Saraki Storms Court Again With 80 Lawyers Over CCT Trial

It was made known that Senator Bukola Saraki and other senators have arrived the court room around 9:55 am. He immediately went to greet members of his legal team led by Kanu Agabi

Saraki’s lawyer has also announced that the number of the lawyers to defend the Senate President may have increased to 80 as indicated by his lead counsel at the commencement of the trial.

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“We shall win as there are 80 of us on this side,” Kanu Agabi said as he started announcing the the names of the other lawyers with him.

The Chairman of the Tribunal and others in court burst into laughter as he said this. He then began to reel off the long list of names of lawyers with him.


11 thoughts on “Saraki Storms Court Again With 80 Lawyers Over CCT Trial

  1. Saraki, all these theatricals won’t help u. U are only postponing the evil day which must surely come. If u like go to the court with all the senior lawyers in the country,they may succeed only in delaying the very sure decision: that u are guilty & which ,if u are truthful to urself, u knew long time ago.


  2. Mr Judicial Intimidation! with all these parade sef, you don intimidate the Judiciary finish!!! Na poor man no get mouth for Naija!


  3. These idiotic lawyers that can themselves SANS are making a mockery of Nigeria’s judicial system.

    It is about time that Nigeria bans SANS and wig and gown from its justice system. We should adopt the American style were our constitution comes from


  4. Hmmm… The guilty shall never go unpunished. Saraki most be sent to jail, it has never happened before, not anywhere in the world 80 lawyers..!!!


  5. I pity those lawyers because they are probably eating from the corruption/ill-gotten wealth of Saraki and they can easily be implicated in a civilized society.


  6. Unfortunately Saraki has forgotten that the days of judicial intimidation is gone. We are under the watch of a judicial leader who will not succumb to corruption. The records of all the lawyers that paraded themselves as his counsel should be properly looked into by the judicial council. It is not the cream of legal luminaries that matters but the case before the judge. The evil day is by the corner. We shall all live to witness that day.


  7. If Saraki has been put behind bars like Metuh, he would not be thinking he is above the law. For Saraki to hire 80 lawyers indicate the extent of the amount he has enriched himself. Many of the Lawyers have no shame or personality to protect. Some very good lawyers will not like to appear and plead for corrupt men. They will all end in hell after amazing wealth in a corrupt manner and their wealth is not buried with them. Infra dig.


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