmac – the first of the five aircraft expected to run the air business for the state government.

While addressing the anxious crowd, the Imo state Governor, Mr Rochas Okorocha, said the new Imo Air is part of the plans and programmes of the his administration to boost the economy of the state and also generate employment opportunity for unemployed youths in the state.

The Governor said Owerri, Imo state capital, being one of the fastest growing cities in the country, and now with a new airline, will become visible on world map, hereby boosting the investment and tourism potential of the state.

The Governor, while fielding questions from journalists after the official launch, said Imo Air is in partnership with a Nigerian local flight operator which will manage and operate the flight for Imo state government.

He said that this is because most times governments do not do well in business and particularly maintaining an airline business.

Some dignitaries present at the event lauded the initiative of the Imo state government acknowledging its potential to address the shortfalls in air transport in the south-east region and Nigeria as a whole.

The government has promised that by April 2017, the remaining four aircraft will arrive the state.

The new airline is expected to ply Lagos, Abuja, Benin, Sokoto, and other major states in the federation.

Here’s the Reason Why Big Brother Naija is Shot in South Africa Instead of Nigeria

Following the controversy that trailed the relocation of Big Brother Naija Reality TV to South Africa, the organizers have given an explanation.

MultiChoice, organisers of the Big Brother Naija Reality TV show has explained why the shooting is being done in South Africa.

“‎We have a fully equipped house in South Africa which is used for the Big Brother shows. The house has played host to other Big Brother countries including; the general Big Brother Africa, Mozambique, Angola and now Nigeria.

“This means that we are able to achieve high production values whilst meeting tight timelines and ensuring the show comes to our viewers on time, as planned, and with the same globally renowned quality”, said Caroline Oghuma in a statement issued on behalf of the company that runs DSTV.

The Federal Government today directed the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to investigate the circumstances surrounding the reported shooting in South Africa of the ongoing Big Brother Naija Reality Show.

In a statement in Abuja on Tuesday, the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed directed the NBC to determine whether Multi-Choice, by shooting the show in South Africa, has breached the Nigerian Broadcasting Code in any way.

He said the commission should also investigate the issue of possible deceit, since the viewing public was never told that the event would be staged outside Nigeria.

“As a country of laws, only the outcome of the investigation will determine our next line of action,’’ he said.

The minister said concerned Nigerians had bombarded his office with calls to complain about what they regard as an anomaly of shooting outside the country a show meant for Nigerians.

He urged them to remain calm while the NBC investigates the issue and submits its findings.

U.S Security Chiefs Arrive Nigeria To Help Tackle Boko Haram

As Nigeria increases efforts at crushing Boko Haram in the North-east, some high level United States security chiefs yesterday visited Nigeria to lend support to the fight against the terrorists.

Led by US Director of Defence Intelligence Agency, Lt Gen Vincent Stewart, the delegation commended the resilience of the Nigerian Armed Forces for defeating Boko Haram and chasing them out of their once safe haven, Sambisa forest.

Stewart met with Nigeria’s Chief of Defence Staff, General Abayomi Gabriel Olonisakin, at the Defence Headquarters Abuja to acquaint himself and the rest of the team with Nigeria’s strategy towards eliminating terrorism in the West African region.

He explained that he “was in Nigeria to meet with the top echelon of the Nigeria Armed Forces with a view to collaborating in the areas of security and to pledge more support for the military in order to engender total stoppage of Boko Haram from operating in Nigeria territory and denying them future freedom of operation.”

Speaking, General Olonisakin harped on the need for more cordial working relationship between the US and Nigeria, especially in military cooperation.

He commended the US for all the supports the Nigerian military has enjoyed from them, adding that the gesture has contributed immensely to the success recorded against terrorism.

Olonisakin used the occasion to intimate the visiting US senior military officer that the Nigerian Armed Forces have constantly uphold the tenet of human right and dignity in its operations.

He informed the US delegation that presently, Nigerian Armed Forces have established Human Rights Desks in all its units and formations to safeguard human rights of Individual including the belligerents.

“This giant stride,” he stressed, “was believed to encourage the United States Government to render more assistance to Nigeria and its armed forces.”

