How men assess women during sex

Clean smell: This shows you are truly ready to roll. A turn-on!

Eye contact: Do your eyes roam through my body as I undress — or, better still, as we undress each other?

Do you look lovingly and deeply into my eyes, or are you avoiding eye contact with me? No need to look over your own body now, as you’ve done that all your life. My body is what should interest you. So, go on and savour it!

Your breath: If you are genuinely aroused, it’ll show in the heaviness of your breath and your voice will be deeper.

No need for pretence, as your arousal is a turn-on for me also. Get naughty by whispering those sweet nothings into my ears!

Body movement: Yea, don’t just lie down; get your body moving! Rub your chest against mine, employ your hands to explore my body… Do anything that makes the moment worth the engagement!

Make initiatives: Yes, you can set the ball rolling by loosening my shirt buttons, unbuckling my trousers and ‘helping’ me to slide down my pants.

Stroke my chest, ride me by climbing on top… These only show that you’re interested to get down with me.


If this is not true love, then what is?

This trending photo of a tall man who went down on both knees to propose to his dwarf sweetheart is a pointer to the fact that love is blind.

The joy on his face as he slides a ring on her finger goes a long way to show that the difference in height is not as important to him as the love he has for her.


Although some critics on social media have labeled the photo as a means for the couple to get attention, others have described it as a shot from a movie scene. Well, if this is for real, we wish the couple a blissful married life.

He inserted ‘his thing’ into ‘my thing’, 7-year-old girl who was raped by 19-year old man recounts ordeal

One Opeyemi Yekini was arraigned in a Chief Magistrates Court in Surulere on Friday for allegedly defiling a seven year old girl. The 19 year old man who resides at No, 42 Alhaji Abass Street, Ogudu Lagos was charged on a one-count charge of defilement. The suspect was arrested after the girl told her parents that he inserted something into her vagina.


The prosecutor, Sgt Anthonia Osayande informed the court that the accused who resides in the same compound with the parents of the victim committed the crime in November, 2016 when he pretended to be playing with the girl and then took her to his room where he allegedly defiled her. The offence according to the prosecutor contravened sections 137 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011. The defendant however has pleaded not guilty to the charge. The accused was granted bail by the Senior Chief Magistrate, Mrs Ipaye Nwachujwu in the sum of N500, 000 with two sureties in like sum one of which must be a blood relation of the accused and the other a cleric or community leader.

The case has been adjourned to March 7.

Teen girl to face life imprisonment for raping 19-year-old man

17 years old Lestina Marie Smith of Saginaw Township, Michigan has been charged to court for raping a 19 year old man at knife point.

The incidence allegedly took place on 11 January in Saginaw Township where Marie pulled a knife and forced the man to engage in oral and vaginal sex with her. The identity of the victim was not disclosed due to the nature of the crime.


She is billed to appear in court on February 3 for further hearing. She could be sentenced to life imprisonment if found guilty of two felony counts.


Her friends and relations have shown her love by sticking with her and posting messages of support on her Facebook account.

Shocking!! Lady reveals that any man who sleeps with her gets trapped for 8 minutes after s*x

A Kenyan lady,  Mercy Njoki Chege took to her Facebook to reveal what happens to her during and after sexual intercourse with men.


A Kenyan lady,  Mercy Njoki Chege took to her Facebook to reveal what happens to her during and after sexual intercourse with men.

Here are 20 Struggles Only Women with Massive Bum Would Understand

Having a very big bum could be appealing to make folks but the ‘natural asset’ also comes with its own challenges quietly endured by women.


These are the silent pains of a woman/lady with a massive bum:

1. Dresses that fit your waistline but pull up at the bottom because of your wide hips and big backside.

2. Taking hours to wear a pair of jeans or trousers that fit easily to your legs but refuse to cover your bum.

3. Walking into a room and men chase you like crazy because all they see is your a**.

4. They forget that people interact before when they meet for the first time.

5. Struggling to sit down those tiny spaced chairs on a flight, talk less of putting on your seat belt. Sometimes ones bum is so big that your scared of bending down or squatting because anytime you do something gets torn.

