(Episode 19) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

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For days Shola hadn’t been able to eat- She was always crying. If not for Blessing assisting her business, it would have been in serious dark waters.

Blessing: “Aunty if it’s possible I’d advise you employ another person to help out until you have fully recovered!”

Shola nodded,

Shola: “Do you know anyone that’s good?”

Blessing nodded,

Blessing: “Yes I have a friend who is better than I am!”

Shola smiled at her,

Shola: “Really? Okay since you have recommended her. Let her start tomorrow!”

Shola had pretended to be sick but Blessing got to find out that things weren’t going well for the love birds and that was the reason for Shola’s so called illness.

Shola couldn’t hold on to a particular reason for cheating on Henry. It was just a highly imaginative mind, that part of her unconscious mind that wanted to explore. That part that fueled her insatiable taste for sex,

Shola: “You’re stupid! Why would you cheat on a good man? Now you’ve ruined a very good thing in your life. You’re just unbelievable!” she said to herself.

Days after the breakup she deleted Xtranger from her contacts and blocked him,

“To hell with you,” she cried.

She had tried contacting Henry through calls and text messages but he wasn’t responding. He didn’t return her calls neither did he respond to her. It was killing her,

Shola: “I’m sorry baby!”she would say most times she tried her number.

She was becoming a shadow of herself. There was no one to share her pains with. Bola, her best friend was in custody for the death of her lover,

“Bola, I miss you!” Shola cried.

She didn’t know where exactly her friend was, all attempts to find out was abortive and she couldn’t meet First Lady who saw her as an enemy. Shola saw her in that light too. She had victimized the two people who Shola loved.


Dele sat in the small room looking well shaved and wearing a nice black shades- that made him appear like one of the tops stars in an American movie. He was waiting for them to bring Bola. After a few minutes of waiting, Bola was dragged in,

Dele: “Let her be,” he stands to meet her, “have your seat.” She had a black eye. She had suffered enough already.

Bola sat on the chair as he ordered for the cuffs to be taken out her hands,

Bola nodded,

Bola: “Thank you,” she managed to say.

She rubbed her wrist, it hurt her.

Dele: “I am Dele, the new officer in charge of your case! So I want you to be open to me and don’t lie to me,” she nodded, “I am here to help you!”

She nodded again, “You promise to tell me the truth and nothing but the truth.”

Bola: “Yes!”

Dele nodded as he brought out a paper and pen,

Dele: “so tell me what your relationship is with the dead Chairman.”

Bola: “We were lovers. We have been dating for more than a year!””

Dele: “ Did anyone know about your affair?”

Bola shook her head,

Bola: “No one knew. He wanted me to marry me but I was yet to make up my mind so I pleaded with him for the relationship to be secret.”

Dele: “That means his wife didn’t know of it.”

Bola: “I’d love to believe that.”

Dele: “Before his death, the two of you weren’t meeting like you usually do. Did you have any quarrel whatsoever?”

Tears gathered in her eyes,
Bola: “We didn’t. We didn’t see because he wasn’t in town.”

Dele: “How did you know he wasn’t in town?”

Bola was getting a little irritated by the questions,

Bola: “he traveled. He told me he traveled.”

Dele: “so tell me what exactly happened on the day he died.”

Bola went on to give her narration and she was in tears. She told him everything even down to details of the conversation they had,

“Did you shut the door before leaving for the room?”

Tears trickled down her cheeks she could remember now she didn’t lock the door.

Bola: “No, I didn’t!”

Dele: “Was it deliberate or you forgot?”

She sat down with steaming tears burn her cheeks. She was angry at herself, Chairman, Dele and everyone. Her anger had everyone and everything as victims.

“I need you to answer me if you really want to prove your innocence. Aren’t you tired of being here?”

Bola: “It wasn’t deliberate,” she said sulking.

He sat absented as his mind evaluated the situation, abruptly he jumped up. The sudden jump frightened Bola,

Dele: “I’ll see you around soon!”

Dele went ahead with serious investigation- he had so many people questioned and even ordered for the arrest of the late Chairman’s aides and drivers. In between his investigation he always visited Bola and he discovered that she was just a victim of the situation she was totally innocent. He prevented them from torturing her. They became quite close. And he was working on her release but he needed to catch the culprit before releasing her. And finally he made First Lady come for questioning. When she came at first she was cold towards and after some moments of persuasion he started unfolding the truth. And he kept on nodding his head as he questioned her. He had gotten the murderer,

Dele: “Thank you, ma. Thanks for your co-operation.” She smiled at him,

First Lady: ”what about taking you out for lunch?” she offered with a smile.