Acting President Osinbajo Identifies Key To Get Nigeria Out Recession

Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo, has identified the key to getting Nigeria out of recession.

Osinbajo, in his opening remarks at the Second Presidential Business Forum, a platform to engage and interact with the private sector to keep it abreast with government’s policies, programmes and activities, assured that the Muhammadu Buhari’s administration recognized the private sector as a key out of the recession and is paying great attention to sustaining private sector leadership, especially in the plan of economic recovery and growth in 2017, which is to be launched next month.

This was even as the Organised Private Sector (OPS) has said despite the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)’s directive to banks to make available 60 per cent of foreign exchange to manufacturers, the sector still faces hurdles in accessing the funds.

“The pivot of that plan is the private sector led recovery growth and plan.

“So, this Forum is an important one for engendering the continuous engagement that this partnership will entail,” he said.

The President of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), Frank Udemba Jacobs, who made presentation on behalf of the Organised Private Sector (OPS) at the event, noted that the challenge the policy was currently facing was  inadequate monitoring mechanism to ensure that the policy achieves its desired result of allocating the stipulated percentage of Forex to bonafide manufacturers.

He then called on the CBN to ensure that the 60 per cent concessionary forex allocation to the manufacturing sector for raw materials and machinery importation is strictly implemented.

He called on the government to ensure the review of the list of 41 items banned by the CBN from accessing FX in the interbank forex market, with the aim of removing raw materials that cannot be sourced locally.

Jacobs, who said the presentation was jointly prepared by MAN, Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA), Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association (NECA), Nigerian Association of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (NASME) and Nigerian Association of Small Scale Industries (NASSI), listed 12 ways that would assist government to achieve its objectives of reviving the economy, revitalising the industrial sector, growing MSMEs and creating jobs for its citizenry.

He said while OPS supported governments economic diversification and

resource-based industrialisation policy, it advocated for policy consistency and coherence in order to achieve sustainability of this policy thrust. 

“We strongly recommend that all major economic policies of government geared towards diversification of the economy should be backed by law to ensure commitment and prevent reversals.

“To encourage non-oil export, we suggest that government should diversify the utilization of the Negotiable Duty Credit Certificate (NDCC) to include payment of other government taxes and levies in order to reduce the pressure on the Nigeria Customs Service which is currently the only collecting agency.

“We also recommend that the Nigerian Industrial Revolution Plan (NIRP) should be the pillar of the effort at diversifying the economy.”

Jacob, while making strong case for patronage of locally produced items to create employment and encourage local manufacturers, noted that the nation’s expenditure in favour of imported products is detrimental to the growth of local industry as it increases employment in the country of origin and simultaneously increases poverty in our land.

He advocated that the Bureau for Public Procurement (BPP) threshold for local companies/suppliers “which currently stands at N1 billion for works and N100 million for goods should be adjusted to N30 billion for works to reflect the current realities of the economy.”

The 12 challenges listed by the OPS include access to foreign exchange; diversification of the economy and resource-based industrialisation; long term funding; EU/ECOWAS Economic Partnership Agreement; patronage of Made-in-Nigeria products and enforcement of the Procurement Act; and collapse of basic infrastructure facilities.

Others are challenges with policy environment; low investment in agriculture and agro-allied businesses; prohibitive gas pricing for industrial users and wrong classification as commercial users; multiple levies by government agencies on same sales promotion; and invasion of premises of members for the purpose of collecting taxes.

(Final Episode 23) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

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Bridget sat with her hands tied to the back- she was in pain, with a bleeding mouth she cried,

Bridget: “I want my lawyer! I want my lawyer!”

Dele signaled the female detector as she resumed her duty. Punching, slapping and whipping Bridget,

“Please! Please!!!”

Dele gave her a sign to stop,

Dele: “Are you ready to talk?”

Panting and crying, she nodded,

Bridget: “water! Please, water!” Dele ordered for her to be given water; after taking the water she felt relieved and alive again but the pains were ever present, “Thank you! Thank you!! Yes I’ll talk!”

Dele drew a chair and sat,

Dele: “I am listening!”

Bridget: “John and I were lovers before his death.”

