– A misleading daily ranking Guide … we discovered lots of errors

It has come to our notice that there are discrepancies in the analysis of our blog standing by The popular ranking website by Amazon is an outfit that is expected to have professionalism and no room for errors, but it is to our dismay that this has not been so.

It is either Someone at Alexa is manually controlling our ranking or a software glitch. Adelove has therefore decided to let our noble fans know that is not an outfit to reckon with in terms of website ranking. As a Professional Software Engineer, One of AdeLove Top Staff detected their errors and we cannot continue to detect their errors and have them apologize, while they keep on misleading the public, and deny them the right to know the real standing of this beloved blog. See email below from Alexa apologizing for detected errors by AdeLove


The fans of ADELOVE.COM has being the reason why this blog has come this far and that is why we make sure we cater for all your reading needs daily. We have being outstanding in terms of contents and performance and you, our fans, can attest to this fact.  Our fan base has increased amazingly. And we cannot thank you enough.

Hard work and dedication pays, so we believe and that is why we at do not relent in our quest to offer satisfactory services to our dear fans which is in line with our passion to attain excellence in all that we do. We must admit that we couldn’t have attained such heights as we have without the support of our numerous fans that cut across various spheres of life.


The first time we noticed some discrepancies in their assessment we got in touch with them and they apologized but then it only got worse. They did not bother to make things right and they went ahead in making even greater errors. We informed them again and their response was amateurish and unethical. cannot work with such people for we are highly professionals.

It is disheartening, however, when one puts in lots of hard work and sacrifice with little or nothing to show for it. This has been the case of our ranking at Alexa in recent times. Despite this setback from Alexa, we did not relent in putting in our best because satisfying our fans is our utmost priority even before any ranking. When the unusual and unmerited drop in Alexa’s ranking continued, we had no option than to carry out our own researches and we discovered some errors on the part of Alexa which has been affecting our ranking. We have written to them and they have promised to rectify the problem and return us to where we are supposed to be as soon as possible. We hope that Alexa for the sake of its integrity and credibility will make hay to correct and prevent such mistakes in the future.

Yesterday, 16th January 2017, Alexa’s statistics showed that we had only sixteen views (16 views – Please see image below) while Google stated that we had about eighty thousand plus views (80,000+ views)  which was still low due to the recent upgrading on the site. We see this as pure laziness and lack of transparency on the part of Alexia, the supposed number one world ranking site. Even the Staff at are more than 16. But why would Alexa showed 16 views in a whole day when google showed 80,000+ views? I think it’s high time we started making our voices to be heard! We don’t just sit there and believe anything these people display to us.




So, it is clear to see that Alexa’s analysis cannot hold water, and therefore should not been taken as an authority. Adelove that started recently is having 2.5 million views per month, and we could not have done it without our esteemed fans that read, like, comment, and share our stories and updates, and we appreciate you. We are working to make things better and bring you nothing but the best, which cannot be rivaled anywhere else. Keep being the best fans as you have always been, and we will keep doing what we do best…entertain you and keep you updated. Alexa cannot stop us, together we will get to the top.

Though we feel pained that the patronage of our fans is not recognized by Alexa and we would not sit and watch this happen. For this great disservice to our fans we wish to disassociate ADELOVE.COM from every Alexia related activities for we have vowed to always look out for the interest of our fans as we strive to improve everyday to give you nothing but the best. We do not see our fans as strangers but part of family (ALF) and we would love to see happiness and unending smiles on the faces of everyone. We promise to keep giving you the best as you encourage others to come and enjoy these services too. We love you.

Yours Humbly

AdeLove Team


21 thoughts on “ – A misleading daily ranking Guide … we discovered lots of errors

  1. Hahaha. I can’t stop laughing oo. The number of comments i read on adelove blog alone is in hundreds … not an ordinary 16 views. Alexa should wake up and make amendments


  2. Mtcchewww.. yeye dey smell. Thank God for google analytics. you for get heartache. Ride on AdeLove. I can’t do without visiting your blog a day.


  3. adelove is our best blog nd wil always be d best . ….. .we love u thousands….. as 4 or whatever i dont knw u ar exists coz my blog adelove wil always be d best……


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