How to Identify good music?


What is good music and how can we identify one? I think I should start off by explaining what good music is. Many people have their own definition of what good music Is meant to be, but not everyone really understand the true meaning of It and how to identify It.

First of all music is an international language which transcends beyond borders irrespective of language barriers. Having said that let me explain what Good Music is. Good Music is any music that stimulates your brain and helps you think clearer. It’s also a music you can listen to for years on end, without getting bored of it. Music that is made with a lot of love, care and time can also be attributed to good music. But the most important factor is the fact that music affects us in different ways. There is no real classification of a good music as long as the music touches us emotionally and makes us feel in a way that we weren’t before.

In my opinion, music is “good” when it touches its audience. If you hear something that catches and holds your interest, then it’s good music irrespective of its genre. But many music critics will argue that music can only be termed good if it’s emotional and carries a message that touches our soul no matter how old the song is. Good music generally is based on perception. In short, I think it’s impossible to define “good music” since it varies for every individual.

So what do we look for in a good composition? Rhythmic grooviness (does it move your ass and head with its rhythm?), melodic diversity (are the notes fluctuating in colorful waves), does it get stuck in your mind but still not annoying (is it catchy yet not cheesy), does it include originality (is it actually a new song or is it some version of an already existing song)? Does it have good chords (does the song have original yet good sounding chord combinations that initiate rich and sophisticated feelings inside)? And much more.

Have you sometimes listened to music that you don’t really understand the language but you still somehow find yourself falling in love with it? That’s what a good music is meant to do because sometimes music is spiritual, it can speak to your without really understanding a word of what is been said in the song. Our understanding of good music in this part of the world is old classics blues records or classical jazz but genre like Apala, Highlife, Fuji, Juju and other local music genre also have a lot of good music which are evergreen and touches it’s listeners one way or the other anytime the songs are played.

I hope with this short written piece of mine I have been able to educate you on what good music is all about and how you can identify it. I also hope it will change our perception to what good music is and appreciate every music as a piece of art. If you know any Nigerian music that can be classified as good music, you can list them in the comment section so we can know the few Nigerian songs that are good music.


I miss the good old days when we planned ahead to buy Xmas clothes, shoes, presents- Toke Makinwa

For media personality and writer, Toke Makinwa, 2016 has been a year of mixed feelings. But like a cat with nine lives, Makinwa, who has had her fair share off marital issues that almost drowned her career, picked up the pieces of her life and bounced back in style to shame her critics.

In what she described as one of her dark moments, Makinwa admitted that her world because torn apart in June this year when her marriage finally collapsed as she would later seek for a divorce. According to her, “my world fell apart. My world was crushed completely”. Makinwa came back stronger with the launch of her first book, ‘On Becoming’ that reportedly sold out in its first week of its release.

The book, which dwelled prominently on how her marriage to her husband, Maje Ayida, crashed, among other secrets gave Makinwa a new social status and consequently pushed her to another level with her fans praising her for taking the bold step to tell her own through her book.

Speaking on what prompted her to write the book, Makinwa said that “I have been given a platform to share and God was going to use my pain. In the pain there was a message and On Becoming was conceived. On Becoming is My journey through pain to victory. It is my prayer that God does what he planned from the start with this project. I can’t wait to put ‘author’ in my bio. I wrote a book, I did it.”

Makinwa, on Wednesday gave out N50,000 to the first winner in her giveaway to fans over the next few days to Christmas. “It is 10 days to Christmas and in the spirit of the season, I have decided to do a giveaway. This year has been tough financially, some people don’t even know what to do for their loved ones this Christmas?. I miss the good old days when we planned ahead to buy Xmas clothes, shoes, presents etc. i have decided to give out 500k and here’s how we would do it, no competition, no questions to answer, I will play Santa and over the next 10 days, 10 people will win 50k daily. I hope it helps to make your Christmas even better. Let’s begin.”

Mind-blowing s*x can be so good that they wipe your memory completely- Researcher

It has been revealed that although great s*x can cause a lot of thrill and enjoyment, it can also have some adverse effects on your health.


According to reports, it has been revealed that that ‘mind-blowing’ s*x can be a very literal phenomenon, as research reveals that top-notch romps can be so good that they wipe your memory completely.

An unbelievable study has cast light on one of the least s*xy side-effects you can end up with after some quality time in the bedroom: amazing s*x can give you amnesia.

A little-known condition called “global transient amnesia” affects fewer than seven people in every 100,000, causing of a sudden, but temporary, loss of memory in the sufferer.

