See Photos of Prominent Nigerians Whose Children Got CBN Jobs

A photo album of prominent Nigerians who got jobs at the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for their children has been compiled.

See some of them below:

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19 thoughts on “See Photos of Prominent Nigerians Whose Children Got CBN Jobs

  1. Another face of corruption! Especially if they’re not qualified! Did they go through the series of tests, examinations and interviews? If they did, they’re entitled to be recruitedI into the organization!


  2. Nepotism, Nepotism the bane of Nigeria development in the past and it is still very much with us today. President Mohammadu Buhari what are you going to do about nepotism in our Country public work places?


  3. Is still waiting for CBN to call me since I finished my oral hope is not lost.d rich wil not occupy my position.


  4. If you check properly, you notice that these children probably could not pass JAMB exams and they have sent them abroad to earn cheap degrees. The parents may have stolen Naira from the system with which they have used to pay the expensive school fees abroad.


  5. These set of parents are worst than the businessman who is looking for US dollars to import Tooth picks. You haul large amount of foreign exchange at controlled rates to pay for Intangible goods/services (education) abroad. Then they bring the children back home to take up job positions in the system.


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