(Episode 3) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

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Henry was still reading the text sent by the First Lady at the same time thinking of the dream he had some minutes back when his phone beeped. The eyes angled on the phone. It was Shola.  He didn’t pick at once he was still thinking of what to tell her. It was 7 pm already. The phone rang twice before he picked,

Henry expectorate as he picked the call,

Henry: “hey,baby!”

Shola: “Boo-boo of life!”

Henry: “how far na?”

Shola: “I no fine jare!”

Henry: “Ah,ah. What’s wrong? Were you kidnapped?”

Shola chortled,

Shola: “Go joor!” they both laughed, “I am about closing the shop sef!”

Henry: “Ah-ah. Why this early?”

Shola: “I’m tired oo and besides I want to rush home to prepare something for you. I know you mightn’t want to eat outside.”

Should he tell her he was coming back that night that they needed to sleep in a hotel? No,there was no need,he shrugged.

Henry: “Uhm…okay.”

Shola: “What? Una no dey come back today?”

Henry: “Why not? We dey show but maybe for midnight sha!”

Shola: “Oh? Is the conference still on?”

Henry: “It’s still on but I think they just rounded up” through his glasses he could see women of different sizes troupe out of the hotel, “they are coming out now,” First Lady was chatting with some group of women.

Shola: “Hmmm. Hope you’ve gotten something to eat?”

Henry: “Not really but I had soft drink sha!”

Shola: “I knew it! You are joking with ulcer oo!”

First Lady knocked on his glass in an abrupt manner, he wound up,

Henry: “Talk to you later, babe!” he dropped the call, “welcome, ma!” she smiled mysteriously at him,

First Lady: “I’ve told you to call me by my name when nobody is around. Call me Fel or Lady  Fel if you like!” her name was Felicia.

He nodded like a lizard scaling fences of people,

Henry: “Okay,ma. Sorry Lady Fel,” but it sounded awkward calling her by name, it gave the tongue an awful taste as if the tongue had been dipped in vinegar. She was his boss for crying out loud, “Lady Fel?” that sounded outrageous.

She dangled a key before him. It had a number 007 bold carved on the green plastic key holder,

First Lady: “this is the key to the room, “he collected it, “we are going to Turkish embassy we have a brief meeting with the ambassador, “he quickly ignited the engine of the car, “ no, no. I’ll go with my friend, “she looked towards a light complexioned woman who was glamorously dressed, “You can just find somewhere to hang out or rest in the room I’d let you know when I get back.”

Rest in the room? Did he hear her well? He thought her text said they were staying in different rooms? He heaved. Maybe he was just being paranoid. They were sure going to stay in different rooms, he assured himself.

Henry: “Okay,ma. Lady Fel,”he quickly said.

She opened her purse and handed him five thousand naira notes,

First Lady: “Use it to get dinner!”

Henry: “Thank you,ma!” she gave him a stern look, “Lady Fel,” he made a face, she smiled and walked away. He watched her from the side mirror as her gait wriggled her butt in the well fitted gown. She was extremely beautiful. In her early forties but she had the face of a twenty something year old girl. She knew how to take care of herself,

“Stop looking man,” he said to himself.

Sighed and dropped out of the car; instead of entering the hotel. He decided on taking a stroll. As he walked down the street, he dialed Shola’s number and they were talking while he walked. He refused to let her know First Lady had booked rooms for them,

“We are coming home once they are done!” he said.

They were joking and laughing over the phone when he passed by the army headquarters,

Henry: “I dey come I go call you back!”

Shola: “Okay,” the call ended

The soldiers by the gate had stopped a guy on a bike wearing a khaki t-shirt and bandana. One of the men stopped him, the shortest among them said in a calm voice,

“Identify yasef!”

The guy stuttered. Henry wasn’t far where it was happening so he could hear them. The tallest officer beckoned on him asking him to drop from the bike but the guy knowing he was a very big mess attempted to start his bike and run when they quickly hi-jacked him,

Guy: “Officer abeg!” he cried out as a vicious slap landed on his cheek, another gave him the boot and he landed on his butt.

One of the officers yelled at him, “You wan run abi? Your fada!”

Guy: “Nos officer! Officer Nos. How shall I run? I runn’t not” he scattered the grammar as he became unconscious

Another gave him a slap, “Idiat! You no fit speak Nglish sef. Shall I abi?”

The most senior of the officers said,

“Carry the bastard come here!” they dragged him to where he was seated and made him sit on the ground with tears he pleaded.

“who gave you what you’re putting on?”

Guy sobbing,

Guy: “Na my bro own!”

Senior officer: “Oh I see so you’re going about parading yourself as an army officer?” he stared at him,

Guy shaking his head,

Guy: “Nos, nos officer!”

One of the soldiers gave him a knock on the ground, “Bastard, no bi only nose na mouth,” they all burst into laughter.