The temporary memory loss can be triggered by a number of stimulating events, including jumping into freezing water, knocking your head, medical procedures… and incredible s*x.

For most people with the condition, s*xually-induced amnesia is only fleeting, but for some people it can be a terrifying experience lasting for hours.

According to reports, those affected can’t remember recent events or form new memories, and may not even remember the mind-blowing s*x they just had.

The memory loss is caused by “neurological stimulus of a repetitive nature”, which essentially short-circuits part of the sufferers brain.

We recently revealed another surprising sex revelation: keeping your socks on in bed is likely to help you orgasm.

And if you’re in the mood for sexual revelations, we also revealed why so many women call their fella ‘daddy’ in bed.

Ladies, Don’t Deceive Yourself! These are 8 Signs You May Not Make a Good Wife

Although it is the dream of every woman to have a good home and love in peace with their husbands, some ladies destroy their happiness by turning out to be bad wives. These are signs that you too, will make a bad wife.


Marriage is not only a commitment, it’s a haven where the essence of love is in self-giving.

Some women have dreamed of being married since the age of baby dolls and pigtails, so once they begin dating, every guy becomes a potential Prince Charming.

As romantic as the notion of marriage may be, most people don’t stop to think if they are actually “marriage material.” Many think that simply because you fall in love and date for a year or two, marriage is the natural next step – but it’s not for everyone.

If you DO decide that marriage is in your future, make sure you’re honest with yourself about what you bring to the table. After all, you can’t attract a man who possesses the traits of a good husband if you don’t display those traits yourself (and of course the same applies to men).

If you’re unsure, these signs may indicate that you may not make a good wife – and have some work to do on yourself before you walk the aisle.

1.You’re Selfish

Marriage is not only a commitment, it’s a haven where the essence of love is in self-giving. This is not to suggest that you should lose yourself in your spouse, which can also be detrimental to a marriage. It simply means that if you’re only thinking about yourself, your spouse becomes an object – not a partner – and mutual love cannot grow. If you want him to cater to you constantly without reciprocating, you’re not good when it comes to compromise, and you don’t want to share him with family or friends, chances are your selfishness will eventually alienate and suffocate him. Most selfish people use their partner’s love against them and hold their partners accountable for their own happiness. If you don’t remember that you give up the “I’s” for a “we”, you’ll be putting an unrealistic expectation on your future husband to hold down the marriage on his own.

2.You’re Extremely Jealous

If you’re a jealous person by nature, this won’t change once he puts a ring on it – it’ll only make it worse. We’ve all been a little jealous from time to time, and some may argue that a healthy level of jealousy is actually good for a relationship. However, extreme jealousy is a sign of insecurity, and professing your love before God and 100 guests in a white gown won’t change feelings of low self-esteem or inadequacy. Now that he’s not just your boyfriend, but your husband, your possessiveness will increase tenfold and you’ll feel threatened by every woman he comes in contact with if you don’t get a handle on your jealousy issues. Be honest with yourself and get help if needed.

3.You’re a Party Girl

Most men wouldn’t take too kindly to their wife dropping it like it’s hot in the club every night. There’s nothing wrong with partying and having a good time, but when you have a man at home who wants to spend quality time with you, it’s not a good look. Going out with your girls from time to time is great, and he should get out with the fellas as well. No one is suggesting that you cut off the rest of the world where you have no outlet. However, the type of outlet and frequency should not compromise the amount of time you spend with each other. He may feel that stepping out to a club every weekend instead of spending time at home is disrespectful and that he isn’t a priority. In marriage, you need to find a balance between being together and being out with others. If you haven’t gotten your partying ways out of your system, you may want to give marriage a second thought.

4.You Do Not Like (His) Children

There is nothing wrong with not liking or wanting children – it’s not for everyone, and it doesn’t automatically exclude you from being seen as wifey material. However, you have to keep in mind that if you’re dating a man who wants children, or who has children already, and you don’t like children (or HIS children), then it won’t matter how much you love HIM…it’ll never work. He’ll resent you, and you’ll be miserable. Children are a commitment all on their own aside from marriage, so if you both aren’t united on this front, the marriage will eventually collapse. If he already has children, he may be looking to you to be a mother-figure to his kids – and if you don’t like children, no matter how good of a woman you are, if he can’t see you as a mother, he will never see you as a wife.

