Jammeh Begs ECOWAS To Let Court Decide the election [video]

Embattle Gambian President Yahya Jammeh, has made a phone call to the President of Liberia and chairperson of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to request for her powers as ECOWAS chair to allow the Supreme Court to decide the election.

Mr. Jammeh purposely asked that Mrs. Sirleaf and ECOWAS allow International justices to travel to The Gambia to rule on his application challenging the results of the December 2016 election, which saw opposition candidate Adama Barrow defeat the incumbent.

The Supreme Court of The Gambia postponed the hearing due to its lack of judges.

The Gambian president’s call to Mrs. Sirleaf came after ECOWAS leaders, along with the African Union (AU) announced that they would no longer recognize his authority as president starting on January 19, when Mr. Barrow is scheduled to be inaugurated as president.

Watch the video of the call below:


5 thoughts on “Jammeh Begs ECOWAS To Let Court Decide the election [video]

  1. He lost and he should leave no court should override a free and fair election that the chairman of the electoral commission has so declared! Typical African leader” sit tight after 22 years”


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