Dele heaved,

Dele: “Really? And you and his wife are best of friends?” Bridget nodded, “So, why did you kill him?”

She kept quiet all of a sudden. Dele’s attempt to make her talk proved abortive,

“I see! You don’t wanna talk right?”he nodded beckoned on the female detector to resume her duty.

She brought out a plier and held one of Bridget’s finger with it. Bridget was screaming and yelling as the pains ran through her veins,

Bridget:  “I’ll talk! I will ooo!”

Dele told her  to stop, he resumed his sitting position and asked Bridget to speak up,

“Yes, I killed John. But it was an act of jealousy. I didn’t want to share him with anyone not even his wife. I have been trying to get pregnant for him but it didn’t seem like I was going to get pregnant.  I was two days away from my period and I want him to spend the night with me. That was my window period. The period I would easily take in but he insisted on going home that night. So I manipulated my friend thinking if she picks up a fight with him he’d come over to my place only for him to go over his young girlfriend’s place. I followed him there and watched every of his mood closely,” she paused.

Dele: “I see, so how did you kill him?”

She stared sobbing,

Bridget: “I don’t know what came over me!” she continued crying, “I am sorry! I am sorry!”

Dele allowed her to finish crying and asked again,

Dele: “how did you kill him?”

Bridget: “Like I said I watched them closely and noticed that they had gone in and the door was opened so I sneaked in. waiting for the right moment immediately the girl went to the bathroom and John was about dozing off. I used the handkerchief I had smeared chemical on to murder him,”she broke into tears again, “I’m sorry!”

Dele nodded and asked Bridget to be taken to her cell; he smiled and lit his cigarette- he smoked as he walked away.


Henry had tried calling Rooney, the Whiteman, but network seemed to be disrupting the call.  He tried the number again,

Henry: “hello,”he said as he picked,

Rooney: “Who is this?” but this voice sounded distant,

Henry: “This is Henry the cab guy whom you forgot your luggage in his bag,”he said but it seemed Rooney didn’t hear him and the call ended. He sent a text but it didn’t deliver.  He sat on the boot of his car thinking after pacing around like a mad man- who was confused on what to use the money for. Now that he had decided to return the money network was messing up. He jumped down again and went for a pee. Since he saw the cash that had become his routine, go for a pee, walk around, and talk to himself. He tried the number and it wasn’t reachable. He was becoming frustrated.

Was that a sign that he should run away with the money? He thought. A part of him wanted him to keep the money the other wanted him to return it. He entered the car and opened the suite case and quickly closed it,

Henry: “Jesus!” he was breathing hard.

Sweat ran down the whole of his body. What should he do? He asked.

“Maybe I should just keep this money to myself and spend it. I don’t know how much it is exactly but it is a whole lot of money. I should keep it! I should!” he whispered to himself. He laid back on the chair in frustration. It was getting to one in the afternoon and he hadn’t started the day’s job. He was hungry but food was the least of his problem.

“What should I do na?”

He had a strong conviction that he should take the money,

“Who knows I might take it and become a hero but if I keep it I might be caught and I’ll go to jail. I’ll be a villain!” he shook his head, “I am going with the cash!”

He tried Rooney’s number again and it went through. When he told Rooney that he was with his stash of cash. Rooney was all excited,

Rooney: “I promise to reward you handsomely, my friend!”

They agreed to meet at Sheraton. Quickly he started the engine and was on his way. They kept communicating as he was on his way. He drove very fast he was tired of having the cash with him. He wasn’t ready for blood pressure for that was what the sight if the cash was doing to him.

Henry: “Oh,my God!!!” Henry hit his steering as he meet a very long hold up. It was a Police check point.

Rooney was getting tensed. As he kept calling Henry. The holdup took close to an hour,

The police with a gun yelled at Henry and ordered him to pack. Henry got carried away talking to Rooney on the phone,

Policeman: “Heys,Park here!”

Two police officers surrounded the car, one by the driver’s side and the other by the passenger’s side. It added minutes to the hold up.

Henry knowing his offence dropped the call and apologized. They shook their heads,

Policeman: “You’re following us to the station!”

