Checkout this funny “who wants to be a millionaire question”, I bet you won’t know the answer

This hilarious meme picture of a young man’s opinion of where Nigeria is located has been the talk of the day



See 10 Hilarious Mugabe Quotes that Will Make You Laugh and Roll on the Floor

Here are some top 10 Nigerian jokes ridiculously ascribed to the 92-year old long-term president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe.


In case you are having a very dry and boring day, these are some regular ‘Mugabe Quotes’ that could lighten up the moment for you.

Enjoy 10 of them and share with friends:

1. “Some women’s legs are like rumours, they just keep on spreading” .

2. “It’s hard to bewitch African girls these days because each time you take a piece from her hair to the witch doctor, either a Brazilian innocent woman gets mad or a factory in China catches fire”.

3. “If you are ugly; you are ugly – stop talking about inner beauty because we don’t walk around with X-rays”.

4. “Dear sister, don’t be deceived by a man who text you “I miss you” only when it’s raining. You are not an umbrella” .

5. “It’s better for a man to be stingy with the money he has hustled for, than for a woman to deny you a hole that she didn’t even drill it herself.”

6. “Some of you girls can’t even jog for 5 minutes but expect a guy to last in bed with you for 2hours? Your level of selfishness demands a one week crusade”.

7. ”If women think having their period (menstruation) in a whole month is a difficult task, they should ask the men how difficult is it to control an erected Penis in public.”

8. “Some girls don’t attend the gym but look physically fit because of running from one man to another”.

9. “When you kiss a girl from another nationality, do it well because you represent the whole country”.

10. ”God is the best inventor ever. He took a rib from a man and created a loudspeaker”.

N.B: These quotes are not originally from President Robert Mugabe.

Hilarious! Checkout this creepy cake made for a newborn baby

This Instagram user ordered a $400 cake for his newborn nephew and this was what he received. He was so upset that he shared the photo below and wrote:

“I’m mad as shit. This bitch charge me 400 for this cake. I told the bitch make a cake of my newborn nephew and this bitch made me cake of a nigga that look like he play the saxophone”.

Hilarious! Father Advises son on a career to choose after reading his ribs cracking letter

See this ribs cracking reply a father gives to a son after reading his letter. It would surely make your day!

See this ribs cracking reply a father gives to a son after reading his letter. It would surely make your day!

Hilarious! These 5 things can mar your chirstmas celebration this year

As much as you prepare for Christmas, some things just have a way of coming up to ruin your preparations. These are some of those things.

1: Your ATM card gets stuck in the machine on Sunday (Christmas morning).

Imagine running to the ATM machine to make withdrawal on Christmas morning with bae waiting in the car in anticipation of the Christmas outing, and after the 2nd trial, your card gets stuck. It hurts!

The most painful part will be if the girl is a new catch you were hopin to impress.

2: If your generator also decides to go on break.

You know na, for us that will have to spend Christmas at home, after loading your “I better pass my neighbour” with fuel full tank and getting your best movie, generator now starts coughing. Then iya biliki your neighbour will be be like “ehya, your gen no work? And today na our off o”

3: When bae decides she has new plans for the day

You must have spent a week planning for Christmas with bae, curving all your side chicks just to savour Christmas together, then on Sunday morning bea calls and be like

“Hello boo, mummy says the house fellowship will hold in our parlour and I will take the praise and worship”

You’ll just be like “house fellow gini?, on Christmas day?”

4: Seeing Your Period

This is the worst one. Just waking up and seeing your period as a lady on Christmas day! You’ll be like ” no please, just one more day off”

Mood swing, hormones raging…worst of all, you leave boo hanging in the cold after he must have taken alomo and tramadol. OMG!!

5: The Nigerian Tailor!

For those that are hoping on wearing a new tailor-made dress, and your tailor promises to get it ready on Christmas morning. Guess what? You get to her shop and alas! She hasn’t even cut the material – by 1pm. Chai.

See Hilarious Photo of a Curvy Woman and Her Pet Cooking

This is a trending photo of a cat hanging onto the gigantic bum of its owner who was busy at the kitchen.

Wonder, they say shall never end. This statement could well suit a viral picture of a cat taking refuge on the massive behind of a woman as she engages in house chores.

The source of the picture as well as the identity of woman in question are currently unknown but the image has spiced up social media with the needed humour.

Hilarious! See Rib-cracking MMM Memes that Mock the Fate of Subscribers (Photos)

This is actually the worst time to be an MMM subscriber as social media users have constantly being compounding the woes of members with hilarity and mockery.

The controversial Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox has suffered defamatory acts on social media with netizens drawing so much fun from the agony of subscribers whose fate hang in the balance till the 13th of January, 2017 when the restriction on accounts could be lifted.

Below are some top memes used to mock the Ponzi Scheme which recently clocked one year in Nigeria with out 3 million subscribers: