Dino Melaye to unveils his new book

Senator Dino Melaye, Member of the 8th National Assembly, will unveil his new book  titled: ‘Antidotes for Corruption: The Nigeria Story, starts as an autobiography of Dino Melaye.

An emotional story that gives detailed interesting accounts of how Dino was born as a miraculous child with ease and success, as told initially by his beloved mother.

Melaye in his book, he discusses about his humble beginnings, right to the present position he occupies as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s 8th Assembly, vis a vis the country’s most challenging problem called Corruption.

Then other members of his immediate family, as well as old teachers and friends, go on to narrate the circumstances that surrounded his desire to fight corruption after being inspired by two Nigerian late musicians of blessed memory – Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Sunny Okosun: And how their revolutionary and enlightenment songs about the causes, types, effects and remedies of corruption influenced him.


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