Facebook Celebrity, Nora Oma Patrick Enters a War of Words with Bestie After wedding.

A Facebook celebrity, in the person of Nora Oma Patrick got wedded last December to a single, handsome bobo, Obinna, after walking out of an abusive marriage that produced two children.



Even though the news of her remarriage was a source of encouragement to many women in abusive marriages, and single mothers wondering if there would be a second chance for them, some people were not happy for her, and went on a name smearing campaign. Chief among these frenemies was her onetime bestie, and Facebook most handsome (Self acclaimed) Neme Love.

This started when a dear friend of Nora made a post on a blog about what Nora went through in her former marriage and how she is happy that God gave her a single handsome dude to marry. Sources close to the new bride say that Nora and Neme love were besties, and probably had one or two emotional entanglements in the past, and he was even present at her traditional wedding. How truly love can go sour, or is this a case of Jealousy? But Nora did not let sleeping dogs lie; she blocked her new husband on Facebook and went into the mud with Neme Love.

“When I am no longer friends with someone; I consider them dead!

I stay away from their matter or whatever that concerns them!

I don’t do subs or shades!

While we have been tirelessly fighting to take down a post a dear friend made; I got this from someone.

Honestly, I am amused rather than annoyed!

Please any one that knows Neme love should please help me and beg him!

I am shocked to read that you still describe me as your friend?
Dude how delusional can you be?
You still don’t get it do you?
I am not your friend!
Let that sink in today!
Friendship is not by force!
Move the fuck on already!

Face your life!
I don’t do forgive and forget!
I don’t do kiss and make up!
I keep malice … that’s one of my greatest flaws and strengths; depends on the way you see it!

Neme love, as long as you breathe, please stay away from me!!
This is a public declaration and disassociation!!

I am not one of those don’t mind them, they are friends,na so demdeydo , tomorrow they will settle!

Dude ,there are still millions of better people out there ; please nna m ,carry your goodness , wisdom, millions of naira and dollars , good heart and go!

Making subs and shades shows that you are still interested in my matter.

Please leave my foolishness, bitterness, hunger for publicity and whatever for me .

Neme go your way! Stay on your lane!
According to you; I was the one tripping for you; in fact according to you , the entire Facebook and social was aware of my feelings! I hear you!
But now, I have managed to snapped out of my supposedly emotions.

BikoMr handsome, the most eligible and sought after bachelor on Face book and the entire social media… leave me ooo ! Go oooo ! Move on already!

Mrhandsome, I am no longer tripping and dying for you!

I have blocked you already like how long ago? I thought I saved you the energy of doing the so called cleaning of the house!

So why are you still obsessed with me? Ain’t you supposed to be making the millions you will use to pave the entire cities in Nigeria according to you?

Please stay away from me, or any subject related to me! I have tried so hard, and I am trying really so hard.”


I am putting it out here today; please stay on your lane , do not say I did not make this post today !!!
This is me being gracious!

I have blocked my husband; guess you know what that means?
I am ready to jump into the mud with you! You better prepare all the dirts you have on me !

You have tried so hard to insert yourself in everything that concerns me! Boy I am really trying here !

I don’t do subs, I call my demons by their names!!

You have subbed me and my family for a very long time! I am tired of being the bigger person, playing the mature person!
You honestly do not want to do this with me! I am very shameless; the only difference between you and me is that I choose my moments!

Ps: please keep your unsolicited advice to yourself; I don’t need it!
And stay away from my inbox”

Wonders shall never end on Zuckerville, but our fingers are crossed, waiting to hear Neme Love’s response to this clapback that is shaking Facebook. Stay tuned for the juicy gossip.


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