(Episode 8) Chronicle of a Royal Prince and the Devil Incarnate

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I opened the big oak door and came face to face, with Nora. She was decked in a black jumpsuit and Christian Louboutine shoes. My eyes were wide in shock when I saw her.

Nora: “You are that graphic designer Kunmi talks so much about aren’t you?” she asked with her brows arched.

Leke: “Yes ma’am” I stuttered.

Nora: “So what are you doing here?”

Leke: “I was worried that after the failed collection launch, you have not been coming to the office, I got the address from Kunmi” I said earnestly. I could see a faint trace of a smile on her lips.


Nora: “You came to see me, so why are you leaving without seeing me, come on, perhaps we could talk about the fashion brand” she said and I saw a lonely woman, desperate for any link to a human being. I turned on my heels and we walked back in. Iya Biliki was giving me the stink eye, she obviously knew that Nora had not sent me, and wrote it off to an overzealous staff.

Iya Biliki: “Olofofo” I heard her mutter under her breath.

Nora did not entertain me in the living room as I had expected, she took me to her bedroom to my utter surprise. I was already calling her stink names in my head expecting that the woman was going to ask me for sex. I was also scared that I would be a disappointment since all I knew about sex were the things I read in books. But Nora did not have her mind on sex.

Nora: “It is a little inappropriate to bring you into my bedroom, but it is the only place I feel safe. It is ironic though that this room belonged to…” she stopped talking, even when I was hanging on her every word.

Leke: “Belonged to who?” I asked, desperate for her to continue, but she stared into space like she had not heard me.

Nora: “What will you have, I have exotic wines, old wines in the cellar”

Leke: “I will have Chardonnay if you don’t mind” I said. She stopped on her tracks, turned and looked at me. Chardonnay was my father’s favorite white wine; mother also took up on the taste while they were dating, so it was all they drank at home while they were alive.

Nora: “How old are you anyway?” she asked

Leke: “I am twenty five” I lied.

We talked about the fashion house, but anytime I tried to bring up the incident that happened on the day of the collection launch, she would brush it aside. Then she asked about my family, I told her I was an orphan and she had the effrontery to feel sorry. It took all my will power to keep smiling, when what I really wanted to do was bash her head. I asked to leave when it was getting dark, and she was beginning to slur her words. I told myself there would be other chances. Besides, Banke had been burning up my phone with calls. On my way out of my former house, I called Banke to meet me somewhere so I could take her to my place. I was angry and she was the closest victim, I was determined to exert my anger at the whole of humanity. Banke came, dressed in a super short dress, and her face was all made up. She obviously came with expectations, and I was not going to disappoint, at least in giving her what she wants.

Leke: “Why are you dressed up, are we going out?”I asked mockingly.

Banke: “You are so unromantic. Compliment me if you wish, stop beating around the bush” she replied and threw herself on the bed. The short while before she came, I had groomed myself, so when I went to the bed and pulled her up for a warm embrace, she was hit by a huge amount of male freshness. When I tried to pull away from the embrace, she leaned in closer, holding on to my Tommy Hilfiger vest. I pulled away nevertheless; I was not going to be that guy who rushed a girl like he had never had sex, even though I have never really had sex. I took out a bottle of red wine from the bedside refrigerator and poured two glasses.

Banke: “Wow, cool” she said as the rich taste of Cabernet sauvignon hit her taste buds. As we sipped the wine, she talked about herself, all the relationships she had been in and her expectations for our relationship. She had high expectations; it was too bad that I was not the one for them because, even though I had to pull on big boy pants quite early, I was just sixteen. Everything she knew about me was a lie.

Leke: “Relax, you are just twenty one, live” I said. If she had wisdom, she would have got the message. The fact that she did not though, was good for me. When I leaned towards her, she tilted her head and I brushed light kisses on her lips. I deepened the kiss when I felt her shudder, and saw her metamorphose into a wild sex beast. She pushed me to the bed and began to ravish me. I wanted to take back the controls, but she was not letting go of the reins. Before I knew it, she had flung her dress away.

Leke: “Have you done this before?” I asked, suddenly afraid I would mess up, Banke was not naïve after all.

Banke: “You haven’t?” she asked incredulously.