Henry: “ah, Offciers abeg. I’m supposed drop a  parcel for my oga.  I am late ooo,please! Abeg! Maik I just find something for una na?” as he was about to hand two hundred naira note to the one by his side, the one opposite him spotted the suite case and a note was showing. Henry didn’t lock the suite case properly because he was rushing. He whispered to his colleague,

Policeman 2: “O boy,show, show, show! Dis man na criminal oo!” the first Policeman ran over to his colleagues’,

Policeman: “Wetin?” he pointed at the suite case Henry’s eye went there.

Henry: “oh my God. Why was I this careless?”he whispered.

They chorused, “What’s in this case?”

Henry: “Money. Foreign currency but it’s for Whiteman I carried. I am taking it to him!”

Policeman2: “I see. For a whiteman you killed right?”

Henry’s face flushed with fear,

Henry: “Officer noo! I didn’t oo. See I am going to give him the money. See his number you can talk to him!”

One of them jumped into the car,

Policeman: “Carry em go station! Criminal!”

Henry tried explaining to them but they refused to listen to him

Henry: “ officer call em abi maik I dail the number talk to em!”

Policeman 2: “Maik we dey gooooo! Station hear we come,”he had a stench of alcohol, a hot drink to be precise,

Henry was angry but he had to obey. As he drove them to the station, the Police officer was whistling Fela’s song. Rooney kept calling when he eventually picked he was about explaining the situation to him when the officer pointed the gun at him and ordered him to drop the call. Henry didn’t have a choice. He was sure Rooney would be summoning fire and brimstone thinking he had being duped or robbed.


At the station Henry was meant to sit behind the counter as they asked him to wait for the DPO that his issue was a serious one- a very big crime as they said. Minutes later, he saw some men being dragged in. he knew them. It was Swagger and some boys. They had being caught for robbery and Prof was the man behind it.  He arranged the guns and the deals for them. He had a Police friend who supplied them with guns. Most of the robbery in town they were responsible for it.  Swagger and his men were badly beaten.

One of the Policemen said, “So na di idiots bi dis?”

About seven Police officers had attacked them and caught them although not all. Some ran away. A dead body was dragged.

The officer that dragged the body in said, “Na dia godfather bi dis. Chairman for park!”

“Dat Oyibo master?” one asked.

He nodded, Henry stood from the bench he was on and peeped. It was Prof with his glasses. He had a broken arm and leg.  Henry’s heart increased- he felt tension but he didn’t know why. Did he feel sorry for prof?

The Officer in charge ordered Prof’s body to be taken away and the boys taken inot guard room. It was said that after discovering that Prof was the brain behind the gang, they raided his office and he tried to escape and in the process of running he was shot at twice, on the leg and arm.

Henry: “I can’t imagine the grammar he must have been spewing out before dying,”he thought and smiled.

Henry’s case was reported to the DPO upon arrival and Rooney was called and he provided evidence that the cash was his and Henry wasn’t a thief but a good smaritan.

DPO: “You know young man. I am so proud of you. I wish most Nigerians were like you!” he shook Henry’s hand, “sorry for victimizing you in the first place. You know the high rate of criminals these days it’s just difficult to trust anyone.”

Henry: “No offence at all sir. You are doing your duty. I am just glad I have been vindicated!”

They shook hands again,

DPO: “You remind me of an American movie I watched it’s a story about a hero. And he was referred to as Captain America. Permit me to call you, Captain Nigeria!”

Everyone cheered him and all the officer present saluted him. He was given excorts as he went to give Rooney his money. It became a national story. Major dailies had the story although the first to break the news was his favourite blog ADELOVE.COM.


Bola dressed in a beautiful red gown with a touch of blue and blue high heels marched into Dele’s office. Dele was dazed; he was surprised to have her visit,

Dele: “What a surprise?” she smiled as she stood before him. He was carried away and just staring at her. Indeed she looked beautiful.

Bola: “lemme help myself. Since this uniformed men has lost his gentility,” she sat down  and Dele broke into a very loud laughter,

Dele: “forgive my manners.You’re welcomed!”

Bola: “You know the first time we met. I was your victim. You were my torturer,”he laughed.

They got talking as Dele got her laughing all trhough.


First Lady had looked for Henry and apologized to her. Life had become miserable for her, her husband’s assets. And she had nothing again. Herself and the kids lived from hand to mouth. Henry forgave her.

Rooney employed Henry into the telecommunication he had set up and made arrangements for him to go abroad for further studies in telecommunications. Rooney had plans of making him the country’s manager.


Henry’s marriage was a very big one. Dignitaries attended, the good deed still spoke for him. It was on the news too;


The venue of the wedding wasn’t a church but a garden. The setting was beautiful.

Pastor: “You can now kiss the bride!”

Henry smiled,bent his head unveil her and kissed her and whispered to her ears,


Henry: “I love you,Shola!”

Shola was looking very beautiful. Bola, who was her chief’s bride maid teased her,

Bola: “You’re the most beautiful bride on earth!”

Henry and Shola went for their honeymoon in a small European country. Everything was sponsored by his boss, Rooney.


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The Fulani Republic of Nigeria (Part 2) by Femi Fani-Kayode

Clearly something has gone horribly wrong and this reinforces my belief that the amalglamation of the northern and southern regions of Nigeria in 1914 was not just a mistake but a demonically-inspired, craftily- contrived and premeditated satanic conspiracy by the British to destroy the greatness and enormous human potentials of the people of the south and the Middle Belt of Nigeria.

I do not believe in and neither do I respect a man-made, artificial, hybrid, mongrel-state like Nigeria which has forcefully lumped my people together with those that are inherently fascistic and racist, that are culturally and historically inferior, that are intellectually defective and that are nothing more than genocidal maniacs, ethnic vagabonds, wandering herdsmen, cow-loving jihadists and islamic fundamentalists.

We have nothing in common with them physically, spiritually, culturally, historically and genetically. We are indigenous black Africans but they are not. They come from Berber, Taurag and Futan Jalon stòck. They are not and were never from here and neither were they ever part of us.

And neither was there ever one Nigeria in the true sense of the word. That erroneous misconception and misguided notion is nothing but a monumental fraud.

I am an Ife before being a Nigerian. I am a Yoruba before being a Nigerian. I am a southerner before being a Nigerian. I am a Christian before being a Nigerian.

And unlike others I am not prepared to sacrifice my ethnic identity and nationaliy or my religious faith on the alter of a servile, cowering and slavish puppet-state called Nigeria.

I consider those in the international community that seek to compel me and my people, the good people of the south and the Middle Belt, to stay in a united Nigeria where we are nothing but canon-fodder for Islamist terrorists, sport for Janjaweed herdsmen and food for Haramite dogs as nothing but globalist slime.

I consider those from outside our shores that expect us to remain in this debilitating and traumatising zoo and madhouse called Nigeria where we have been systematically reduced to grovelling quislings and shivering slaves as nothing but closet-islamists and neo-imperialist scum.

They have an Obama mindset. They believe in espousing and accomodating evil and in sleeping with the enemy. They believe in light and darkness merging together as one and in darkness contaminating and overwhelming the light.

They believe in the spreading of death, disease, destruction, suffering, persecution, poverty, barreness, corruption, evil, heartlessness, decay and terror.

I am very different. I have a Trump mindest . I believe in helping my friends and fighting my enemies. I believe in calling a spade a spade. I believe that the essence and purpose of light is not to cohabit with darkness but to identify it, expose it, drive it out and destroy it.

I believe in life, goodness, mecy, justice, charity, love, kindness, courage, faith and a Living God that protects His own and showers His children with peace, blessings, joy, prosperity and abundance.

I believe that radical Islam and those that seek to conquer and subjugate my people by assimilation and the acquisition of political power in the name of ethnic superiority should not be pampered and espoused but rather should be confronted, resisted and destroyed.

Nigeria needs to be restructured or broken. And it is left to us, the real leaders that are prepared to stand up and speak truth to power and that are ready to offer ourselves as the voice of the voiceless, to do it.

We must be bold. We must be strong. We must be brave. We must take our destiny into our own hands.

We must resist the devil and the evil and set ourselves free. The Yoruba deserve better. The Igbo deserve better. The Niger Deltans deserve better. The Mid-Westerners deserve better.

