(Episode 20) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

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Shola: I miss you Henry. Please pick my call. It’s been past 2 weeks now, I’ve not had sex. I’ve not been laid. I have not felt like a real woman. It’s been a long time since we’ve made love, and I kind of miss it. Please Henry, i love you. Pick my call. Shola flung her phone beside the bed, she couldn’t sleep as planned. Tears trickled down her cheeks. She really missed Henry’s touch and she could imagine it. She prayed for Henry return, as soonest like yesterday



The tallest replied and smiling,

“That’s good. All you need do is bring fifteen thousand naira for fifty thousand and if you want two hundred thousand you bring forty thousand.”

The shortest added,

“DDD is a life turn-around. The bigger the money the bigger reward.”

Henry saw that as an opportunity to pay Prof’s money back. But he just had ten thousand naira on him. Where was he going to get the remaining cash? The thought of Shola popped up and she’d have been the best person to help out.

The tallest asked,

“And if you do this right now you could even get bonus. I’d suggest you bring forty thousand and get your two hundred thousand. Instead of gunning for the smallest, go for the biggest.”

They tried convincing him. Henry was sweating forty thousand was not easy to come by. After much thinking, he asked,

Henry: “If someone doesn’t have the cash can he give something valuable that is equivalent to the money.”

They turned to each other and the shortest asked,

“What would that be?”

Henry shook his head thinking. He looked at his phone. It was worth twenty five thousand naira. Shola had bought it for me. And it was still brand new.

Henry: “ My phone it is worth twenty five thousand naira and I haven’t used it more than a month. I can use it,” they collected the phone and nodded their heads,

“Okay. Cool!”

Where was he to get five thousand? He then thought he could tell them to use the money they’d pay him with. He wanted to but it didn’t seem like a good idea. He remembered his friend Tope. He quickly used his phone to send Tope a text:

Bros,owfa, I need like five thousand naira. Something urgent came up.

Immediately the message delivered. And in time he got a five thousand naira bank alert from his friend.

He handed them the cash ten thousand naira as they kept hurrying him up. And he transferred five thousand naira to their account. And he handed them the phone. After driving them to different places. They handed him some notes of dollars that was supposed to be equivalent to twenty thousand. Henry drove away a happy man. Things were falling into places.


Dele folded sleeves, stood before First Lady who was seated on a chair with blistered lips. She was being tortured. Dele wasn’t the one beating her- a female detective did the torture while Dele questioned her. She was crying and yelling,

First Lady: “ I’ll make sure you pay for this! I want to talk to my lawyers! I’ll make every one of you pay!” the female detective slapped her and her mouth twitched to a corner. She was in tears.

Dele: “Threatening help us wouldn’t get you out here. This is a federal government case. Your husband was a top politicians.  So talk!”

First Lady:  “I want to talk to my lawyers right now!”

Dele: “Corporate madam!”

She yelled,

Frist Lady: “Nooo! Let me out of here!”she spat on Dele, who smiled and stepped away giving the lady the go ahead to torture First Lady. From outside where he lit his cigarette he could hear her crying and calling names. He smiled and whispered,

Dele: “The rich also cry!”he continued smoking.

Having finished the stick he was smoking, he entered and First Lady looked calmer. The lady had really beaten her. She looked battered,

Dele: “Are you ready to talk?” she nodded, “okay why did you kill your husband?

She nodded her head as blood trickled down her broken lips,

First Lady: “I swear I didn’t kill my husband. Why would I do that? Make myself a widow and my daughters fatherless!”

Dele: “Jealous! Jealous turns human to beast.”

She shook her head with tears,

First Lady: “I didn’t do it!” she said crying.

Dele: “You are not ready to tell the truth?”

First Lady: “I swear that is the truth.”

Dele: “What were you doing following your husband that night? Or did you  not follow him?”

First lady nodded,

First Lady: “True, I followed him but my intention was to know the house of the girl he was cheating on me with then go the next day to either threaten or harass her bu..”

Dele: “But you ended killing him when she was in the bathroom so she would be seen as the culprit right?”he clapped, “Bravo,Mrs Felicia I must confess you are a master strategist,”

She dropped her head down crying,

First Lady: “I just spotted the house and went back home!”

Dele: “but I discovered that you got home 12: 30 ten minutes after his death. And from the house of his girl friend to your house is just ten minutes drive!”

She couldn’t mutter a word, she stared into the ceiling sighing.


Henry called Prof and assure him that he was going to bring his money on a Friday. A day before the expiry date. Prof received the news with excitement. His plan was to go Wuse market or Wuse 2 besides Glo Office and changed the dollars into naira notes by the Hausa men known as Aboki.  On his way he said,

Henry: “Once I get the cash changed and I could add it to the business I get a higher reward,“ he gave out a  loud laughter, “Man Henry, you are balling man! At least I could use the case to start up small business!” he laughed again, “Let me call Ibori and his friend to find out whatsup with the cash!”

He dialed their number and at one dial it went through and they picked the call. They told him to expect alert in the evening. He was excited as he drove the car with finesse blaring ears with good music. He whistled along the songs played.

The Abokis having collected the dollar, scrutinized it and handed it to one another and the last man shook his head. The first Aboki he handed the dollar too spoke Hausa to his friends and frowned and the one who could mutter some words in English even though it was in broken form said,

“Zee dollar is pake, wallahi!”

Henry: “Huh? What? This is from DDD professionals. They are worldly known and famous” the word sounded like fake to him but he didn’t want to believe it.

The man repeated,

“Zee dollar is pake!”

Henry quickly dialed the number of Ibori but it was switched off. He drove off hissing and cursing.

His mind went back to the threat of Prof after the assurance call that the money was going to be ready by the next day.

Questions: What should Henry do? Would Prof send the boys after him? Do you think First Lady was hard-hearted or saying the truth?

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173 thoughts on “(Episode 20) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

  1. So Shola is missing Henry…… Shola: I miss you Henry. Please pick my call. It’s been past
    2 weeks now, I’ve not had sex. I’ve not been laid. I have not
    felt like a real woman. It’s been a long time since we’ve made
    love, and I kind of miss it. Please Henry, i love you. Pick my
    call. Shola flung her phone beside the bed, she couldn’t sleep
    as planned. Tears trickled down her cheeks. She really
    missed Henry’s touch and she could imagine it. She prayed
    for Henry return, as soonest like yesterday


  2. I knew Henry was going to be duped, he’s greed has finally landed him in soup now he’s broke, phoneless and penniless too, I think first lady did the killing and it’d better she confess so Bola can be freed and as for Henry honestly whatever prof does to him he deserves it but am sure he will run to Shola for help
    Really great story
    Thanks Adelove


  3. Chai, henry ooooooo see as DDD take finish ur carrier, now I don’t think prof will spare u ooo. As for first lady u better talk before dey pull off ur lips with biting.


  4. It serves Henry right. He’ll have to return back to Shola now.
    First lady maybe saying the truth ooooh.
    With all that torture ? Time will tell


  5. Hmmm. This is getting more intense. Henry you really messed up. See how you lost your money and phone. Kaii!! This is very painful ooo


  6. Na wa ooooooooooo……..d story is getting twisted……….. Henry has been duped……….. Somehow am getting convince dat t wasnt first lady dat killed chairman………..


  7. I’m sure this amaka did not read the story first.in order to be the first to comment that’s what she’s doing. writing first to comment is not a comment


  8. I knew they are fraudster, he just have to go back to Shola. As for first lady, hmmmm only God can reveal the truth. Chairman’s death can be from one of his politician.


  9. I said it, henry has been duped…I pity u if prof catch u Hhen……..first lady might been saying d truth….hope no b Bridget kill chairman sha.


  10. Oluwa. ….Henry don enter one chance, Prof will not only kill Henry but will use him as Christmas goat… Shola will surely help Henry out…
    first lady never see anything..


  11. Henry still has a long way going b4 learnt his lesson, He shouldn’t have accepted to join d biz @ 1st….
    First Lady on her part, sent her aidies to kill Chairman….
    Prof. would really teach Henry d lessons of his life..


  12. Henry should find means to provide the money or else Prof will short him why he is called Prof, I think First lady is not the killer, lets watch her friend who is banging chairman but don’t forget that chairman is a politician in Nigeria


  13. Henry has messed up big time, anyway if it will make him go back to Shola , of course I will love that, at least she will help him with the money to pay Prof.As for First Lady, she has met her waterloo.


  14. Henry should pray harder then go to prof and start pleasing before prof will send his boys cos he’s going to send his boys after Henry.t then, as for First Lady, she’s heart hearted


  15. Henry should find means to provide Prof money or prof will descend on him, I think first lady didn’t kill her husband, lets watch her friend carefully and remember chairman is a top politician in Nigeria


  16. henry has been duped, not sure firstlady did the killing though and prof will deal with henry and he might eventually run to shola for help


  17. Evening ALC&Fs,

    Great suspense ….. But I’m hoping this doesn’t end the usual naija police and thief story – I trust my AL Crew.

    Henry better reports to the police fast while seeking alternative help from a true friend like Shola.

    What prof does will depend on how Henry plays – I think Henry knows well not mess with Prof so I don’t think it would get to having issues with his boys.

    I believe First Lady – she did commit the murder…..guessing a political rival’s hand.

    Night night All



  18. My guess is ryt,I new dey might b fraud. U c wot u’v gotten urslf into henry? U couldn’t even wait till u v d money b4 calling prof. Infact henry, I don’t knw wot to think. Well,let me suggest going to shola will be good idea and something good might cum out frm it and will beneficial on prof case. Certainity,prof will send his boys after him or invite henry into his park. Well,as I suggest earlier it might be first lady or bridget behind chairman’s death.


  19. Henry is in big trouble prof may send his boy ti deal with henry first lady is was not telling. the truth she need more torture


  20. Henry is in again prof wuld definitely send his boys to beat him up, and for first lady she better corporate with Dele before it wuld be too late


  21. Hmmm Henry should go ask shola for help she will willing render it to him, first lady is hard hearted was she feigning up after killing chairman. Henry Prof will send his boys again better meet up the deal.


  22. whatever happens to Henry I don’t care again, why will he b childish to fall into 419 pple so cheap like that?….but wait o, I don’t think first lady was behind d murderer of chairman o it seems is coincidence on that night


  23. The prof will send his boys after Henry. I think the first lady is saying the truth. Chairman’s death should be from Bridget or his fellow politicians.


  24. I knew it, I know he will be duped, Henry is such a stupid man, well let him go back to Shola and sort things out with her.


  25. Henry should go back to Shola. She will help him. Prof will send his boys to Henry if he didn’t turn up. First Lady is hard-hearthened, she is the murderer.


  26. Henry you have make the worst mistake that will cause you pain oh I don’t know what prof is going to do to you and first lady better say the truth because it you that killed your husband


  27. I. don’t believe firstlady can kill her. husband so she is not the culprit ,prof will never take it lightly with henry but if he can beg him to give him more the time prof can still agree and for henry he has been finally been dupe and nothing he can do about it.


  28. another round of beating from proffs boys,as for first lady she may not be the one that killed chairman buy she masterminded and hired the killers


  29. I don’t think it d first lady DAT kill her husband,but if not her den it will b Bridget…Henry should return to his girl since DAT d only person DAT can help him out for now.


  30. awoof dey run belle, they don dupe him, for first lady her eye never see anytime yet, prof go beat henry to death dis tumor if he didn’t provide the money as promised


  31. I think this is the tym he really needs Shola… He needs to open up to her.. I think prof will do worse if he doesn’t show up with the cash


  32. I think this is the tym he really needs Shola… He needs to open up to her.. I think prof will do worse if he doesn’t show up with the cash.. N m suspecting Bridget killed chairman


  33. chai……Henry don fall hand I tot he’s smarter than this…..serious beating awaits him if he fails to deliver the money on Friday……1st lady is in for more torture…….though she may not have killed her husband but she sure has a hand in his death.


  34. What if its bridget her friend.dat even killed chairman.henry u fall my hand.didnt u read d handwritting on.their faces.fraudsters haba.shola baby,no worry henry dey come. Adelove love ur stories.really motivating.


  35. Hmmmm interesting… Henry should go back to shola joor.. Meanwhile that bridget lady is a suspect, but I doubt since she was expecting cash from chairman. But never say never though..


  36. i cant blame anyone for chairman murdeer bt i suspects firstlady….. as for henrye shud go bak to shola cos d girl love him die…..


  37. I knew doz guyz are fraudsters and frustration led henry to fall into der trap…lord av mercy and first lady is a first class criminal bagging B.sc,M.sc,Phd e.t.c in criminology


  38. Henry should go back to his girlfriend, accept her back and then tell her the situation on ground I think she will help him out. First lady is innocent she didn’t kill her husband


  39. When a man follow his way & forsake his creator he’s bound to suffer, ” commit your way unto the Lord lean not on your understanding ” cus “there’s is way that seems right unto man the end therefore is death” somebody should tell Henry to make a U turn while it’s good. First Lady has reached her last bus stop..chi kai na.