5.You’re Materialistic

Not only do some women dream of getting married, some dream of marrying a wealthy man – someone to take care of them. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to be comfortable in a relationship, if you ONLY marry for money, you may be in for a rude awakening. Marriage is supposed to last in good times and bad, in sickness and in health and for richer OR poorer. Some women only focus on the “richer” part. People who are materialistic tend to be narcissistic and concerned with impressing people rather than focusing on their partner. And if your spouse suddenly loses his job, the stock market crashes or is unable to maintain your extravagant lifestyle, he may be afraid that you’ll move on to the next man with deeper pockets. He needs to know that you’ll be around when times get tough, not just when the money is flowing. If you can’t support your man through difficult financial times then you shouldn’t be walking down the aisle. Get you some business and maintain yourself…or marry a man whose money is so long, you won’t have to worry about the “poorer” part of your vows.


Let’s face it, you know if you’re a cheater or not. This is not to say that once a cheater, always a cheater – but most people who are repeatedly unfaithful in relationships don’t change unless they truly are ready and they want to. If you WANT to, then great – you can change and be a great wife to a wonderful man. But if you haven’t finished sowing your royal oats, then don’t bring anyone else into your mess. Remain single until you can remain faithful.

7.Non-S*xual, Low Libido

Making love isn’t everything in a relationship, but it’s important, and anyone who says differently is either a virgin or is lying. Marriage is made up of love, respect, commitment…and making love, and if your libidos don’t match or your se_x drive is non-existent, chances are you probably won’t even make it past the courting stage to a proposal unless you both have taken a vow of celibacy until then. Most couples relate to each other through intimacy, so if you rarely want to make love, your partner may feel disconnected, and he will eventually look for that connection elsewhere. If you feel that your se_x drive is abnormally low, check with your physician to make sure you are healthy – both mentally and physically so that you can work this out before entertaining the thought of eventually becoming a wife. The main idea is here is not to imply that being a good wife lies between your legs, but instead to consider real life circumstances when choosing a life partner.

8.You haven’t “found” yourself

Sometimes, the breaking point of a marriage comes at the hands of one person’s realization that they need to find themselves. When someone gets married too young or for the wrong reasons, they feel unfulfilled and feel the itch to do things that they should’ve done before they got married. If you haven’t invested in yourself and given yourself time to grow, don’t jump into marriage.

Don’t smear your good name with N200m mansion, MURIC tells Oshiomhole

A rights group, Muslims Rights Concern, has advised a former governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole, not to destroy his legacies by accepting the N200 million mansion approved for him by the state assembly.


In a statement by its Executive Director, Ishaq Akintola, MURIC advised Mr. Oshiomhole to reject the mansion.

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The group said, “The Edo State House of Assesmbly last week voted a N200 million mansion for the immediate past governor of the state, Comrade Adams Oshiomole.

“While the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) acknowledges the contributions of former governor Adams Oshiomole, we frown at the sycophant note in the state Assembly’s decision to give him a N200 million mansion as a parting gift.

“When will Nigerian politicians get it right? Why must the occupation of public office attract the accumulation of wealth? Coming from a labour background, even Comrade Oshiomole himself was never known to be materialistic. Neither did he manifest any love for pomp and pageantry while in office. Must the honourable members coax him into their club of politicians who have ‘arrived’?

“A nation in recession cannot afford such luxury. Can the Benin lawmakers tell us that the ex-governor has no house of his own? Has he been sleeping on the streets since he left government house? We commend the governor for not owing workers salaries but can the legislators beat their chests and tell us that Edo State is not owing arrears of pensions?

“Has Edo State settled the 42 months arrears of pensions? Do the lawmakers know what it means to retire and get nothing at the end of the month for three and a half years? It means many retired civil servants and teachers are dropping dead on the streets of Benin. Must the lawmakers give the former governor a mansion haunted by the ghosts of pensioners?

“MURIC advises the honourable members of the Edo State House of Assembly to spend the N200 million earmarked for the former governor’s house on paying pensioners’ arrears.

“Oshiomole is not a poor man by any standard. Neither can he be homeless at this point in time. The good news is that Abuja is very keen on drafting him into the Federal Executive Council. He has performed well. Let us not smear his good name with wrongful possessions.”

Fashola canvasses virile local government system for good governance

According to reports, the Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Raji Fashola, has advocated for a sustainable local government system to enable democracy dividends permeate to the populace at the grassroots.

fashola portrait

The minister, who made the appeal while delivering a keynote address at the public presentation of two books by a former Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Lagos (UNILAG), Prof. Oyelowo Oyewo, in the former federal capital at the weekend, challenged the intelligentsia, legal practitioners, professionals and other intellectually-minded persons to present the “best 11” for stewardship at the third tier of government, since according to him, the basis of governance begins at the grassroots.