6. Price of custom fitted pants or shorts have skyrocketed. Same thing goes for great fitting panties

7. Its uncomfortable to sit on chairs because your your bum keeps spilling out of the side.

8. Your self conscious in church especially because of the men sitting behind you.

9. When you get up, some of them get instant hard-ons! You feel like the devil.

10. Theres the risk of knocking things over without you noticing. Even someones child!!!

11. People recognize you from a distance because of your humongous backside..Your shadow even. (lol…betrayed by the booty).

12. Your leggings become see through because the material becomes overstretched at the back.

13. Walking up stairs when someone is right behind you makes you extremely uncomfortable.

14. You can’t wear mini skirts because your big bakassi always wants to pop out to say hello.

15. Your best friends always want to use your big booty as a pillow irrespective of how many cushions you have at home. Or maybe they want to use it as a table for putting their food or drinks.

16. Your girlfriends feel uncomfortable introducing you to their boyfriends or husbands because they fear you’ll snatch them.

17. No matter how well you tighten your belt, your underwear always want to make an appearance.

18. Always stand out in group photos. Especially when the photographer says everyone should turn around.

19. More people want to meet your a** more than they want to meet you.

20. The massive bum has a way of attracting flirty guys who just want to have s*x without any strings attached.

Listen up Guys! Here are 5 Scary Things That Happen to Your P*nis as You Grow Older

New revelations have been made about what happens to a man’s p*nis when he eventually begins to grow old and get feeble.

There are many things that happen to our bodies as we age. Our skin sags, hair turns grey, we lose the elasticity we once had and wrinkles start to form in places you didn’t know could wrinkle.

Ageing doesn’t care which part of they body it targets – it will affect every inch of you and yep, that means your genital area as well.

“Sexual function declines as we age, but there are ways to slow or even halt this process to ensure that you enjoy s*x into your advancing years,” sexual health expert and co-owner of online s*x toy retailer Samantha Evans said.

Here are five things you can expect to happen to your p*nis as you age:

1. Your testosterone levels will drop

Samantha said as a man ages, his testosterone levels will drop and it will take him longer to get aroused.

“Erectile dysfunction (ED) is associated with the ageing process and many men notice their sexual function may start to decline between 40-70 years,” Samantha said.

ED is very common among ageing men and one of the most common causes of it can be stress.

2. The colour of your p*nis will change

As we age, atherosclerosis – the hardening of our arteries – becomes more common. This reduces good blood flow to a man’s genital area and thus the tip of the penis becomes lighter in colour.

“The penis undergoes several physical changes as men get older,” Samantha said.

“Reduced blood flow to the p*nis can cause the head of the penis to lose its purplish colour and just like the hair on our head and under our armpits, pubic hair becomes thinner and more sparse.”

3. Your weight will alter the size of your p*nis

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine from March 2000 said between the ages of 25 and 44 both men and women put on an average of 3.4% and 5.2% of weight per year respectively.

This means if you are a 160lb man you can expect to put on 5lb annually and if you are a 160lb woman you could expect to put on 8lb annually.

Samantha explained, “As a man gains more weight around his middle he may notice that his penis appears to be shrinking, but this pre-pubic pad of fat only makes the p*nis appear shorter when the base of the shaft is, in fact, buried in the fat pad. Losing weight will reveal that the penis has not shrunk.”

4. There will be shrinkage

Nope, not just jumping-into-cold-water shrinkage, permanent shrinkage.

“As a man gets older, his p*nis may shrink in size as a result of the slow deposit of fatty plaques in tiny arteries in the p*nis which reduces blood flow,” Samantha said.

“Known as arteriosclerosis, this process also occurs in the blood vessels surrounding the heart. The build up of inelastic collagen (scar tissue) inside the stretchy fibrous sheath that surrounds the erection chambers can lead to smaller erections.”

5. Your p*nis will be less sensitive

Since your testosterone levels drop and testosterone helps to support nervous tissue this will lead to a decrease in sensitivity – making it more difficult to climax and a softer erection.

As Samantha explained, “As a man gets older he may notice that he has decreased sensitivity in his penis, making it harder to achieve an erection and have an orgasm. This doesn’t usually affect sexual function or make s*x less pleasurable.”

Listen Up Ladies! Here are 10 Surprising S*x Tips on How to Be the Best Lover Ever

If you follow through with these interesting and surprising 10 tips, you will make the best out of your relationship.