  40. hmmmmmmm,Henry, Henry, you are in a very hot soup now, he should make up with shola n get the money from her. first lady might be telling the truth
    but if she didn’t kill him, who did?


  41. Henry have told you before that is a scam. now that you have lost all your money and Prof will not take it easy with you, just go back to Shola so that she can help you out. Have said it before that First Lady is not the one that kill chairman, she only follow him to Bola house. First Lady have said the truth.


  42. Henry u see wat has happened to u nw after warning u not to trust dis DDD pple nd u don jump go kal Prof, anyways, may God help u.. As 4 u 1st lady, Hmmmmmmmmm, lemme reserve my comment. Gud nyt to u all #Muchlove#


  43. I knew it! Henry has been duped. next time, beware of scammers. Prof will use his nose to blow whistle! A sinner will not go unpunished, Madam Felicia will pay for her crimes and I’m seeing detective Dele marrying Bola after all this travails. adelove thumb up!!!


  44. I knw dey wil dupe henry cos his too forward and for the first lady there is mire to her issue cos is gettin more complicated we were told after followin chairman she went into her room change and wash her hand so she knw somtin.


  45. eyeah i sorry for Henry o chai waiting life cum d use u do na. hmmmmmm jst forgive shola make una continue. u self no b say she really do am na jst talk jst forgive ok


  46. Henry is dummy, how can he believe those fraudsters, he is gullible, one week one trouble.
    Professor will send his boys and teach him a good lesson.
    As for first lady, she is a gunner.


  47. my God,this Henry too mumu. it isn’t as if he was hypnotized by those men,was he? may God make a way out for him. don’t know what to believe with the first lady


  48. Prof will be angry with Henry if he didn’t bring the money as he said but first lady deserve what she is getting until she confess


  49. its simple henry has been dup, may God have mercy on him shia but i smell another mass beating. First lady killed her husband


  50. No be lie this henry na conferm mumu, prof will so deal with him if he does not get the money, the best thing for him is to go to shola reconcile with her and explain things to her, she will help him out. As for first lady she should better confess but na wa o how can someone kill his or her spouse because they are denying you of sex and you caught them cheating its terrible


  51. Henry case don pass b careful, witches and wizards frm his village are after him…… Haba prof wld 1st use his grammar to knock him down, then use his boys to knock him out. I believe he wld run to shola for assistance. And for 1st lady make she talk well


  52. Kudos to Adelove nd crew for ds fascinating story…….. Only God knows why things are not just working out smooth for Henry, being duped this time around too


  53. Henry is too dull for my liking. Let him reconcile with shola,she may be of help. Prof may send his boys after Henry or he may even collect his car from him. Henry is such a bad luck. First lady is proving stubborn.


  54. As a reward has been mentioned messages are overflowing o…ours won’t be noticed sef! Lol
    This stories are helping me fro the frustration o boredom,that alone is a reward..thanks for the team behind every bit of it


  55. Waooo Henry from frying pan to fire. All the witches in ur village re untop ur mata ooo chaiii. First lady/ Bridget I just have a feeling u both backstabers. Bola love fever u got but why even attempting to have a relatnship wen Henry is k for u. Adelove u guys rock keeping us thrilled every moment luv u all


  56. Henry is so greedy to have done that!, he wanted to double his money, he will learn his lesson in a harder way!, he should go and face prof to tell d truth of his ordeal to him.


  57. First Lady was saying the truth, she did not kill her husband. Her friend, Bridget did.
    Prof will show him hell if he tries to play smart again. If he doesn’t get the money on time, he should inform Prof and give him any amount he got.


  58. Henry should better find another means to get prof’s money and pay him o…cos is obvious he has been duped…and Prof will definitely send his boys after him,if he doesn’t meet up with dia initial agreement. As for first lady is possible dt she could be innocent, but who knows “d fury of a wife can be disastrous”. Nice one.


  59. What can Henry do, he has giving all his money to the DDD. I don’t think prof will send his boy after him. First Lady was saying the truth.


  60. Henry! They really played a fast one on you! He’d have no other option than to go back to Shola. Prof. might not spare him at all. He’d use his boys to knock some sense into his thick skull. First lady could really be hard hearted buh her husband had more than one girlfriend. Bridget should also be called in for some questions. She might be the real culprit here; perhaps out of jealousy. Buh first lady’s story really looks like she committed the murder.


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