The Middle Belters deserve better. The Christians of the north deserve better. We ALL deserve better.

Better we deserve and, whether our collective oppressors and adversaries accept it or not, one way or the other, better we shall get.

The bottom line is this: our country cannot be described as the Federal Republic of Nigeria but rather the Fulani Republic of Nigeria.

And as long as this remains the case she must either be quickly restructured and given a new name or she must be broken up and carved into two or more pieces. No-one was born to be a slave and no-one was born to rule. May God help and deliver us.

In response to Part 1 of this contribution, Mr. Abraham Ogbodo, a well respected columnist with the Guardian newspaper and one of the most respected and insightful journalists in Nigeria, said the following:

“Sir, I share your pains. But this endless lamentations shall take us nowhere. The Israelis understand so well the Islamic mindset which seeks what it does not or cannot give. The Arabs want always to thrive on thier own terms in the West and elsewhere yet in their enclave a man cannot do as little as renounce Islam for Christianity. Butchering of humans is not an exclusive occupation of one group against another group. If nothing including government intervention is able to stop the butchering of Southerners and Christians in Nigeria by the Fulanis, and since self preservation is not negotiable, I suggest those being butchered should adopt counter-butchering as a defence policy until reason prevails. It is a well known fact that Islam does not spread by persuassion but by conquest and that is not going to change in this generation. From its tiny location in Medina, Islam conquered Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, North Africa and substantial part of Asia. The Jihadist entered Europe and in fact occupied Spain for centuries before they were disloged. But it wasn’t so in Turkey where Christianity was obliterated and Islam established. Mordern day Turkey was part of the Eastern Roman Empire with headquarters in Constantinople (Istanbul). It was founded by Emperor Constantine who marked the turning point in the history of Christianity. Today Turkey from where most of the acts of Apostle Paul were derived is all Islam. The Armenians were butchered by the Ottoman army in a brutal quest to obliterate centuries of Christian tradition in Turkey. I even hear that the special cannon equivalent of today’s large-impact bomb with which the Sultan sacked Constantinopole was produced by a Burgarian. As it is, Europe, the Americas and Asia as they are today are not open to further Islamic conquest. The only open and soft field remain Christian nations or enclaves in Africa. The earlier we understand this and prepare for ceaseless jihads the better for us. Issues in the Islamic doctrine are hardly determined by engagement; everything is settled with the sword. When the terror is balanced, perhaps there may be peace. It calls for eternal vigilance not only in the sense of endless advocacy but more in terms of specific action plans to put up a formidable military resistance against the sustained carnage. Just my thoughts sir”.

I wholeheartedly concur with Ogbodo’s observations. Not only has he spoken the truth and hit the nail on the head but he has also spoken the minds of millions.

It is time for those that enjoy to butcher others at the drop of a hat to be reminded of the fact that they do not have a monopoly of violence.

Yet despite all the horror that is being inflicted upon our people by the jihadists and ethnic supremacists in our midst all is not lost.

Comforting were the words of President Donald J. Trump, the new leader of the free world, at his inauguration on 20th January. He said,

“We will reinforce old alliances and form new ones and UNITE the civilized world against RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM which we will ERADICATE from THE FACE OF THE EARTH…..

……There should be NO FEAR. We will be protected by the great men and women of our military and law enforcement. And most importantly, we will be PROTECTED BY GOD.”

These words bring hope and give strength. They are deeply encouraging. We needed to hear them and the lifeline and inspiration that they offer now more than ever before.

This is especially so in view of the fact that no less than 14 young pro-Biafran IPOB members were shot dead in the streets of Port Harcourt on January 20th by the Fulani President of the Fulani Republic of Nigeria’s security forces simply because they dared to take part in a solidarity rally and peaceful celebration of President Trump’s inauguration. They were murdered simply because they supported Trump.

Their blood, together with the blood of the 808 Christians that were butchered by the government-sponsored and protected radical islamist Janjaweed Fulani militias in the sanctity of their homes in Southern Kafanchan on Christmas eve and Christmas day, will not be shed in vain.