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The books are Modern Administrative Law and Practice in Nigeria and Local Government Law: Cases and Materials.

He lamented that Nigeria has over the years had all manner of persons at this very important level of government.

Fashola, therefore, urged the academics to come into the system to make a lasting difference.

To him, the rife speculation that states are milking the councils through the joint account is misleading, stressing that mode of withdrawals was well spelt out to allow for transparency.

He noted that to allow for seamless operations devoid of bureaucratic confusion, certain functions of the councils were domiciled in hands of some agencies in the state to allow for orderliness during his tenure as governor of Lagos.

Fashola cited collection of signage dues which he admitted was function of the local councils, but was contracted to the Lagos State Advertisement and Signage Agency (LASAA) to allow for proper coordination, as according to him, numerous collection by various individuals, would amount to disorderliness.

He, therefore, proffered solutions to make the third tier of government more capable to delivering its important roles for the betterment of the people and society.

The minister also assured Nigerians of stable power, saying the Federal Government was working round the clock to ensure that.

Fashola, thereafter, lauded Oyewo for a job well done, noting that the knowledgeable constitutional lawyer had contributed immensely to the discipline.

Earlier, the reviewers, Prof. Olu Adeniran and Dr. K.O. Amusa, as well as the chairman of the event and former governor of Oyo State, Otunba Adebayo Alao-Akala, equally lauded the author for the scholarly work.

Trump economic ideas good for Nigeria – consultant

The US President-elect, Donald Trump’s economic ideas will affect Nigerian professionals positively, Ibrahim Garba, a Security consultant, said on Wednesday.

WEST BEND, WI - AUGUST 16: Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump speaks at a rally on August 16, 2016 in West Bend, Wisconsin. Darren Hauck/Getty Images/AFP

Garba spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in a telephone interview from Abidjan.

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He decried the attitude of Nigerians projecting the image of the country in a bad light.

According to him, Nigerians need to change their business orientation to reflect positive ideas in the new era.

The security expert said Trump, as a business mogul, would certainly jump at good business relationship with Nigeria in the interest of both countries.

“This would affect Nigeria because things would be more competitive; Trump is a man who knows about your money; he does not throw money around.

“For you to do any business in America you have to be serious. From a business perspective, if Nigerians know what they are bringing to the table and it’s of value, Donald Trump will approve it.”

He added that Trump won the election because he was a successful businessman and a politician.

“Every country needs a strong economy; Trump has records of growth with his years of experience in business and that can be applied to the nation’s economy.

“With this development I hope he has more to offer than we expect from him and also an opportunity for the Americans to see a different side.”

The newly-elected president has pledged to be president for all Americans and to build the country’s economy while relating with nations that support his ideas.

We’ll return Nigeria to good old days of accountability, says Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has restated the determination of his administration to restore the country to the “good old days of accountability”.


Speaking at a meeting on Tuesday with the Director, Global Upstream of Shell Oil Company at the State House, Abuja, President Buhari said he will leave a legacy of improved infrastructure, particularly in the power sector, and also ensure better security in the Niger Delta.

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“It is only by doing this that investor morale and confidence will return, and the economy will be positioned on the path of growth,” the President said.

President Buhari, who commended Shell for its faith in the economy and staying power, gave assurances on some issues of concern raised by the company.

On the protracted issue of cash calls, the President promised that the Federal Executive Council will soon consider a proposal for the easing of unpaid arrears owed by the government.

President Buhari said that the security of oil infrastructure will continue to be prioritized side-by-side with dialogue with the stakeholder-communities in the Niger Delta.

He, however, urged oil companies to take more responsibility in the protection of oil installations to complement the efforts of Nigerian Navy in the region.

In his remarks, the Shell Director, Andrew Brown, informed the President of the resumption of oil exportation through the Forcados terminal following its restoration.

He called for continued protection by the Nigerian Navy in view of repeated threats of attack by militants.

Brown commended the anti-corruption posture of the Buhari administration as well as the efforts to streamline and stabilize the economy for long term projects, saying all the efforts will go a long way to reinforce Shell investment plans in Nigeria.

Buhari has good intentions for Nigeria, but he is surrounded by saboteurs – Waku

A former Senator representing Benue North-West in the National Assembly, Chief Joseph Waku, has stated that from the look of things, Nigerians are done with the All Progressives Congress.


According to him, the country may chase out the ruling party in 2019 just the way PDP was ousted from power in 2015.

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He regretted that the president might have good intentions for the country but that some saboteurs were frustrating his efforts.