Senior officer: “Shoot him!” the guy not knowing what to do flung himself on the senior officer and clung to him fiercely.  That act evoked laughter.

One of the men yelled, “ You dey harass our oga abi?”

The guy kept screaming,

Guy: “Abeg! Abeg officer!!! I shalln’t run officer. He scattered grammar again

Henry and other on lookers laughed,

Senior officer: “Shoot am for leg!”

Guy: Yeeee.. Ori iya mi ooo. I don die for here oo. I no tell my mama say I go die today oo..

The guy almost dragged the officer down and before anyone could say jack they all pounced on him. He was on the ground rolling and crying.

Henry shook his head and walked away.


Henry took his phone after having his bath; he was on boxers and singlet, and sent a message;

Hey babie, madam got back pretty late can’t make it home tonight.

It showed delivered. As he was about dozing off, the phone rang. It was First Lady. Before picking, he hesitated and when he picked she sounded like one in distress. He quickly ran to the door of her room,

Henry : “Yes,ma!” he said worried as he shut the door.


She was standing in front of a mirror with a short towel on backing him. As she heard the door his voice, she turned smiled at him and dropped the towel. His eyes feasted on her glossy unclad body befuddled,

First Lady: “Come over!” she beckoned on him.

There was a quick vibration in between his thighs.

Would he succumb to the temptation? What do you advice he does?

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192 thoughts on “(Episode 3) Mr Henry, the Captain Nigeria – Hilarious!

  1. Hmmmm him would have thought of what to do before he agreed to spend the night, Henry will definitely succumb and that we be the beginning of their sex excapedes


  2. Definitely he will fall for it except he is man enough to resist her. He should make her understand the gravity of what she is about to do


  3. He will probably succumb to d temptation… I suggest he flee o…run as much as his legs can carry him cos tmdis one na trouble o.


  4. Henry is a gonner, he have go, first lady have tif him. She should have stylishly invited his girlfriend over and pretend to be asleep wen she come knocking


  5. He will. Every man has a weakness. If I am to advice him, he should try to get out of the room that night and sleep in the car or


  6. hmmmmm dis is serious bt I think even if he is able to overcome her first trial, he wouldn’t be able to overcome more trials to come…


  7. is hard to resist in that moment,if not he may even lost his job, he only need to b extra careful… just a pity he’s going to betray shola


  8. Hmmmm,I think he is going to fall into temptation o*cus its really a tempting one to his personel as a man. I advice him to jus fake being faint instantly or do any absurd tinz that will not let it happened.


  9. I don’t think he can fall into the temptation, but he knows what he want for himself that’s if he want to do it. I haven’t see my gift ooh


  10. This is temptation of highest order, Henry, may God be with you, it’s not easy to withstand these temptation. This is a situation of his job and life, and first lady will try all she could to get what she want. Well best of God to Henry, but how I wish she go over these. Sleeping in the car is the best option for him…..


  11. He will drfinitely succumb to the temptation but I will advice he does not because the end will be disasterous ….


  12. He’ll succumb to it bcos he already stared at her body earlier on using the side mirror. N now he’s been faced with the whole dish, i can imagine. Bt he shud leave while he still has the chance.


  13. Body no be wood o. He will succomb if he continue standing there. I suggest he run as quickly as his legs can carry him out of the room


  14. Henry please don’t succumb to the evil trick madam Fel is laying down just find a brilliant reason to escape from her or else…..Adelove kudos to you all


  15. there is no question of ‘will he fall’ again here o, he has already fallen for this one. only a strong willed person can make for the door at this point in time which am sure Henry is far from right now


  16. Henry will be about to soccumb when he will remember his dream and run away from the room. Henry run away like Joseph in the Bible for your dear life.


  17. Hmmmm. Henryoooo

    He has started feeling the stir in his loins so most likely he will give in and make love to first lady. But leaving her will be the next iSsue


  18. “Nos officer! Officer Nos. How shall I run? I runn’t not” he scattered the grammar as he became unconscious
    Another gave him a slap, “Idiat! You no fit speak Nglish sef. Shall I abi?”

    see grammer. I can’t laugh.
    he will learn his lesson that military men don’t play with their khaki

    I just hope Henry remembered the dream he had and run from temptation.

    God help him


  19. henry will succumb to first lady temptation,after this first henry should try to stop this act shamefulness by calling first lady and tell her the repercussions if they been caught .


  20. Gdpm ALC&Fs,

    Hmmm… What can I say?

    Given the circumstances, it is hard situation really. The dream he just had is still fresh on his mind. To a good extent I believe he is a sincere lover with respect to Shola. He may not not succumb. Wriggle out of it somehow, it is pretty messy though.

    Okay…….got episodes piling. I got official files too, winking.

    Up & Forward.

    Would he succumb to the temptation? What do you advice he does?


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