Do you want to impress your lover and be the best love mate ever? Here are 10 interesting tips according to research, you can use to wow your partner.

The sexpert, who co-owns online sex toy retailer Jo Divine, shared her handy pointers on how to please him so you both have the best sex of your lives.

1. Talk to each other
Open up a conversation about what makes you tick and what turns you on sexually. You may be pleasantly surprised about what your partner fantasises about.

Just talking about them with your partner can turn you on.

2. Stop worrying about your body
Men are attracted to the whole package so become more confident with your body. Loving the way you look will make you irresistible to your partner.

Being sexy isn’t always about being beautiful, but confident, so try wearing beautiful lingerie just for yourself.

Knowing you are wearing sexy knickers will give you a cheeky smile all day long.

3. Make the first move
Men love it when women make the first move, so initiate sex and take control. Take your time and set your own sexual pace to increase your own pleasure.

Making your partner wait will only fuel his sexual desire too. Tell him what you love him doing to you and how to make it feel even better. Ask him what he likes too.

4. Change it up
Make sex more fun by having it in other places, either inside or outside.

Have a steamy shower, soaping each other with perfumed soaps or oils. Try having sex in the morning to keep you smiling all day or arrange to meet for lunch to have a midday quickie.

Invest in a full-length mirror to enjoy watching all the action.

5. Dress to impress
Experiment with dressing up to boost your sexual arousal. If a man in uniform turns you on, get your partner to dress up.

Why not meet your lover at the door dressed in a tight skirt and blouse with stockings and killer heels to get his juices flowing?

6. Read erotic fiction
Reading a few chapters from a short steamy erotic story will coax the first sparks of sexual desire in you and give you some ideas for your own sex life too.

Try writing down your own erotic thoughts, you never know, you could be the next E.L. James.

7. Change position
Being on top is extremely pleasurable for many women and will excite your partner too. Using a vibrating cock ring will stimulate both of you or try a small bullet vibrator against your clitoris to achieve a mind-blowing orgasm.

Watching your man’s facial expressions will let you know you’re doing it right.

8. Use toys
Regular sex toy use has been shown to increase sexual experience and satisfaction, rather than be a threat to a relationship and can lead to more satisfying orgasms.

Many men love to watch their partner use a sex toy on themselves and allows her to show him exactly how and where she likes to be touched.

If you are unsure about using a sex toy, why not try a clitoral stimulator such or vibrating cock ring.

Many remote control couples’ toys are great fun, allowing your man to be in control of your sexual pleasure at the touch of a button.

9. Tie me up
Blindfolding your man or being tied up and blindfolded yourself, using only your sense of smell, touch, taste and hearing can be intensely sexually arousing and rather wicked.

Making your man beg for your touch or tantalising them with feather-like caresses will make them throb with desire and unleash your inner dominatrix.

10. Love lubricants
Using lubricant during sex can greatly increase both your sexual pleasure and that of your man and make sex last longer too.

Hormonal changes can affect the level of lubrication within the vagina so try organic lubricant to improve your sexual pleasure, heighten your sexual arousal and make sex feel more comfortable, pleasurable and simply better.

Here are 6 Best Places to Have S*x in Public and the Positions to Do in Each Place

If you have always wanted to have have passionate s*x in a public place with your lover, this is what you need to read this moment.

If you fancy yourself a bit of an exhibitionist, here’s how to get it on in public without getting caught.

Having s*x in public has long been associated with exhibitionism and swingers, but it’s actually a very common sexual desire for women.

According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, a group of researchers questioned 799 women aged 20 to 40 about their sexual fantasies.

Three of the top 12 fantasies for women included having sex in public with 81.7% of the women surveyed stating they have fantasised having sex in an unusual place – i.e. in the office or in public toilets.

Furthermore, 84.9% of women said they would like to have sex on a deserted beach and 57.3% say they would like to make love openly in a public place.

Public sex is also high on a man’s fantasy list. Results from the same study show 82.3% of men want to have sex in an unusual place, 78.4% on a deserted beach and 66.1% want to have sex openly in a public place.

While the excitement of having sex in a public place is palpable, it is important to note that you can be arrested for public indecency if you are caught.