Waku, who recently clocked 70, spoke yesterday while warning the ruling party not to take Nigerians for granted after making several promises and leaving the people with so much expectations.

He said: “The ruling APC should not take Nigerians for granted over the promises they made. Because failure to meet their expectations may lead to rejection of the party in 2019.

“My sincere worry is that President Muhammadu Buhari has good intentions, but there are many saboteurs around who do not want him to succeed.”

On the proposed sale of national assets, Waku described it as primitive, saying “you cannot sell off the sovereignty of the country. How much are the national assets worth? Can their sale solve the present problems?”

“There is no country in the world that can run without foreign loans to be repaid within agreed terms. Some Nigerians who have tried brining foreign partners have been blocked.

“There are lots of opportunities we can exploit to get out of this recession within the shortest possible period. But it all depends on the willingness of the federal government to exploit such.”

He lauded the federal government for dropping the case of forgery against the Senate president and his deputy.

Meanwhile, some northern elders have vowed to reelect Buhari if he presents himself in 2019.

Current situation an opportunity to change the economy for good, says Udoma

According to reports, the current economic crisis in the country should be seen as an opportunity for Nigeria to make major structural changes needed to change the country’s economy for good.


Budget and National Planning Minister, Senator Udoma Udo Udoma, told a gathering of Economists in Abuja on Tuesday that the opportunity should be used to implement reforms needed to unlock the economic potentials of the non-oil and high-employment sectors; and subsequently achieve sustainable inclusive growth that will ensure that majority of Nigerians become more productive.

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With the cooperation and collaboration of relevant stakeholders, Senator Udoma believes Government can change the Nigerian economy for good, adding that achieving the objective is a task the present administration has set for itself, and is determined to achieve.

Addressing the Conference of the Nigeria Economic Society (NES), Senator Udoma said: “We must use this crisis to introduce measures that will truly diversify the Nigerian economy by ensuring that the non-oil sector generates enough foreign currency earnings to drive the economy even without any crude oil earnings.

“Government must use this crisis as an opportunity to promote broader macroeconomic and structural reform so as to mitigate supply-side constraints and diversify the productive and revenue base of the economy.”

The Minister said Government’s plans to achieve all these are contained in the Strategic Implementation Plan, which will be expanded into a more comprehensive medium and long term plan, as a successor plan to the country’s Vision 20:2020 Plan.

The Federal Government, he said, has been working with State Governments, through the National Economic Council, to engender alignment of policies. “We also organized a retreat with them to share ideas, information and knowledge. We have also been reaching out to the private sector, to academia, to professional bodies, to civil society and other stakeholders”.

He indicated that as part of efforts in this direction, government is currently collaborating with the private sector to launch a “Made in Nigeria” campaign, with the intension of encouraging quality production and massive consumption of Made in Nigeria goods and services.

“We should encourage the branding of Nigerian products by self-regulatory industry bodies such as wine makers have in France. ‘Made in Nigeria’ should become a badge of quality.  As the quality of our goods and services improve, both local and international demand for them will increase”, he pointed out.

According to him, high local demand will give Nigerian producers the platform to explore the export market. “There is no doubt that one of the fastest routes to grow our economy and to create jobs for our teeming population is by pursuing export-led growth. This strategy also holds high promise for adding to our foreign reserves and further stabilizing the Naira.”

“We are convinced that this is capable of delivering desired results and potentials for exports to increase foreign exchange earnings and shore up foreign reserves”, he added.

The Minister used the opportunity to explain that no final decision has been taken on the sale of any assets.

He said government was still open to contributions and is looking forward to receiving the recommendations from the conference as to how government can deepen and broaden the reforms being embarked upon, and aimed at restructuring the Nigerian economy and changing it for good.

Speaking after being conferred with the Fellowship of the NES, the President of African Development Bank (AfDB), Dr Akinwumi Adesina dispelled the speculation that Nigeria is in debt crisis, insisting that Nigeria still remains the strongest economy in Africa.

While admitting that Nigeria has a revenue problem, he nonetheless said that Nigeria is a very resilient country and has a very resilient economy, which is why the AfDB will continue to support its growth aspirations.

He applauded President Muhammadu Buhari for securing the country’s borders noting that without secure borders, a country’s economy cannot thrive.

With appreciable success recorded in the security sector, Dr Adesina said government should also give dedicated attention to the economy. He said revamping the economy as it is at present would require tough decisions and therefore challenged the economists to provide evidence-based data to support government in its efforts to grow the economy.

He pledged the bank’s support for rehabilitation efforts in the North East of Nigeria and an additional support for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the region.