Dele: “Some other time, ma’am!” he rejected politely

The First Lady imagined how sweet Dele could perform in bed. She fell in love with him at first sight. She felt like dragging him closer with his tie, kissing him right there at the moment

Henry sat down in the car as he loaded passengers. His mind dashed to Shola. He missed her badly. He fought the temptation of calling her,

Henry: “I can’t call her!”

His phone rang when he checked it was Shola, he hissed and placed it on silence. The Prof situation was the major issue that was bugging him. He had fixed the bumper of the car but was yet to come up with the fifty thousand naira.  He had only ten thousand naira. What was he going to do? he thought.

Two well-dressed men approached him. They spoke impeccable English. They were dressed in suits, blue and black. They approached him,

The tall one said, “We are looking for someone to drive us around. Someone who knows the town very well. We would pay you twenty thousand from now, “he checked his watch it was 10 in the morning, “from now till 7 pm!”

What an offer? Henry thought. Henry got in the car and started driving them around. And in the car they started discussing of a business where one would invest fifteen thousand naira and get a hundred thousand in less than a week, they call the business name DDD (Drop a Dough get Dice)

The other guy said, “men, I just want to thank you for introducing me to DDD. Now I am in money.”

The tall guy laughed,

“What are friends for?”

And they went ahead to say that the cash was the reward was to come in dollars. Henry was happy that day had being a day God had prepared to bless him. Having listened to them keenly, he turned and said,

Henry: “I am interested! How do we get started?”

They nodded and smiled at him.


Dele led some men to First Lady’s shop,

Dele: “You’re under arrest for the murder of Chief John Yohanna! Anything you do or say would be used against you in the court of law!”

Dele nodded and she was handcuffed and wheeled away.

Questions: Would First Lady use her influence to free herself? Has Baba God finally picked Henry’s call, his breakthrough? Or would Henry be a victim of fraud to DDD?

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185 thoughts on “(Episode 19) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

  1. I think first lady is nailed forever but for Henry fraudsters are at work right now he better stay clear of spend the little he has


  2. thank God first Lady has been arrested.she can’t use her influence. Henry will not fall victim of fraud if he call on God for direction


  3. For wher? She won’t be able to use her connections ooo. Henry is gonna be a victim of DDD. God never pick en call ooo.. Next please


  4. Hmmm is a murder case don’t think her connection can work here, for Henry shine your eyes it’s nothing but fraud they just wanna dupe you. I smell love in the air for bola and dele.


  5. First lady can’t escape,once her secret is opened to the detective. Henry should be careful,he might be a victim of fraud


  6. First lady may not be able to free her self, and as for Henry he will full a victim to those 419 DDD of a thing.I just hope he God will him.


  7. Evening ALC&Fs,

    It is getting pretty twisty,,,,

    I would really to think FirstLady is innocent-she was knocked down in the bedroom and worked out on by chief who drove out …was trailed..the killer used a handkerchief and got the bulky man suffocated ….could this be Lady for real!

    I don’t think that is God picking Henry’s call. Only one way to know for sure if Henry would fall for DDD – read the next episode. I wish he wouldn’t .




  8. Henry will fall into 419 pple if he try investing his money on DDD.or u will jst hear d operation is freeze till further notice lol….first lady won’t escape from that case of murderer, I guess Bola will b released by now


  9. First lady influence cant save her if truly she is guilty and as for Henry, he should better save that little money he has, those two men are 419 people……


  10. Dele is a very serious person. It will be difficult for her to get out of it.. Henry has entered one chance.. DDD, see the name sef. Its fraud ..


  11. Henry needs to be careful, if not he’ll loose even the little he has made.
    He needs to remember all the good times with Shola and forgive her


  12. Hmmmmm, firstlady is in for it big time, she cannot do anything in there o with Dele around no going out for her, as for Henry thats a clear 419 issue, he will end up losing the little money he’s got to pay prof


  13. Did I hear you say connection? Which connection again? After all the wall she was leaning on destroyed it with her own nicked hands. And I believe the government and the Late Chairman’s associate would definitely have so much interest in the case and whoever is found wanting will not be spared. Henry should be careful these are fraudsters. If he doesn’t get a breakthrough he shall get a breakdown.


  14. First lady will do.everything possible to free herself but that will be hard as for henry, he has fallen into the hands of fraudsters


  15. Henry better be careful…. Don’t be a victim of 419………. Oooooo What an offer? Henry thought. Henry got in the car and
    started driving them around. And in the car they started
    discussing of a business where one would invest fifteen
    thousand naira and get a hundred thousand in less than a
    week, the call the business DDD (Drop a Dough get Dice)
    The other guy said, “men, I just want to thank you for
    introducing me to DDD. Now I am in money.”
    The tall guy laughed,
    “What are friends for?”