With this in mind, here are six public places to have sex:

1. At the gym

If you happen to be visiting the gym during off-peak hours, take advantage of the empty changing rooms and work up a sweat of a different kind.

“To get physical in the changing rooms, get him to hoist you up so your back is against his chest, your legs hooked around his waist,” sexologist Nikki Goldstein told Women’s Health.

“Push your arms against the wall in front of you for extra support and get him to thrust up using his quads.”

2. In a park

If you are going for a lovely Sunday stroll and just can’t control your urges, find a secluded area of the park and do the UK’s favourite position: doggy. This way you can remove the least amount of clothing as possible – just be sure to keep a watch out for nosy dogs and their owners.

3. In a toilet cubicle

If you’re not one to touch anything in a toilet cubicle in general then this may not be the one for you, but the trick is to be quick and to touch as little as possible.

“With your leg up on the seat, get him to thrust up into you. Lifting your leg in this way allows him to go deep, and lets you control his pace with your glutes and inner thighs,” Nikki said.

4. In a taxi

This is a tricky one and you have to be subtle about it. Lift up your dress, undo his trousers and slyly slide onto his lap facing forward.

“If you use the natural movement of the car, you might actually get away with it,” Nikki said. “Gently lean forward and rock back and forth to deepen the action and stimulate your clitoris at the same time.”

5. On a beach

Similar to the park situation, it’s best to make sure the beach is more or less deserted before attempting any action here. Unless there is a secluded part of the beach then make your way there.

Alternatively, if it’s warm enough you can head into the water and get it on while feeling weightless. Wrap your legs around him and let the waves move you in motion.

6. On a desk

If you and your partner get bored at your end-of-year Christmas party, sneak back into the office and lie face up on your desk with your legs straight up.

“Wedge his jacket underneath your pelvis to deepen the angle and drape your legs over his shoulders while you hold on to the desk,” Nikki told Women’s Health.

Make sure to check out the CCTV situation first, or you might have an awkward conversation with your boss come Monday.

Do You Know? Early Morning S*x Makes You Healthier and Happier…See Details

Early morning s*x might be just what you need to be happy the whole day as a scientist reveals other healthy secrets.

According to Women’sHealth, for most of the working world, the blaring of the alarm clock isn’t a happy sound. So why not turn that rude awakening into an erotic opportunity with a roll in the 400-thread-count hay? After all, scientists say that people who start their days by having sex are all-around healthier and happier than those who don’t.

“Having sex in the morning releases the feel-good chemical oxytocin, which makes couples feel loving and bonded all day long,” says Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., author of Because It Feels Good. It makes you stronger and more beautiful too: Morning sex can strengthen your immune system for the day by enhancing your levels of IgA, an antibody that protects against infection. And climaxing releases chemicals that boost levels of estrogen, which improves the tone and texture of your skin and hair.

It has also been revealed that for the average man who is healthy, having erections in the morning (a.k.a tent pitching) is normal. In fact, doctors say each time you wake up with erection in the morning, it means your manhood is working perfectly well.

However, some men allow these ‘morning glories’ to waste, instead of putting them to fantastic use with their spouses!

Indeed, sex experts advise that there are plenty advantages to having morning sex, and any woman would do well to cooperate with her partner!

So, why should you have sex in the morning? Read on!

• A good sleep at night means you have rested very well. According to urologists, testosterone levels peak in the morning! Testosterone is a sex hormone that both male and female have in their bodies, though women’s total testosterone levels are about a 10th to a 20th of men’s levels. The hormone peaks early in the morning, hence the need to put it to positive use!

• Helps you relax! Yes, early morning sex has a relaxing effect, experts say. It sets you up positively, enabling you to take your time to prepare, instead of hitting the road in a hurry as usual.

• According to an American research scientist and author of Because It Feels Good, Dr. Debby Herbenick, individuals who partake in morning sex are healthier and happier people.

• A Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Ilorin, Musa Yakubu, also says having sex in the early morning lowers blood pressure and reduces risks of heart attack.

• With regular early morning sex, you can beat cold and fever hands down, because research has shown that sex boosts immune system by stimulating the body’s first line of defence and production of immunoglobulin A (IgA).