It will cry to God in Heaven for vengeance and it will speak death and destruction into the ranks and lives of our collective oppressors and those that seek to enslave us and keep us in bondage forever. Thus sayest the Spirit of the Lord and that is the counsel and decree of the Ancient of Days.

Permit me to conclude this contribution with an aside. I write the most painful and bitter truths that few dare to write because I do not know tomorrow.

I write what others dare not to write because when my maker calls me home what will I say to Him if I fail to impart the profound knowledge and deep insight that He gave me. What will I do or say when He asks me what I did with the deep secrets and hidden and mystical truths that he asked me to share with my fellow men when I was in the land of the living.

That is why I write: that God will not judge me or decree and declare me a worthless coward before the Hosts of Heaven when my time comes.

I write every essay as if it were my last knowing that those who despise and deny truth and who hate me with a perfect hatred wish me dead or silenced.

Yet even if and when I fall my words will linger and continue to speak powerfully into history and eternity.

Posterity will judge between me and my traducers and I will be vindicated and proved right in the end.

For these are not my words but the words of the Holy Spirit that resides in me and that guides me.

Today, as with every other day, I shall be the servant of truth and the voice of the voiceless, minding not who I offend because I am emboldened and empowered by the knowledge that the Lord is with me and that His word says “to die is Christ and to live is gain”. (CONCLUDED).

Nigeria May Experience More Darkness As Fire Destroys TCN Control Room

The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has confirmed that fire incident at the Afam V power station.

The fire its said completely destroyed TCNs protection and control equipment in its relay and control room.

The incident which happened on Jan. 18, has constrained the evacuation of guaranteed 450MW generation by the station .

The General Manager (Public Affairs), TCN, Mr. Seun Olagunju, said in a statement on Friday that fire incident which occurred at about 6:58 am.

“TCNs equipment at the power station were completely destroyed.’’

The cause of the fire, he said, had not been ascertained.

According to the him, immediately after the fire incident, TCN’s quick response team who were mobilized to the site.

They promptly isolated the faulty section of the substation and made alternative arrangement for evacuation of power generated by Afam VI generation into the grid.

`Presently, the job has been successfully completed and the power station reconnected to the National Grid.

“TCN however pointed out that major cause of the current low power generation is not particularly the fire incident but the vandalism of gas pipelines that resulted in short supply of gas to thermal power generating stations.’’

The company, he said, has reiterated its resolve to continue to work towards further expanding the nation’s transmission grid in line with its grid expansion plans.

Nigeria’s Economic Crisis May Force Seven Banks To Merge

The liquidity crisis in the country may lead to the merger of at least seven commercial banks, which according to experts, are having a rough time.

Others it was gathered, may need to recapitalise this year in order to mitigate the effects of the challenges facing the banking sector.

Sources in the sector disclosed that a serious liquidity risk brewing in the sector could force some Nigerian banks to seek mergers, a bailout from their foreign counterparts or settle for regional banking in 2017.

It was gathered that the liquidity problems were founded in the nation’s current economic downturn which is having a devastating effect on the banks.

Also, a review of the quarterly performance for the banking index in 2016 showed that, apart from the first quarter when the sector gained 1.84 percent, in second and third quarters, it declined by 0.93 per cent and 8.05 per cent, while in the fourth quarter, it shed 0.16 percent, an indication that 2017 may be worse considering the current economic crisis of the country

Notably, the banking sector began 2017 on a negative note as banking stocks started the year with falling share prices in the first three days of this year, although market analysts are of the view that the period should not be taken as a barometer to determine the direction of their performance in 2017.

The increasing pressure on the banks, with the falling value of the naira depleting their capital base, will increase cases of non-performing loans amid high operational cost that has also forced many banks to cut down on staff size and close branches in the face of low-profit output.

It would be recalled that a director of the Monetary Policy Department at the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Dr Moses Tule, while delivering a lecture at the ‘2016 Business Managers Roundtable’ organised by the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) in Abuja, recently, had said that “fiscal and monetary policies should lend a hand” to fixing the Nigerian economic crisis, noting that the crisis is causing stress to the banking sector.

According to him, the current state of the nation’s economy is a clear picture of the health of the banking sector.

Tule noted that monetary policies alone could not solve the problem and called on the federal government to pay attention to confidence-building fiscal policies.