  16. It’s a pity that Henry want to fallbd victim of fraud.
    Dele tried sha, thou first lady will try to seduce him but I don’t think he will fall for it.
    Kudos to adelove crew for always making my day.


  17. Hmmm. Henry please be very careful before the little ten thousand naira you have will disappear ooo.
    First lady is doomed for life, her sin has found her. She will face her punishment.


  18. First lady is in for it. Bridget will be exposed. Henry will escape by whiskers and he will reconcile with Shola. Bola and Dele will hook up.


  19. The First lady is already in the den…nothing and nobody can help out on this murder case and for Henry…he’s already a victim of circumstances…he’ll be duped.


  20. First lady will try to free her self wit her influence status but it will b hard to since dele is in charge. Hmmm,that’s hard to predict if baba God v picked up henry call o cus it might be tru and it might be fraud. Let me go 4 fraud bt I pray it isn’t my thinking.


  21. Henry is about to be victim of fraudsters and first lady is doomed as her game and time are over,,she can’t get off the hook even with her connections


  22. Lol, adelove and DDD, u won put henry into more problems for dis recession?, nawaooooo! As for first lady, GOD don catch u oooo.


  23. Yes,First lady Will use her influence to free herself BuT with ample evidence she will be tried for the murder of the chairman,no God has not picked Henry call for a breakthrough, Henry will be frauded by DDD,


  24. Henry may be lucky, and for first lady nemesis has caught up with her, as for Shola I feel her pains, girls should learn lesson frm the case of shola and Bola.


  25. Henry is a direct condition to refund the money to Prof. He will fall for the DDD. Also first lady is not likely to escape this time around.


  26. DDD, Hmmmmm. hp it’s not like MMM? Henry pray before u get urself involved oooo. First Lady will use her connection to free herself but Dele will do his best to Kip her in jail.


  27. The way Dele concluded and arrested First Lady just after one questioning look so cheap and unreal. Director please check that part out to avoid such on future. Cheers 🍻


  28. First Lady will be charged to court for the murder of her husband and Bola will be realised,Henry should be careful for I smell dupe for him


  29. I don’t think it will be easy for first lady to use her influence in dis case. As for henry 2 things are involved, is either God has picked his call oe he will fall victim to fraud. All dis ponzi schemes are not reliable. Next pls.


  30. Henry, Shuld Not Do Any DDD OR MMM O Na 4120 Dem Be O Mk He Ran 4 Him Life O, And As 4 F.Lady Her Cup Done Full She Can Nvr Escape It Nt Wil Her Level


  31. Hnnn adelove since ave been reading ur stories ave not get disappointed rather am fallin in love wit it.Henry suld not fall victim of fraud but as for d first she as enter and that is her end.


  32. I don’t think that she can use her influence to free her self, because all eyes will be on the case his a chairman case. Henry this call is not from Baba God they are scam people and I can see Henry falling into victim to them.


  33. Adelove just tell us its mmm, DDD ke another, all this fraud stuffs conversation always start in a car to attract their………………. Unsuspecting preys


  34. I don’t think first lady’s connections can get her out of this one o. Henry should be wise like a serpent, else, he will fall to fraudsters again.


  35. First lady can’t free herself ooh, the truth has finally reveled itself. Henry should be careful ooh..it could real or fake,just settle with Shola


  36. I think henry is a victim of fraud of DDD
    first lady can’t use her influence to get scort free
    she wil face her punishment squarely


  37. DDD drop a dough and get dice. Henry please get yourself involve in this,u will be duped. First Lady will face the wrath of the law.


  38. Whether 1st lady is well known or not, Justice must prevail. Henry! Henry!! Henry!!!, don’t trust dis pple oooo, plz don’t be a victim. U knw dat I like u!? biko


  39. He who gathers ant infested firewood invites the lizard to a party. It’s a murder case & she can’t be freed with her connection.
    Quick money will put Henry in trouble. He will definitely be duped.


  40. First Lady can’t be able to use her influence to free herself becos she is the murderer. Henry for sure would be a victim of fraud to DDD


  41. First Lady can’t be able to use her influence to free herself becos she is the murderer. Henry for sure will be a victim of fraud to DDD.


  42. First lady can’t free herself with any connection because Dele is really good at what he does plus she was brought in for questioning; moreover, she might have implicated herself unknowingly. Henry should apply caution to his action towards DDD. He might be lucky enough to make something big out of it.


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