Leke: “I have never quite found the right girl, until now” I said gazing into her eyes. If I had to admit my virginity, I best present it in a romantic way. I was not about to tell her I was still a virgin because I was locked up in a house for loonies for ten years.

Banke: “I am honored. I feel so ashamed now, wish I waited for you” she replied with doe eyes, looking up to me like I held the keys to the kingdom.

Leke: “No need to be, all that matters is now” I said patronizing her. I began to trail kisses all over her naked body, I felt her turn jelly under my hot lips. The reins of control were back in my hands.

When I opened my eyes, the sun was up. My heart raced in fear, had I slept off my first chance with a girl? I panicked.

Banke: “Morning sunshine” she said with a wide satisfied smile. The memories of last night began to return to me. It was lit; I had done well, even at my first trial, all thanks to all the kamasutra I read.

Leke: “Morning bae” I replied and got out of bed.

Banke: “I am so in love with you” she exclaimed, I stopped in my tracks and went back to bed to lean in for a kiss. Even though I was not feeling her, I had to treat her well, so she would be malleable for me to use in my plot against Nora.

Leke: “When does your school resume?”

Banke: “In December, I have months to kill before then. I would have been so bored if I did not have you” she said, smiling sheepishly. She was beginning to irritate me, did she have sex and lose her brains after wards? I wondered.

Leke: “I have something that will keep you engaged. We are a team right?”

Banke: “Sure boo” she said excitedly.

Leke: “I want to do a documentary on Nora Aboderine. The incident at the collection launch has got me thinking. It seems Nora came out from nowhere and became the chairman of Fola fashion house. I want you to be my eyes and ears.” I said carefully, watching her facial expressions.

Banke: “You want me to spy on your boss, and my sister’s boss?” she asked, getting up suddenly from the bed, to go stand by the window.

Question: “Will Banke agree to this dangerous plan?”

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155 thoughts on “(Episode 8) Chronicle of a Royal Prince and the Devil Incarnate

  1. GdAM ALC&Fs,

    That was a long linger…………

    Well Banke as it is is in love and crazy things are done for love……….she wont be different. She will accept the plan for love sake and to spice up her life.

    Dont tarry please….



  2. Good morning Adelove, u guys hv bn keeping awake online since morning, a man just as addicted to this page…. (Yes! Banke will Agree with the plans meanwhile Leke should be very careful in doing or planning it with her though)…


  3. she will surely agree due to the love she have for him she will do anything to please leke.adelove why do you kept us waiting since yesterday afternoon ?hope you will repay us by posting five episode today?.


  4. Sure she will,since dey r dating abd she think it is 4 real on her side. After many persuasion and convincing that no harm,jus to get him info,she will and also she will be informed not to let her sister know.


  5. banke wil angree in as much deir is love…love is d matter of evrything bt leke be vry careful cos this banke may end up betraying u lyk mary…
    Adelove u keep us waiting since yestaday nyt make sure u add more than 6 episode today if possible nd we wil be grateful…..i want to c d end of nora
    leke bobo must overcome this trial…….


  6. She will eventually agree to d dangerous plot…….
    Nora on d other hand isn’t a simple task to comeby…..
    utmost care needed been taken by Leke.
    just like I said earlier dat Henry should tell Nora, he came to ask abt her well-being.


  7. she will agree to the plan now that the are together… but leke have to be careful… good morning guys… adelove and crew e Ku ise opolo


  8. dis leke guy is something else, though I admire is sensibility, but he has to treat a lady the right way,….i just felt for banke, cos she’s innocent of wat is about to go down


  9. I knw leke is a sharp boy even if his small in age he doesn’t small in brain but as for nora she can’t eat her cake and still ave it she wil still try to patronize leke to bed but she can’t succeed.


  10. banks will accept to do it..but I think he needs to come clean on her,,she won’t just accept simply bcus of wat happen on DAT launch day,she needs more reason even if it means he need to lie more to give her enough reason to do his wish.


  11. banke will accept to do it..but I think he needs to come clean on her,,she won’t just accept simply bcus of wat happen on DAT launch day,she needs more reason even if it means he need to lie more to give her enough reason to do his wish.


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