Similarly, the managing director of the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC), Alhaji Umaru Ibrahim, had in December hinted that a lot of banks would need to recapitalise to overcome the daunting challenges that they faced, especially with respect to high-interest rate.

“The banks are facing liquidity issues; unemployment is also affecting us globally, in addition to dwindling revenues and profits, high expectations of quality services from depositors and high expectations from investors,” Alhaji Ibrahim said, in Kaduna.

He also concurred that many of the banks needed to recapitalise.

After the recapitalisation exercise of 2004/2005, the CBN had in 2015, about 10 years after, directed some systemically important banks, which were short of capital but considered too big to fail, to submit recapitalisation plans to it.

The CBN had said a few undisclosed banks did not meet the minimum Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) of 10 per cent and 15 per cent for regional/national and international banks, respectively, under Basel II.

The apex bank had, in 2014, classified eight Nigerian banks – First Bank of Nigeria Ltd (FirstBank), Zenith Bank Plc, Guaranty Trust Bank Plc (GTBank), United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA), Access Bank, Ecobank Nigeria Plc, Diamond Bank Plc and Skye Bank Plc – as systemically important financial institutions (SIFIs) and imposed on them a new set of rules requiring them to maintain a minimum CAR of 16 per cent.

A financial analyst who craved anonymity told newsmen that “at least seven commercial banks are facing daunting financial challenges that could slide them into distress” in the nearest possible future based on what he described as “unfortunate” fiscal policies of the federal government.

He noted that most of the banks are only in business for survival and called on the government to review its fiscal policies.

According to financial experts, the implications of this development for the banking sector and the general economy are daunting.

Tayo Bello, Ph.D, a senior lecturer at the Department of Private and Public Law, Babcock University, Ogun State, said, “Some banks may move from being national banks to regional banks. Some might go for the option of a merger with other banks, while others may go to foreign banks for a bailout in the form of investments, or even be taken over by foreign banks; and I see it happening very, very soon.”

Dr Bello remarked that the federal government “is not taking the economy seriously,” adding that “before the end of the first quarter of this year (2017), only God will save a majority of the banks.”

He pointed at the poor performances of most of the banks in the capital market as an indicator.

Some professionals in the industry raised concern over the likelihood of massive job cuts which would have a huge multiplier effect on the economy and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), by extension.

“The pressure on the banks will result in mal-administration because the people within the banking sector will begin to look for a way out for survival against the eminent pressure. Once that happens, it will continue to damage the economy,” a CBN source said.

Despite efforts by the authorities to bridge the gap between the exchange rate of the dollar to the naira, the prices of commodities are still determined by the cost of the dollar at the black market, which is over 59 percent higher than the official rate of N305 per dollar.

Bello said: “The money outside the banking sector (financial intermediation) is higher than what is in the sector,” a situation he blamed on the authorities not using the right monetary tool and a self-inflicted problem whereby the government goes after anybody that makes much cash deposit with the presumption that such a person is either a thief or acting as a surrogate for somebody.

“The president has created self-destruction by labelling everybody in the country a thief and branding the country as corrupt. Foreign investors have freighted billions of their cash investment in the country away from the banks. That is a source of problem for the banks,” the Babcock University lecturer said.

Noting that liquidity is the raw material of the banks, some of the experts who spoke to newsmen said the introduction and bad implementation of the Treasury Single Account (TSA) had created more troubles for the banks.

“The TSA has multiplier effects on the banks’ liquidity,” an economic analyst, Joe Osivue, said.

Experts said some banks are experiencing serious cash crunch to the extent that they do not even have envelopes and plastic bags to bag cash for customers.

Loans to various sectors of the economy, including the aviation, construction and oil and gas sectors are usually major sources of finance to the banks, but liquidity problems and scarcity of dollar in an economy in complete recession have forced the interest rate up and, by extension, discouraged prospective investors from borrowing from the banks.

Efforts to get some clarifications at the CBN were futile as the phone lines of the spokesperson of the apex bank were switched off.

Similarly, the director of banking supervision at the NDIC could not be reached at the time of filing this report as he was said to be unavailable.